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Where can you find non financial probably a trainee or a switch Amy ideas


there are a lot of folk on this website who are "non-financial" (though, in ways - everything in life has a price, you'd undoubtedly want to treat someone to dinner or gifts from time to time, no?) but, if you're only attracting those financial then this is something in your approach

(Btw : anyone with a financial interest needs a € on their profile, so don't contact these people - or if you're speaking to someone and they ask for coin then report) 

What you would find is in local community, munches, events, etc. that the majority in attendance do not work professionally. Voila.

Mind... I question deliberately looking for a "trainee" - that seems a little exploitative, as if you're interested in someone for their naivety.  Don't do that.


That's a damn good question lol I imagine you'd probably have better luck in person than on the internet. At least half of the so called "mistresses" I've encountered on here have just wanted *** in some form, usually gift cards. & no they don't have the little € in their profile. Most of them are scammers, I'm sure. So stay vigilant & make sure to report them if they get out of line. There's a small handful of legitimate mistresses on here, but they're greatly outnumbered by the scammers & bullshitters who just want your ***. Be cautious on the internet & stick to your local community for more of the real deal.

2 hours ago, sonofthunder777 said:

they don't have the little € in their profile

as soon as someone raises cash, if they don't have this symbol on their profile - end engagement, report them.  The site is usually pretty good and responsive at dealing with it from there

one of the side effects of the popularity of the site and app is that it's caused an increase in both guys who want easy kink and ladies(?) who want easy cash.  


Real Mistresses, like myself, who are not interested in *** do require more. I will not necessary take on a sub or slave unless they can prove to me that they are worthy. I also prefer my subs/slaves to be local. The local community here is skewed and dangerous, so I use apps and online outlets to find my subs. With that being said, I will not purchase toys for my subs/slaves. They are responsible for that. I also demand to be treated as a lady, taken out for drinks or a meal on occasion and my sub does pay for that. If I require a new outfit for play, my subs/slave are required to help with the expense because in truth it is for them as much as it is for me. If I need help with something like a home or car repair, I will ask. I am very picky also and very few subs/slaves even remotely are able to please me. I also will not even consider a sub that is in it for themselves. A "me, me, me sub" is not worth my time or effort.

4 hours ago, MistressKajiRavyn said:

I also will not even consider a sub that is in it for themselves. A "me, me, me sub" is not worth my time or effort.

I feel this is something a lot of folk don't understand and why a lot of guys struggle or fail - that they'd see, maybe a Pro-Domme website and think of the "services I offer" as a menu (even though it isn't) and then assume someone non-Pro would do the same except without payment.

So, they just come across as "do this to me" and then wonder why the *only* responses they get are "Sure, if you pay me" 


Yeah good question, I NEED that *** for RENT, And FOOD, not all of us are paypigs. It's all "I'm gonna treat you good" until you get scammed and then blocked. Like goddamn, I don't got *** to be giving out, take my 5$ in Google pay goddamnit! We broke and need to pay our loans, bills, child support even.


So, harshly.

Dating is hard.  Dating when skint is harder.  

If you do a google 'Dating when broke' there's a few articles come up and some of the pressures 

I also think it would be irresponsible to get into more debt to date 

This is a little bit leftfield from the original post - but - I sympathise and empathise with anyone with *** struggles; but if you're genuinely "I can't afford this..." then a priority would be to sort your own finances out (which I know is extremely difficult in the current environments certainly in both the UK and US) 

Particularly if you are submissive; you can be better (in general) for your prospective Dominant if you're not worrying about *** or if she's like "Hey, want to come over to serve/play/whatever" you're not counting pennies and don't seemingly only go over when it's for play.


Incidentally. I touch above on current US/UK environments and these are stuff that had led to a rise in women trying to raise *** via paywalls/selling/etc and guys posing as women trying to scam folk.   Not that I'm saying this is OK - but understanding the situation makes things easier.

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I am a wanna be sub but because I have no *** due to debts an X left me and No-one will give me a chance Is this fair
13 minutes ago, Scorpy04 said:

I am a wanna be sub but because I have no *** due to debts an X left me and No-one will give me a chance Is this fair

So, I'm sorry your ex left you and I'm sorry you are struggling with debts.

However. Nobody owes anyone else a chance. Remember you're then asking for someone else's time, energy and effort.

I'd possibly prioritise getting your finances in order - this becomes one less thing to really worry about - it's also less, for want of a better word, baggage for someone else to take on with you.

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