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I Am Not Done Teasing You


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Beth strolled along the racks of clothes, trying to keep her face impassive. Struggling, with all her strength, to hide her secret.

It started with a simple text.


"I'm thinking of you," it read, "and I want you."

"God," she replied. "Me too. You have no idea. I'm just about to go out shopping for the afternoon."

"I think I have some idea. Do you remember your promise?"

Oh fuck. Her promise. Her body ached instantly, equal parts anxiety and arousal. She decided to play it coy.

"Oh yes," she texted back. "Getting a little tingle in my nether regions thinking about it."

"Good. Are you coming over after shopping?" His response appeared instantly.

"Maybe. Do you want me to?" She was almost ready and out the door. Perhaps getting out in time would allow her to avoid the decision to go through with it. She rushed through her routine, phone remaining blessedly silent as she gathered her things. She swung her car door open, and her phone buzzed inside her purse.

"Yes, I want you to come over. And I want you to do what we talked about. Exactly what we talked about. Some nice tight leggings to hold it in when it gets all slick. And I want it inside you the whole time. Can you do that for me, babygirl?"

"Oh shit," she muttered. That's all it took. Beth shivered and she walked back inside, decision made.


Beth let her fingers linger over the cool metal of the clothing rack, returning from her reverie and sighing as loudly as she dared. Shifting focus helped maintain her composure, if only briefly. She kept a distance from the other shoppers, afraid she'd betray herself.

Inside her, the vibrator thrummed harder. Picking thick, dark colored leggings was a very, very smart move.

Though miles away, her lover Aaron seemed to know exactly the worst time to increase the intensity and lower the speed. He knew damn well what she loved - and hated. Precious, beautiful ***. Her basket was filled with clothes she'd most certainly never buy, because that would require coherent thought and she was well beyond that.

Her phone buzzed again with instructions. "Show me what you've picked out."

She smirked and took a picture - her first selection paired with his first set of instructions: Something black and lacey. And, just to add some spice, she added a picture she'd taken earlier, showing the pink toy glistening with her juices just after she slowly thrust it inside herself. It was pink and shaped like a butterfly with a base that sat against her clit, as well as a phallus that penetrated deep inside her.

The toy inside her mercifully backed off, a reward for the lingerie picture no doubt.

"Are you okay?" Shit. Someone was talking to her. It was a woman, about her age. Beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair, like her own, but minus the dark purple highlights in the back that blazed against the rest of Beth's own straw-colored locks.

Beth smiled at the other woman. Was her face flushed? Probably. Almost certainly. And then, her breath caught. The toy inside her jumped from barely-on to holy-shit. Punishment, no doubt, for that second picture. For being a tease. He was returning the sentiment, in kind.

"I'm fine," Beth managed.

The other woman smiled back and nodded. Was that more smirk than smile as she turned away? The vibration level eased back to tolerable.

If she wasn't blushing before, Beth sure as shit was now. She sped away toward the checkout, face burning as she prayed the vibrator would stay leveled out for this part.

It did not. The intensity eased higher slowly, minute by minute as she waited in line, thrumming deeper and harder inside her with each passing second. She managed to stay silent as she paid for the black lacey thing, setting everything else to the side. Thankfully, the clerk wasn't in a talkative mood.

Beth sighed out loud as she slammed her car door shut. Finally alone, she squeezed her thighs together and closed her eyes, allowing her orgasm to build. She reached down to her crotch through her leggings and pressed the toy harder against her, humping her hips back and forth, unaware and uncaring of anyone passing by.

And then, it stopped. The vibrations faded to nothing, and Beth could only groan.

"You fucker," she whispered.

Composing herself, she turned on her car and hurtled toward his house. He wouldn't be able to tease her like this in person. She'd make sure of it.


Beth pulled into the driveway with alarming speed, nearly hitting Aaron's fenced gate in the process. He was sitting outside, dangling his legs over the porch, phone in hand.

"How was shopping?" he asked as the vibrator came to life once more.

She managed to ignore it, frustration overcoming her arousal. It was time to get even.

"Meh," she said. "I did pick up one thing you might like." She tossed him the bag as they hugged and walked inside. The blinds were already closed. Very presumptuous of him.

"And what's this?" he asked, opening the bag and pausing noticeably as he held up the thin material. Good, he caught the scent.

Every man, in her experience, has something. Maybe the curve of her ass, the yelp of *** from giving or receiving a good hard flogging, or the feel of her moist lips slurping along the head of his cock. Most everyone loves those things to some extent, but there's always one thing that just pushes a man's secret button, and activates a primal urge so intense, he loses his fucking mind.

For Aaron, that something was scent. And that's why, after he ruined her orgasm in the parking lot, she rubbed her newly acquired accessory against her sopping cunt. See how he resists that.

He made a good effort at not showing it, she gave him that. But if he'd really wanted to hide his reaction, he should have worn something with more tension than simple athletic shorts.

