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Poet’s Corner - “The Ageing Lioness”


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Poet’s Corner - The Ageing Lioness

Once so agile, graceful and deft in her movements - this ageing lioness;
Doubt creeps in, as she questions if she can offer this lifestyle much more.
Am I futile, distasteful and bereft now, Master? - this fading lioness;
You are as majestic as always in my eyes, my love; now let me hear you roar.

- Intellectual Ruffian

(I wrote this for a lovely woman I spoke to recently. A true student of the submissive mindset. In her now later years, I felt her sadness that her best years were behind her. Your journey is not over yet. You have much yet to give. She knows who she is, and I wish her all the best ❤️).
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