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**TW** Baseball Cap Part I

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**Trigger Warning ** Reason: Kidnapping/Abduction


Baseball Cap Part I (BDSM kidnapping fantasy )

*click click click*
My heels snap through the puddles on this rainy November afternoon. I pull my coat around me tighter in an attempt to fight the chill.

Occasionally, I catch myself in the rippling reflections below. A hood gently covers a head of bouncing blonde curls (curls that I’m desperately trying to preserve in all this damn moisture). My coat runs just a bit longer than my little red dress. It’s my shortest dress, and I’m constantly worried about bending over (or even just lifting my arm too high). But it’s so fucking cute, I can’t help myself.

Besides, it’s a special day. Chloe’s engagement party starts in just ten minutes and I couldn’t get parking anywhere closer here in downtown Seattle. 

I pause to check the address on my phone. I glance across the intersection I’ve just stopped at. One more street to cross and I’m there. The red hand flashes, so I wait.
My phone buzzes.

“Where are you??”

“Almost there!” I type back. I slide my phone back into my pocket, eager to join my friends. I lift my eyes and happen to glance to the side, across the street the other way.
My gaze catches on the bold eyes of a stranger.


Baseball Cap Part II

Baseball Cap Part II (BDSM kidnapping fantasy )

I instinctively look away, but not without considering what just happened. A man. Standing alone. Tall, broad shoulders. Black coat, baseball cap. Staring right at me. Who knows for how long. Was he still looking? I’m too nervous to glance back…

The red hand changes to a walking figure. I set off across the road at a brisk pace. Before grabbing the large handle on the double doors of the corner building, I peek over my shoulder.

He’s still looking.

My face flushes and I quickly slip inside.

. . .

“Congrats again, you guys,” I gush, half-drunk, to Chloe and David. It’s around 1:00am and the party is winding down.
“Thanks for coming!” Chloe exclaims, “Are you sure you can make it back okay?”

“Oh yeah,” I say flippantly, with far more confidence than I should, “I’m parked real close and I’ll sober up in my car for a while before I drive home.”

“Okay, good. Text me when you get to your car?” Chloe suggests.

“For sure,” I say, putting on my coat. I stumble slightly in my heels, but I manage to make it to the elevator and down to the main floor.


Baseball Cap PartIII

Baseball Cap Part III (BDSM kidnapping fantasy )

By now, it’s been dark for hours in Seattle. The chill has settled in and the bustle has slowed to a crawl. I’d pull my coat around me tight again if the alcohol wasn’t keeping me so warm.

As I step outside, I realize I won’t get far in these heels. My fashion choices are darling, but not at all functional. I slip off each shoe and hold them by their straps. 

The light changes and I skip across the street in my bare feet. The full moon lights up the soaking sidewalks with a silvery glimmer. I watch the ripples intently as I drunkenly stagger down the block.
It’s not long before I slow down. I lean back against the wall of the building adjacent to the sidewalk and catch my breath.

I jump as a drop of water splashes on my cheek. I open my eyes and quickly notice that it’s raining, and a smile breaks across my face. God, I love the rain. I let my eyes close again.

The faint sound of footsteps startles me, and my gaze snaps in the direction came from. It’s hard to tell when the booze makes everything so fuzzy, but I’m just able to make out a strangely familiar silhouette.


Baseball Cap Part IV

Baseball Cap Part IV (BDSM kidnapping fantasy )

My eyes widen, knowing damn well through my buzz that I do not want to find myself alone with this silhouette at 1:00am on this city street. I quickly stumble down the sidewalk, trying to stand tall and confident despite my inability to balance.

Steps away from the parking garage where I’m parked, I look back over my shoulder. The silhouette has gained quite a bit of ground and he’s close enough that I can tell that he’s staring right at me. I gasp as, suddenly, I realize why he looks so familiar.

Baseball cap.

I immediately break into a run. Past the electronic security gate and down the ramp, still bare foot and white knuckle gripping my shoes. I dive around the corner and drunkenly sprint to my car as it stands alone in a dark corner of the garage.

“Keys, keys, keys,” I mutter desperately as I drop my shoes and fumble through my purse. In a shaking panic, I quickly glance behind me.

The garage is empty.

An overhead light flickers, but there isn’t a soul in sight. Not a sound.

Nervously, I turn back to face my car and finally grip the right key. “Come on, come on!” I whisper as I jam the key into the lock. 

As I turn the key and the car locks pop unlocked, my eye happens to catch my faint reflection in the drivers side window. But it’s not just me. Behind me stands a man. Tall, broad shoulders. Black coat, baseball cap. Staring right at me.


Baseball Cap Part V

Baseball Cap Part V (BDSM kidnapping fantasy )

I inhale sharply to let out a scream when suddenly his big, gloved hand covers my mouth and grips it closed. I instinctively try to punch and kick until his muscular arm secures my arms to my side in one swift motion.

“Hey there, red dress,” he whispers with his lips against my ear, “Glad you came alone tonight, because now you get to come home with me.” I struggle to fight back to no avail and let out a defeated whimper.

He stares at me in the reflection of the car window for a moment longer, my breasts rising and falling rapidly in panicked breaths. He growls and gently bites my ear before ripping me to his side while he pops open the door to the back seat.

“Now this is what’s going to happen, love,” he hisses after sitting me down on the back seat, gripping my cheeks together with his fingers, “you’re going to do every fucking thing I say, because good girls get rewards, and bad girls… well, bad girls pay the price.” He pats my cheek twice. I frantically look past him into the parking garage, for someone, anyone. Not a soul in sight.

I look down and swallow hard. “Yes sir,” I reply weakly.

The stranger grins, “Good girl,” he teases. “Now turn around and give me your hands behind your back,” he instructs. I hesitate, but then I turn around. I hear the loud rip of duct tape and a tear, and cringe as I feel the strong, sticky strips wrap securely around my wrists. He then sat me in the middle of the back seat and buckled me in. Before he finally took my keys and shut the door, he taped my ankles together too.

Despite my terror, I couldn’t help but notice my panties getting wet.

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