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Help, how do I get people interested in my profile?

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Hello Charley264! This is one of those questions we all ask isn't it? I suppose it depends on exactly what kind of interest you're looking for as to the advice to give. 

Generally though I think interacting with as many people as possible is good, like here on the forum, so people can get to know you a bit. Also if you send private messages think of them as first saying hello in real life and be as polite as you would be if you were meeting face to face.  I'm not saying you wouldn't do that, of course, just giving my general opinion on the topic. :)


As above . Work to be a gentleman and always respect the other party .. I suggest you read the Dominant guide..the reality is you are a young man and think of this time as a learning curve you are at a great place in life learn from it ive been 30 + years becoming who I am and I'm still learning embrace and understand the responsibly of where you want to go and everything you need will come to you..it takes time .


On 11/2/2017 at 8:00 PM, Charley264 said:

Im new to this and finding hard to get people interested in me, any tips?

Hey Charlie, Victoria and Christopher have given you some very good advice which you should certainly heed.


I also took a look at your profile and I believe it would certainly help your cause if you were to flesh out and fill your profile with more text in your description and interests. The profile on this site that I like and feel drawn to the most are those who talk about who they are as people and not just what their kinks or interests are. Profiles with simple, single sentence descriptions or comments come off as feeling bland and uninteresting and for me; I feel these types of profiles show a lack of effort and care on the part of the person creating them. So be creative and descriptive, don't be afraid to talk about yourself and who you are.


To bring in more people viewing your profile I would suggest upping your activity levels by activating photo's, posting comments and ratings on other people's photo's or profiles and generally being as open to communicating with as many kinksters on the site as possible in chat, forums or private messages.    

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