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Extreme oral addiction

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Everyone has at least one kink even if they don't know about it. Hers was an absolute oral obsession. This is how she told me.


I need you in my mouth.

No, I know I don't have to.  I know you're satisfied.  You made that very clear [Laughing].

You don't understand.  I'm not talking about foreplay. 

This is hard to explain...

Everyone has at least one fetish.  I'm sure there are things you haven't told me about yet, but this is just something I need.

I need your cock in my mouth.  I need your cum in my mouth.

No, I don't mean I want to give you a blowjob.  Well... I mean, I DO want to give you a blowjob, but it's more than that.

It's much more than that.

[Laughing]  Sure, twice a day.  I want to suck your cock twice every day.  But you're still not understanding.
What I want to do is so much more than give blowjobs.  I want your cock in my mouth all day.

[Laughing]  Yeah.  All day.  As much as you can stand it.

Stop laughing.  I'm serious.  

I mean, I really like you, but are you going to be okay with that?

You're still grinning, but I mean it.

Any time we are driving somewhere I want to ride the whole way sucking your cock, I don't care how long the trip is.

Oh yeah?  You were wanting to talk to me about planning a road trip anyway, huh?  [Laughing]

Stop teasing me.   Because I would do it.   Stuck in a car with nothing to do but curl up beside you and gently suck your cock for like 12 hours straight....and no way for you to get away.

Seriously, if we're watching TV I want your cock in my mouth the whole time.   I want your cock and your cum to be my movie snack.  

From the moment you get here at night to the moment you leave in the morning I want you cock in my mouth.  I want to wake you up with my mouth every morning.

I just want you in my mouth.  I want to feel it throbbing and twitching.  I want to feel it grow from soft to hard.  I want to feel it go slowly limp after you cum.  I want your dick to live in my mouth.

[Laughing]  Yes, that's what I said.  I want your dick to live in my mouth.  It belongs in my mouth.  Not in your pants.  

I want it in my mouth right now.   I know we just had sex twice, but it doesn't matter.  This is different.

You don't have to cum again...unless you want to.

[She started sucking]

 Even if you can't get hard......


Even after you're totally spent......


I just want it in my mouth........


Although that doesn't look to be a problem right now.


You're not too sensitive?  Well, that's a pleasant surprise.

[Teasing: tongue slapping , cheek pops, humming on dick]

Can you cum again?   

Mhm, in my mouth.


From now on I want every drop of your cum in my mouth.... Every drop.


Oh, I know you love fucking me baby.  And I love it.  I don't want you to stop.

But in the end, I need your load in my mouth.  That's where it belongs remember?


Mhm.  If you cum inside me, I'll just push it out and scoop it up with my fingers.


That's right.  I am a nasty girl.

[Deep throat, gagging]

But you're okay with that right?  I can be....your....nasty little cum slut?

That's what I thought.

[Teasing: tongue slapping, cheek pops, humming on dick]

I can tell you're getting close.   You're dripping and oozing.   

It tastes so good.   


Your dick is so hot.  I can feel that load building.  It fucking wants to come out.


I'm going to suck it out of you.  Every fucking drop.


I'm going to milk out every ounce.  


Am I milking that cock good?


You like being milked baby?


I'm going to swallow all your sperm and then go to sleep with a warm belly full of your babies.

[Sucking sloppy harder]

I'm going to suck until you get soft and then I'm just going to fall asleep with your cock in my mouth.


Mhhmmm, Yes, I am.   I'm going to nurse like a little baby on your spent cock, leaking on my tongue while I slurp and suckle until I fall asleep.


You ready to feed me?   Will you feed me, daddy?

[Sucking softer]

Oh, you like that, when I call you daddy?


Yes daddy....I want it.  You know I want it.

Don't hold back.

[Sucking sloppy harder.]

Why would you want to hold back?   Just let go of it.

Just let your cum go.  Just let all that jizz out.

You know I need it daddy.   Just give it to me.



[Slurping and Swallowing]

Oh yes baby.

So good.  [Slurp]  Every fucking drop.  

[Satisfied Sighing]

Ohhh, sensitive now I bet.

[Very gentle quiet sucks and slurps]

Shhhhh.  Take it easy.   Just relax.

[Gentle/Quiet sucking]

I know.   Just let me.



[Licking lips & swallowing]

[Moaning softly]

[Gentle sucking]

I like when you play with my hair.

[Talking with mouth full...very softly]

This is perfect.

[Moaning softly]

[Gentle sucking]

[Talking with mouth full...very softly]

P.s. Do not suck and drive.

This was a delight to read, and the last comment was brilliant. I must say I would love to try this, to see how long I could stand having my penis in a woman's mouth. Not even for a blowjob, but just physically in her mouth like she suggested. I would be interested to find out how long I would allow it before it feels uncomfortable. An excellent post, Panther... Purrfect.

Oh Shucks.

Extreme praise from a master.

Thank you kindly Dante, Sir.

14 hours ago, purrfectpanther said:

Extreme praise from a master

I have posted plenty of stories on my page that feature fellatio, but I have yet to post one solely about the act. This post has spurred me to think harder on how I will go about it.

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