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Hello ;

Im new to the BDSM community, Would anyone be willing to give me advice on how to look for a dominant (Female or Male idm) , How to be formal and not so childish when talking to Doms also just Bdsm stuff in general as I don’t know much 

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Hi, I'm really new myself so I'm not about to present myself as some kink guru. What I will say quite confidently though, is when you're new there's a tendency to run at things. Don't. Shitty behaviour is shitty behaviour so if you wouldn't put up with something in other aspects of your life, don't put up with it here. Trust your gut, if something feels off - and kink attracts some interesting characters - go with that and proceed with caution. As for meeting people, talk first and talk lots. If you possibly can, go to a local munch. Its a great way to learn from people with more experience and meet friends and/or potential play partners.
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I think there's a few asks at once.  

How to look for a Dominant.  Pretty much the same way as any other partner.

How to be formal and not so childish - you know, some like the bratty/childish, but some don't.  A practice is to use capital letters for words like You etc. 

BDSM stuff in general... it sounds like you've come here a bit early in the chain, like, you know it interests you but you don't know what.  A lot of this at this stage is gonna be on you. There are loads of good writings in the magazine section of this site, read some.  Search on youtube for beginners BDSM blogs.  Consider going to a munch to meet other peers.  

It makes no sense to repeat information to you that's easily available on the web.  Once you've a little of the basics it may be easier to come back with more specific questions

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