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Asking for proof with a picture.

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Hi all. Recently i have experienced confusing responses to me asking for a photo of members, to prove it is who they say they are. Nothing rude, just a face pic with the date on, politley requested. Some have acted in disgust at being asked, some have blocked me. I am in two minds as to whether it is rude to ask and i am offending them, or, because they truly are not who they claim to be. I am all about trust and having complete peace of mind, but sometimes it gets confusing. Thanks for reading. 


Some folks just won't put photos on the net with their faces on them. Especially on sites like this, that connect to fetish, kink etc. Usually because of their day to day lives/jobs not being kink friendly. I think this might be some people's issue with your request.  



on one hand.

I've found this site to have a few, shall we say, catfish - a few of which have since had their profiles removed.  A couple of which I've reported which are likely still being investigated.

on another hand

yes, it's rude to ask someone to verify.  

although, context would be helpful.  


It takes time, and not everyone is comfortable sharing photos for various reasons. 

Have patience and keep up the dialogue. Maybe, it will die out or you will find something in common. It also gives you a feeling of how genuine the other person is. A photo, strictly speaking is not necessary. 

Besides, I have had people provide photos which just did not fit with the story they had told me, so even that is no guarantee.

Time and caution, not least patience. Use them to your advantage

I feel your pain Holdsway. There’s loads of profiles on here that at first appear to be very good looking ladies who give u a spank and try to get u talking dirty and they are clearly gay men just after material for a five knuckle shuffle. Try asking for none sexual pics without face and if they’re fake they’ll soon run out of their stock of google images and go get their jollies elsewhere!!!!
It annoys the crap out of me. I understand not being on their profile for Work reasons etc but if you want to talk to me, SEND A PIC privately and introduce yourself, or don’t bother. You have the prvilege if seeing mine, give the same courtesy.
It's also good to remember this site does include a profile verification process. When a person has their identity confirmed, there is an icon on their profile to show this. If a person doesn't verify with the site, there are many reasons for this; this is a likely sign that they won't verify for any individual either (at least until the time is right, for them).

To be direct, yes it is rude to ask for photos for verification...try and relax and accept that trust and honestly take time to develop, there is still a lot of stigma outside of the community and even within the community many want to protect themselves (remember we have good and bad in every community).

In general I found that people that are too fast are more interested in getting their jollies off are less about kink.

On a more positive note, relax, everybody has their own pace and concepts of personal space. People want to share, let it be an option for the right time.

I think it is totally upto the person whether they send a picture or not personally I'm not a face picture kind of gal mainly because of my job also cheeky72 it may annoy the crap out of you but please remember we don't know the other person who we are sending pictures to or what would happen to them I learnt the hard way about face pictures as I nearly got fired from my previous job because of a scorned ex domso don't be just just because someone won't send a stranger a picture

Thank you all for your comments. They're very much appreciated.