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he stories they had written as individuals had been appreciated by the other many times over, but now, at the thought of him coming round to write one together, her stomach tingled.

She had left work a little early that day and whilst she certainly didn't expect anything to happen when he arrived, she couldn't help but prepare for his visit and showered her smooth body and had laid out some of her most sensual underwear to put on just in case.

Her outer clothes where simple, a knee length floaty type skirt and a lightly coloured blouse.
She stood in front of the mirror doing up buttons, then undoing a couple, tucking the blouse in, taking it back out.
She hoped to give him a sense of temptation without making it look like she was there for the taking.
She wanted her bra style and colour to be just visible and the skirt to do the same.

Eventually she settled in the blouse out and hopefully just the right amount of buttons being undone....it was now just time to wait.

As she left her room she paused as a random fact spring to her mind in that IF he showed any physical interest in her, what would she like done to her by him.
She approached the bottom draw where she kept her toys, removed her favourite dildo and a small leather paddle for spanking and placed them in her beside draw so they would be in easy reach if required.
As she closed her draw she noticed the love eggs just laying there and without a moments hesitation, picked them up, stood up removing those carefully selected knickers from earlier, sat on the bed and placed the love eggs just in that position that told her they were there the whole time she wore them.
Standing, she put the knickers back on knowing that even if he failed to show any interest, the love eggs would give her a warm feeling all evening.

As she descended the stairs and headed into the kitchen she could feel her pussy warm and get slowly wetter with the movement of the eggs.

Deciding what to to next she reached for the bottle if wine, poured herself a glass and sipped at it slowly as she leant against the kitchen side slowly moving he hips from side to side to feel the eggs move that little bit more.

The doorbell rang, it was time to open it and as she did so she immediately saw his eyes travel the full length of her body...she stood aside and waved him through into the hall, seeing her to gain his scent as he passed.

She directed him into the lounge, offered him a drink and disappeared into the kitchen to get it.
As the kettle boiled, she stood there slightly flustered staring at the world outside wondering what he might be thinking.
She heard his footsteps approach and not wanting to look round stood there waiting for him speak.
She felt him draw closer and then without a single word being spoken his hands slipped round her wist, his soft lips falling onto her neck.
Her eyes closed, her head back exposing the front of her neck, his mouth moved as far round over her shoulder as he could reach while all the time the soft lips brushed against her skin.
His hands skipped a few inches down from her hips and then moved back up but this time under her blouse....until his thumbs just reached the sift skin of her waist just above the skirt.
She took her hands and raised them to the buttons if her blouse and knowingly undid a couple more so that he would be able to see more and what she was willing to give him.
He pulled her waist back tight against his groin and she knew the response of his swelling cock against her backside was just the start of their evening together.....

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