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Chubby chaser

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I need help on how to become fatter faster, any advice? I would not mind help 😉

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Hey there! I just want to put in a note of caution. It's never good to lose or gain weight super quickly, it's a shock to the system.  Be sensible in your endeavour, maybe consult a GP/doctor and be sure to get plenty of nutrients in your food. Fetish is fun, but part of fetish play is being risk aware.  Take care! 

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Absolutely agree with VictoriaBlisse. Be careful. However, I guess the obvious answer is gradually increase the amount you it. Ensure that you keep exercising however. If you are increasing in weight it is important that you do cardio to ensure that your heart stays strong to deal with the additional strain that gaining weight has on the body
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Hey! Iv a big fetish for bigger girls! Message me an we could always discuss this
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I agree with Victoria, but as a fat man myself I'd say eat carbs, junk food basic really. If you want to become fat take your time because you may end up doing much more damage..

See a doctor like that’s not healthy I’m sorry out of all the fetishes that is permenant damage the fat in the arteries can’t be burnt it’s irreversible so watch yourself

The easiest way to gain weight is by eating carbs. Drink lots of soda and eat a lot of bread. You could also drink Ensure milk, a couple a day will have you gaining weight in no time.


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