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Trainers (Sneakers)

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Anyone on this site got a fetish for trainers/sneakers or other footwear?


Male or female :)

On 17/11/2017 at 4:15 PM, FootGuy5 said:

I love feet in flip flops!


I just love my perfect feet....

Not this time of the year though.... also depends on the flip flops.... 

What brand are you thinking??


Hi no brand in particular. My ex partner had some rocket dog ones with a beaded thong those were quite sexy. I just melt when I see feet in flip flops have to have ***ted toes and a toe ring is a nice touch too! How many pairs do you own out of interest?

13 minutes ago, FootGuy5 said:

How many pairs do you own out of interest?

Several different types that are put away until next year. 


Yes can understand that. I do like other shoes to be worn too. As like to have feet rubbed in my face and smell them, after they been in flats etc all day

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Yes I do, love Trainer socks worn for a few days in Nike Trainers ...... that smell when you remove the trainer best ever 

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I like trainers and tennis shoes depends on which ones. My favorite are sexy heels no platforms, and flats

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  • 8 months later...

A hot pair of Nikes drives me wild! The more trashed they are the better. Seeing women wearing them is the most amazing thing ever. I would love to have the chance to lick and worship somebody's hot nikes while on their feet

  • 3 months later...

Nike airs or Adidas are so sexy and worn with no socks on mmmmm

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