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Collared & Nyloned

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She's wearing my black collar, with a silver knob on the front, where I can put a leash later as I fuck her. She's wearing brown stay-ups that go all the way up to her pale peach. Around her swollen labia wraps a crotch-less brown teddy. Her head is covered in a see through, beige pantyhose mask with opening for her voluptuous lips.


As she sits down in the sofa next to me and grabs her glass of wine, she sighs, looks at me and says, "I felt the anal plug stretch in my asshole as I leaned forward". She giggles, bites her lower lip.


With the sweet taste of wine in my mouth I grab her collar, pull her close and kiss her.


I'm wearing a black, possible-to-see-through, pantyhose mask and a black body stocking on my brown body. Around my shaved cock I'm wearing a cute thong with embroideries on, crotch-less and in neat contrast to the veins on my swollen staff. My shaft is pushing through the soft garment, which wraps my balls, keeping the vanilla warm and fluid.


I suck her tongue like it was her clit as she holds it out for me through the opening in her geeky pantyhose mask. Precum is dripping from my tall shaft down on her stay-ups. She senses it and looks down, some of our shared spit clinging to her lips.


"Precum" she says. She's soft toned now. Muted. Submissive. Her asshole is stretching and she's where she wants to be. Her collar is tight but comfortable around her neck.


I slide her nylon covered legs apart and sit her back in the sofa, exposing her puffy and bald pussy lips, wrapped by the tight teddy, open around her asshole and pussy.


"Sit with your legs apart and show me everything as we sit and talk for a while."


She nods in agreement like a fetish doll and continues to stroke my cock with her free hand.


She starts to tell me how her day was. How she thought about sex at work, how one of her colleagues acted stupidly. And how her commute was back. She's reading a new novel now and it gets he through the journey. She says she haven't been this engrossed in a book in a long while. Then, she says she really liked the porn clip I sent her during the day. She says she had to watch it in private in the bathroom, and it really turned her on.


"Thanks for telling me, and you're welcome", I say as I lean over her and spank her firmly across her peach. Her pale pussy lips vibrate from the slap across, swelling up. Her belly contracts, and she spreads her legs wider, exposing the anal plug in her asshole.


We both look at the big black plug stretching her little ass open.


"Do you like how that looks in you", I say.


She nods. Even with her head veiled, I can see through the garment that her eyes are wet with passion. She's pushing her tongue against her upper lip like she does when she wants to get fucked hard.


I feel my cock ache, warm *** spreading through my body; the lust to fuck her.


I whisper in her ear, "I've placed your little make up mirror in bed. You can hold it in your hand much later, when I drool over your nylon mask whilst I fuck you from the side. All that warm spit will look like sperm clinging from your face mask as I fuck you slow. You'll be so messy, and you'll be able to study your own messy face in the mirror from time to time, when you want to." She moans in response. I continue, "Can you imagine that? Letting go so much that you let that happen? By the way do you remember how you held the mirror when I came over your head last week? All that cum that clang to your nylon face, like a work of art. And you couldn't stop watching your own messy face, as I fucked you a second time".


Now I put the leach in her collar. I kiss her on the cheek.


"Yes", she says without blushing, "I remember".


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