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Truly messy sex

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What is the messiest sexual experience you have had. How would you suggest getting messy with your dom/sub? 

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Messiest is hard to work out after all our antics, but we once fucked in a 'therapeutic' jelly bath, THAT was pretty messy. Other than that, it'd probably be the time we went wild with a couple of bottles of cum lube and a squirting dildo. It looked like we'd hosted a bukkakke orgy by the time we were done ;D xx
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I've interests in splosh, it's something I prefer giving than receiving - but have done both sides.

Last time ended in my completely naked without a single spot of my body not covered in bright gunge.

Messiest I've given out... ooh... that'll have been a while, but I've done some horrid things to people with all sorts of smelly items.