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Boob torture


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i was wondering if my fetish about my boobs bein tortured is just me id love to hear from other women too about there experiences. i adore havin them clamped the use of pegs hot wax, ice bein slapped the use of weights being pulled upwards,downwards by my nipples of course the usual long deep hard full on  sucking. havin my boobs tied with rope tight which turns my boobs purple  is wonderful and my nipples become so erect and sensitive to the touch. love to hear replies plz ruby xxxx

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There are many women who also adore boob and nipple torture. While I can't really comment on their behalf, the two types of boob torture and toy set you hadn't mentioned above are electro-stimulus and vacuum pumps. The Vacuum pumps work in a similar way to the rope binding and the pressure they exert and force you to bear can heighten the sensitivity incredibly. Also if you haven't tried them I would take a look at a tens machine, sparker rod and also electro-shock nipple clamps as they work wonders for the more hardcore nipple torture! 

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I love my tits and nipple tortured.  I love having wax poured on them 

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