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Thank you Daddyy


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Come in me daddy,

I want to have a secret.

I want to walk through the grocery store, clean clothes, freshly tied up hair, prim and proper, with cummy wet panties.

No one knowing, except me and you.

No one suspecting that I can still feel it an hour later dribbling a bit with each step, little pussy bubbles, making wet bubble noises, that only I can hear.

Only I will know how slippery and wet I feel; and how much I would like to dive my hand into my panties, so I can smell it again.

No one knowing I am smiling because of you.

Come inside of me, Daddy.

So I can have a secret.


Short, sweet, and oh so sexy. I picture this in my mind and wish I was the aforementioned Daddy. A tiny bit of proofreading and this would be a perfect little delight

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