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A Gift: Part 4

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He was reluctant to let his pet go, but released her nonetheless,

“Katya, please kneel facing her. I want the two of you to kiss each other until I say otherwise.”

Madame did not let go of Bella's leash, but then it was long enough that the Submissive could kneel with slack still in it. Katya finally slid off his lap and go to her knees. They were reluctant at first, but gingerly held each other's faces, and slowly they began to make out.

"Bella, please take your leash from Mistress Madame," Bella broke from her kissing, just long enough to reach out and accept her leash.

"Madame, does Katya have a leash as well?"


Madame was staring nervously at the two of them, clearly concerned with what was happening, but looked down to him with a quizzical expression,

"Sorry, Master Reign?"

"I trust Katya has a leash as well?"

"She does."

"Would you be kind enough to bring it to me, please?"

"But, Master Reign, I do not think you will like her."

"So far I am quite eager to enjoy her company."

"She can be quite the handful, Master Reign."


"I will go find it for you."

"Thank you."


With that she was gone once again,

“Girls, while your Mistress is gone; this is your chance to speak truthfully." They both turned to face him, hands on their thighs with their arms straight. "Would you rather stay here, instead of coming with me? Katya?”

“Sir, I would rather be with you.”

“And Bella?”

“Ownership of my body has been passed to you. If you do not want me, I will stay here.”

“Bella, that is not what I asked.”

“Master Reign, I would like you to accept me as payment, and take me from this place. I want to be yours.”


He curled his finger in gesture for them to shuffle closer, and so they did. He pinched their chins gently and kissed them both with the most delicate brush of lips.

"Please stand up, heads down, hands behind your back, feet shoulder-width apart."


They obeyed without question, and remained silent even after Madame returned.

He stood up, bowing to Madame, and spoke with a polite tone.

"Mistress Madame, I graciously accept your gift, and politely request that you also allow me possession of Katya, please."

"I'm glad you like her, and if you want to take Katya off my hands as well then I will be grateful, too."

"That is most appreciated. Can we exchange ownership, please?"

"Let's begin."

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