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New to all of this

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So I'm new to all this, wanting to explore more and find out what gets me going and what to avoid due to feeling uncomfortable. 

I'd like to give this a go, as I'm a switch, wouldn't mind becoming more dominant and what have you. 

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Hello and welcome. The best advice I can give to any newbie is to research and ask questions, if at all possible get out and about to munches and events. Meeting real people doing real things is the best way by far to find the kind of things you may like...or not

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one important piece of advice is that your wanting to explore isn't going to cause anything to fall on your lap so don't expect any form of quick or easy results (and, certainly, be sceptical if you do) 

feeling uncomfortable is a part - but - the more normalised you get with things the easier that can become and that can be a mixture of online : reading posts, finding blogs, seeking out others experiences - and if possible real life.   Everything enriches your knowledge and enriching your knowledge comes back to helping with these things which in turn boosts your chances of a relationship and/or play.

Whilst porn can be a good thing to give ideas of what you might like to do - do of course consider these are specially edited to titillate and aren't overly representative - even if some  is a lot better than others (even the best lacks the back stories) 

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