"So, you did as instructed," he said, voice shaking ever so slightly. His facade might have fooled some, but not her.

"Of course, Daddy," she replied, turning around to pour herself a glass of water, and letting her ass wiggle for him.

He obliged, stepping up behind her. His hardness pressed up against her ass through her leggings as his warm breath sauntered across her neck. All too easy.

"So what was it you wanted?" she asked, her thumbs hooking over her waistband, sliding her leggings down to her knees. She had him, for sure. The scent of her arousal would pull him in like a deadly sea siren to a poor, unwitting fisherman.

She felt him comply, his shorts dropping to his own knees.

And then there it was, his throbbing cock sliding between her ass cheeks. She felt wetness across the small of her back - his precum, already flowing as freely as her own arousal. Almost time.

She arched her back, spread her legs, and bent down further, offering herself. The vibrator inside her slide free and dropped to the floor, forgotten. His cock took its place instantly, pressing against her wetness, not quite entering her. The head of his cock slid along her wetness, reaching her already engorged clit, and his hands reached around to envelop her, tightening around her chest.

They both gasped together.

This was it. Just a little more, and then she'd stop him. Make him wait. Let him get in one more stroke or two along her soaking slit.

And then he stopped on his own. His cock pulled away. What? What was he doing?

"My dear," she heard him whisper, "I'm not done teasing you yet."

His hand replaced his cock, slowly stroking her clit, and poor Beth gave in to him.


He led her upstairs to the bedroom, naked. He'd peeled off all her clothes while he toyed with her in the kitchen, pulling his own shorts back up. Her legs quivered at her vulnerability before him.

"On your knees," he commanded. She obeyed, kneeling on the floor facing the foot of the bed. She knew this position well. But then, he did something she did not expect.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, he reached over to grab the spreader bar. It wasn't anything fancy, just a long bar with 4 restraint straps, one on each end, and two nearer the middle. He quickly and efficiently fastened her hands to the far two restraints at the end of the bar, and then pulled down his shorts once more, revealing his hardness before her.

Before she could consider this new predicament, he spread his legs slightly and fastened his calves to the middle restraints. Beth smiled despite herself. Her arms and hands were bound to him, his leaking cock pointing deliciously in the air.

She looked up into his eyes, and he into hers.

"Show me how badly you want this cock, my slut. Show me with your mouth."

She abandoned herself to him, leaning forward to envelop his cock deep down her throat. His hips bucked as he pressed into her deeper, gasping and grunting every time her lips slid across his head. He tasted of salt, semen, and desire.

His orgasm was building, thrusts becoming more and more urgent as she gagged and gasped for him. Just as he seemed about to lose control, he slowed, holding her head in place as her fingers curled in their restraints.

He leaned close to her ear, as Beth tilted her head, exposing her neck.

"Now," he whispered, "show me now how badly you need this cock."

Oh yes. She'd show him. She'd make him proud. She looked up at him, and without breaking eye contact, let her saliva slowly drip down the head of his cock. She took a deep breath and engulfed him, letting her spit slide over him, and over her. She coated her lips, her chin, his shaft, and his balls in wetness.

"Fuck," he groaned. "Lift up your body." She did as he asked, and silently groaned. He placed Beth's favorite vibrator against her cunt, held against the floor by her own weight. All pretense of teasing was gone. He'd started it on the highest setting.

"Ugggghhh." Her body quaked.

"Don't you fucking stop. Don't you dare, or I'll turn it off and *** you some more," he rasped.

She tried to reply and couldn't as she felt him grab her head and push her lips back over his cock, where they belonged.

Her body shook and her cunt throbbed, while his slick hardness pulsed in her mouth. She abandoned everything else, bobbing her head and gagging harder against him.

Her feet tingled with anticipation as her orgasm rose within her. Mouth full of cock, she could only grunt with pleasure as it overtook her, beginning in her clit and radiating outwards along her thighs, calves, and core.

And then he exploded in her mouth. She should have known it was coming, but she'd been too preoccupied in her own pleasure to realize she'd sent him over the edge, as pulse after pulse of semen filled her mouth until she couldn't swallow it all quickly enough, and she spilled his cum all over her lips, her chin and his already-drenched shaft and balls.

She looked up at him, eyes wet from the intensity of the orgasm, face soaked, and smiled as he ran his hand over her cheek and leaned down to lock his lips with hers.

Aaron unfastened her, and led her, still shaking, to the bed, holding her head against his chest. They dozed like that for what could have been minutes, or hours. She lost all sense of time and place.


When she woke, Beth felt something hard against her thigh. His cock, sated only briefly, stood at attention once more, his hips gently thrusting against her. Beth moaned softly and reached down, taking his cock in her hand and sliding her fingers up and down his shaft, still wet with saliva and cum.

He groaned softly. "Turn around," he commanded.

"Hmmm," she whispered, gripping his cock in a deliciously long stroke. "Now, now. Not so fast. I'm not done teasing you yet."
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