Were you fooled by our story of Donald Trump and the infamous Maitresse X? We uncover the best April Fools of 2018 – and of all time.

1. Our top April Fools: Donald Trump and Maitresse X

It's time to reveal that the Fetish.com exclusive – that one of our members, Maitresse X, indulged in a wild BDSM romp with Donald Trump - was indeed an April Fools joke.

But given the increasingly lurid allegations against Donald, was it too much of a stretch of the imagination for him to be utterly humiliated this way? In a jacuzzi of baked beans? Wearing only a nappy to hide his modesty? Please forgive us: we understand some images can never be erased…

Donald Trump in April Fools joke on Fetish.com
Baked beans, Theresa May and Trump, anyone?

2. Energising Donald

And what of the other April Fools on Donald? Where to begin? Well, how about with the president’s luminous skin colour (just look at the baked beans he asked our very own Maitresse X to hurl at him).

Carabao Energy Drink was quick to get in on the act. Its contender for best April Fool was announcing the launch of a mandarin orange flavour beverage – the same shade as Don’s skin. “We were looking for something between carrot and goldfish,” said Carabao’s head of design, Tom Prunddal, “and the president’s face was the answer.” Miaow! 

3. PornHub ‘n HornHub

Those guys over at PornHub truly do have wickedly dirty minds.  This year they announced the introduction of a new channel called HornHub, which included brand new context for you to “polish” your horn to! And how convincing they were, even getting notorious Asa Akira to create a video review of a vast shoehorn in honour of a foot fetish. 

But this was nothing compared to the company’s 2017 April Fool which put the fear of God into users when the following message popped up on laptops across the world: “No need to manually share your video to your friends and family ever again because this new revolutionary feature does it for you!” That’s enough to put anyone off their stroke!

Porn Hub Screenshot of Horn Hub April Fools
Porn Hub's Horn Hub April Fools

4. Deleting Donald

And yet another Trump April Fool – this time by The Independent, who announced that Donald would dramatically quit Twitter. Not sure anyone would believe that, though, so perhaps this is the award for worst April Fool?!

5. The EU trolls Britain!

Brexit is arguably the greatest joke ever – on Britain. As such, it’s perfect material for the best April fools. No less than The European Parliament itself rose to the challenge, announcing that “all EU passports [are] to become dark blue”. What better way to steal the thunder from Theresa May’s life-changing (not) decision that UK passports become blue in a proud (and ultimately meaningless) sign of sovereignty?!


6. The chocolate Whopper

Burger King is continually introducing new taste sensations, so how about the chocolate Whopper – and just in time for Easter? 

According to Burger King New Zealand, this intriguing delight would include a chocolate cake bun, flame-grilled chocolate patty (WTF?!) and even candied blood oranges and vanilla frosting.

In a world where some people live for deep-fried Mars bars, the chocolate Whopper is perhaps not wholly improbable – and indeed vies for one of the best April Fools of the year. 


7. Harry Windsor goes spiritual

Ok, so in the UK we may all hate The Mail on Sunday, but they certainly pulled the stops out for best April Fool. The third in the line to the throne is known for his somewhat colourful past, so The Mail’s announcement that the prince’s stag weekend would involve a yoga retreat complete with Celtic chanting and laverbread smoothies were undoubtedly shocking. But apparently, Meghan had convinced her intended that a weekend of meditation was a far better option than a shameless bender. 


8. Netflix “acquires” Seth Rogen

April Fools is the perfect gift for a PR campaign, so it was inevitable that Netflix would get plotting. This year’s April fool? The acquisition of the Canadian-American actor, comedian, writer-producer (and just about everything else) Seth Rogen. 

However, this was no ordinary deal. Nothing less than total domination would do. According to Netflix, Rogen was required to “transfer full ownership and his personal autonomy to Netflix, Inc”. It’s just a coincidence, naturally, that Mr Rogen has a Netflix stand-up special coming out soon. 

Seth Rogan at the MTV Movie Awards.
Seth Rogan at the MTV Movie Awards. Photo: DFree / Shutterstock.com

9. Spaghetti harvest

But arguably the best April Fools joke of all time came as long ago as 1957 – thanks to the BBC. A hoax Panorama programme depicted a Swiss family as they merrily went about their annual spaghetti harvest.  Opinion was divided: some fumed at a respected investigative journalism programme resorting to April Fools. But others couldn’t wait to find out where they could buy that precious spaghetti bush. Oh dear. 


10. Goodbye YouTube

Imagine if YouTube had merely been one huge, over-extended competition? Well, this was the premise behind a 2013 April Fools in which the channel said that it would be shutting down for the next ten years to judge “best video on the internet”. 

Have you had an April Fool played on you this year? How kinky was it? Reveal all in the comments below or on the Fetish.com forum.

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You can still find the spaghetti harvest on You-Tube

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I was fooled by the Trump story for a while, i really did imagine him in a diaper behind his desk and that made me laugh but also seemed feasible. But the visual of that wasn't very nice.


Wish i'd seen HornHub, haha.

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