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Together, we are as one:

Ying and Yang.

Separated, we are as one.

With nary a bang,

The power we share

Formed the rhythms we rang.

How much you care

For the power I abdicate

Through the exchange we dare.


“Liberator, liberate!

Free me from personal concern!”

Your mastery must saturate!

From out of this world, you are a lantern

Guiding me into the helotry

For which I yearn.

Your use of prerogative gifts to me

That which I gift to you:

Visceral liberty.


Keeper, you deserve credit due:

Nurturing and healing my heart—broken;

you listen, probe, and blend the roux.

Wielding castigation soft spoken,

You proudly proclaim recompense.

Quick to cuff, your anger’s rarely woken.

Grooming and refining, with license

You perfect your charge:

My childish essence.


Draw the sample and clyster the discharge;

Professional and stern,

With an even mind you take charge.

Effective procedures you discern

To placate our indulgences;

Purging into the urn.

Punctual at timely instances,

Impurities vacating your patient;

You suffer me with fluid nuances.


The perfection of skill is your intent

And, though it seems your tone is mean,

The goal of malice is absent.

Your eye to detail is very keen,

Honing this contender’s discipline,

Drilling this salacious machine.

It is endurance we will win

Through practice and repetition

The lasciviousness many call sin.


Entwined, we’ll be, deep in meditation

Adhering to the sutras: Tantra and Kama.

Sacred sexuality is our intention.

Steeped deep in ritual drama

Suffering long in divine intercourse

Our roles separated by a comma

Prostrate before you, of course,

I confess my darkest desires,

And you absolve, for you are the source.


Deep trust, our partnership requires;

Deeper than the traditional niche.

We first are equal before anything transpires.

The Keeper is no more a bitch

Than the kept is a doormat.

Top and bottom blend and enrich.

You create the sensual climate

In which you guide me to Nirvana.

You aid to Grok as a Mentat.

In you I seek a concentration of Mana

Together, we concentrate Prana


Ar****z 2004

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