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"Eat it my sweet".. Part 2 Seduction by a voyeuristic nymph

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"Let my voice fill your mind. Relax and be my sweet boy all day long.

That's it. Let those thoughts go. Let me take over. Control it all. Give me everything.

Let all the energy buzzing around your brain glide down into that cock. Everything centred around MY cock."

(She put a special emphasis on the word MY that brought a pleasant jolt to my body.)

" You know you want to please me. So let it all go. You are under my spell. Its going to be a magical day. " 

(And she let out one of her trade mark cute giggles and coughing slightly regained her composure to stay in character.)

"Feel that cock tingle. Start to swell. I want to watch it get hard, start bobbing and feel your body shudder.

Don't try to resist. Just let it happen. All the heat in your body concentrated between your legs. Your muscles soft and melted.

Just relax against me. Feel me soft and warm. Wrapping myself around you. My voice. My arms. My legs. My whole body surrounding you.

My breath. My whispers filling your ears and swirling around your brain. Rest your head against the soft pillars of my big tits ready to feed you. Ready to let you suckle as I stroke your head and hold you close.

Think of my warm wet cunt waiting for you at the end.

I want you hard and stiff for me. Let you fuck me. My sweet boy would like that? I bet you would.

Give me all that spunk in your balls that's starting to boil up and wanting to release. Explode and shoot across my face (a sharp intake of her breath) so tasty.

You're a good boy aren't you saving it all up for me?

Every drop belongs to me. All of it. All of you is Mine. For my pleasure. For my satisfaction. And I need it so much.

My cunt is throbbing for you. Imagining you there. Have you touched it yet? Have to squeezed that bulge? Have you stroked that cock? Or is it my voice doing the stroking, my lips and tongue doing the work?)

Do you want me? Are you aching for me? Twitching at the sound of my voice. I want desire to consume you. All of your being yearning for completion and release.

Drop deeper. Further down to nothing but you and me and the sound of my voice throbbing your cock. "

(She then almost lost getting herself off with the imagination of her own words..)

" So hot thinking of you there. Aargh. Do you wanna cum as badly as I do. Oooh.. Fuck. I need your mouth on me. I need your tongue. Oooh.

Yes sweet boy. You like how mommy is soothing you this morning? You like the way she is taking care of you? Mommy likes taking care of her sweet boy. All the worries drifting away. Your body coming alive to the sound of her voice.

Are you touching it? Are you gonna cum for me? Are you gonna make that spunk shoot out for me?

Oooooh mommy needs that spunk. So hungry. Ooooh.

Let me put my hands on it. Wrap my fingers around it. Gentle hold it.. My palm. Feel my soft skin and let the warmth surround it. Gentle squueze it. While the other hand strokes your balls. Barely. The tips of my fingers now  oooh caressing. Does that feel good baby? Let it twitch and pulse and throb.. Maybe I'll lean in and plant my red lips against its head. Sweet kisses for my sweet boy. Giggling..

You can feel my, warm breath so close. Reaching out the tip of my tongue along that slit search for that pre cum. A droplet. Mmm. I need it. I need.... "

(Her body couldn't hold back any longer.)

" I need to taste my baby. Oooh. Mommy. Is getting so wet  for you. My, fingers teasing and stroking your length. Why don't you stroke mommy's hair while she plays with you. Leg your fingers tingle in her hair. Let me know how much you enjoy mommy's care.

Let me just slide it into my mouth for a minute. Mmmmm. Feel my. Mouth cradling you in that wet warmth.

Oh yeah.

Mommy loves to suck on you. Feel you fill her mouth. Gliding against her tongue. Oooh.

I want you inside of me. I need you inside. I climb up on top of you and straddling you I look down at my sweet boy. Grabbing your cock and rubbing it against mt dripping wet cunt. It looks so glistening with all that juice oozing out of me. So hot.

Tapping you against my clit. Mmm. Making me shiver. Oooh. And jolt. Mmm. I don't want to put you inside yet. Just feel you. Against me.. Oooh. Gliding against my soft wet lips.

Can you feel it baby? Can you feel everything mommy wants to do to you. Enjoy you. Use you.

Taking your face in my hand I kiss you slowly deeply. My tits pressed against you. My cunt rubbing against you. I want all your senses full of me. Touch. Smell. Sight. Hear me moan. The wet clicking of our tongues. Everything swirling round you. Nothing else.

I love the sound of you breathing heavy.. Those little soft moans makes me clench. Makes me ache. Such a good boy. Mommy is so pleased..


How about I just slip you inside. Let that cock glide.. Right in. So, wet. No, resistance.. Drawing you in to, that tight warm sheath. Holding you. There.. Dont move. Feel it hold you.

Let me take your hand now. Press your fingers against my clit. Feel that wet cunt as it grips you.

Oooh ha ha. (Short bursts of breath takes her over now) I could just cum on you if you keep rubbing. Right there yes. Just the right spot. Don't stop.  don't stop. Oooer. Oh baby oeer ha ha ha poo so close ooh ahh can you feel , it can you feel it. Cunt squeezin. Fuck. Don't stop rubbing right there please oh oh oh oh yes yes yeah yargh arrrgh arrhh. Oh oh ha oo ha. Csssss. Ah aaaaah assssaaah fuck! Oh yeeees. Aha ha.

(she stills)

Looks like you are the one the magic fingers. Mmmmm. Mommy feels  all melted to a puddle.

Did you feel her grip around you.? The waves as she came around you? It should be your turn now. Time for that spunk to rise up. Are you gonna  cum for mommy? .. Are you gonna spill out that warm cream? Oooh I want it.. And I so want to share it with you.

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Reading your stories are always an experience, Panther.  This one? Wow.

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