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I love you like a fat kid loves cake


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You know I love you like a fat kid loves cake.


I don't need you. I want you.

I crave you. You bring me pleasure like no one else can.

You're desire and eagerness to please and give Daddy what he needs cannot be explained in simple words.


I love to see you pleased.


The sound of your voice....



Daddy please

Daddy can I suck on it?

Daddy you make me feel so good.

Daddy you're the bestest Daddy ever

Daddy you fill me up

Daddy I'm going to cum

Daddy I'm Cumming

Daddy cum all over me

Daddy cum in my pussy


And my all time favorite.... Thank you Daddy



Everything about you calls to me.

The color of your hair.

Your thick dark curls


Your dark brown eyes. The look from across the room or when you look up at me with my cock in your mouth.


Thick pouty lips that had me fantasizing about my cock between them.


Smooth tan skin. I love the contrast of your skin covered in my hot cum. 


Those huge tits. I love to feel them overflow in my hands. The way they smother me. Your thick nipples fits perfectly in my mouth and between my finger tips.


The way your tits wrap around my cock and you suck on the tip.


Your wide hips and fat ass. Daddy need something to grip on to. Daddy needs something to fuck. I love to see your curves. Whether it's in a dress, yoga pants or laying naked in bed.


You're mine.


The sound you make when I slide my cock inside your pussy.


Deep breath, hard swallow and soft moan.


You're always so wet, warm and tight for me.


The way you moan.

The way you cum.


The way you dig your nails into my back. 

The way you whisper in my ear.

You are always ready and willing to please.


Daddys good girl can always please him


Love to dress up slutty for u sexy stockings with high heels stiletto knee high stripper boots a very short party dress on promise to swallow every drop of your cum and babe then climb on top of you and omg ride ride fucking ride your cock until the inside of my tight ass fills your cum pleasure in my asshole 

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