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What gives you the power to be a Mistress


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I have been on this site for a few weeks now and have noticed a couple of things , ! i proclaim to be a sub willing to submit ,i have been as honest as i can in my kinks , But you  mistress's either want to charge which i'm willing to pay or you say your looking for LTR but like every mistress /owner sooner or later you will get bored with your slave and look for a new playmate . So what am i doing wrong i dont mind traveling i could do a whole weekend as a try out but in the back of my mind i know its only temporary . Ok its just i Aint getting any 



If you don't mind a little critique.

Your profile falls into the trap of saying there are far more male subs then True Dominant women.   There's three things wrong with that.  One, it's simply not true. Two, it's already admitting defeat like there's so many subs you can't possibly be 'good enough'.  Three "True Dominant" is more of a challenge that you're going to just say those who become disinterested are not "true"

You also talk very much about your wants and fantasies.  What can you offer?  If you're proclaiming to be a sub it's about her needs.  Of course, there's this sweet spot of where interests overlap - but... why you...?

Finally. If you're looking for experiences and happy to pay you could do a lot worse than researching some Professionals and just booking a session.  If you're in Kent then Dominics Dungeon has resident Mistresses and also some that travel and you're literally an hour from London where there's choice.  

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