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What do Sadists love about sadism? A Sadism Forum


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Until today I've never admitted to anyone, including myself, that I'm a masochist.  That was quite a shock because it went on the page before I fully formulated it as a thought.  But the moment I said it, so to speak, I felt it.  To the marrow of my bones I felt a mixture of relief and acceptance.  

I've never hidden my love for impact play, but at the same time sort of had a hangup about the term "masochist" because it is associated with the word "sadist".  And my vanilla brain says sadists are cruel, and cruelty goes against my personal moral compass. Even if I'm in a sadism forum here!!

My vanilla brain needs to STFU!  I used to be frightened by the thought of being involved with a sadist.  I naively wanted impact play but with someone who wouldn't get off on hurting me.  I now realise how very wrong I was.  After all, if I'm enjoying it, why shouldn't they?  

Plus, if they enjoy it then they will be more into it, and in turn likely more experienced. 

The things I love most about impact play are as follows:  First, the adrenaline rush when in a scene.  Second, the almost spiritual trance-like focus while controlling the ***.  Third is seeing how much I can take, and exploring my boundaries.  And to wrap it all up into a lovely package, the thrill I get from hearing praise from my Dom regarding how well I handled the ***.

So I'm now curious.  What is it about sadism that Sadists love?  I hope that by learning what makes a sadist happy I'll lose the last shreds of *** and fully embrace my masochistic side. So I'm encouraging a sadism forum right here!


All I know is that it turning me on. I like to hear a *** screaming, smelling her while her body is shivering and shaking form the ***, I like to smell her breath when she cry and after her scream. I like to see the result on her body, I like to see the result on her body, it’s like body art made of scars, ***, sweat and the best of all is that she consent without any thoughts about it. She know I enjoy it and she will enjoy it after. 

so much fun in a sadism forum. Love masochists.


that's a great question and one I've thought about before
It's odd to be honest and I have often pondered about it as I'm a very romantic type who can be very protective of my partner. However I also have my sadist side which loves to *** and *** my sub.
I think a big part of it for me is the taboo aspect. Girls are told not to be sluts and to stay away from nasty men yet here is a girl who is choosing to be hurt and degraded by me and enjoying aswell.
There's also a sort of primal side to it as when I get into my sadist headspace I feel the urge to bite and scratch ect.
But mostly I feel that it's a sort of corruption aspect. I'm a degenerate pervert who gets kicks from these nasty taboo acts and here is a beautiful innocent girl who I am releasing her inner dark side from.
With each strike she feels more and more pleasure despite how much this scene should be horrible to her. Then by the end of it she's a panting mess of ecstasy and I know there's no way she could forget the amazing pleasure she has felt.
However this is just my thoughts on it as it's tricky to pin down exactly what it is. Like you though when I finally accepted that this was me I felt great and have never looked back since. 

I enjoy being in a sadism forum and finding out how others tick.


Thank you J_Darkmoon! An excellent topic. This might become the longest running thread ever. The nuances of S\m can be discussed endlessly especially in this sadism forum. 

The Mind Rules The Body
Ultimately, aren’t the sadist and masochist bound to one another, not by any physical restraint but by their own need and the mutual fulfillment of those needs. We do for one another what no one else can or will. We are here by choice and by choice we stay.

An (ethical) S\m dynamic involves trust as the foundation. The bedrock of this foundation is built upon communication.

Admittedly, I have changed over the years. Whether or not it is the Law of Attraction at work is thought provoking. Human beings have a lower nature and a higher nature working constantly to find a path for self expression. It is physiological. There is a primitive part of our brain involved. With that I will stop and to let others comment.

This is a great topic! I can’t wait to read more.


I'm a masochist, pretty hard-core.

I relate to the hang ups about sadism. Pirate put it well, he's a caring sadist.

That helped me, a lot.

Embrace your masochism, and when you find someone whose sadism matches your masochism, it's absolutely, ***y brilliant! Enjoy the sadism forum!


In the context of S/m, think about this...

As philosopher Eckhart Tolle said: "The future is usually imagined as either better or worse than the present. If the imagined future is better, it gives you hope or pleasurable anticipation. If it is worse, it creates anxiety. Both are illusory."


I journaled some things for myself about my own thoughts and feelings about S/m. If I had only made note to my journal about the source attributions for the following composite:

(I am) exploring somethings in the nexus between (my own) overcoming baser instincts (primitive/primal) lower nature and my (culturally acceptable - learned) higher nature.

S/m activity is processed in a sensory way - not in a linear way - but by the lizard brain. The limbic system is much more powerful than we humans credit it to be. Namely, it is in charge of fight, flight, feeding, ***, freezing up, and fornication.

The structures and interacting areas of the limbic system are involved in motivation, emotion, learning, and memory. The limbic system is where the subcortical structures meet the cerebral cortex. The limbic system operates by influencing the endocrine system and the autonomic nervous system.  Hence the natural neurochemical hormonal responses which give rise to dom-space,  subspace and drop

Ergo, if I hit that sweet spot of feeling like I’m biorhythmicaly (emotionally, etc) “in the groove” ...is that when I’m in trouble? “The groove” ...the comfortable place in my limbic brain that gets me into trouble? 

It is OK to experience the emptiness of life, the *** of the moment, and the discomfort of relationships. There is no need to anesthetize the discomfort. Working through it is my only path to growth.

 Here in this sadism forum I am at home. 


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@ReifenMeisteris a sadist truly governed by the lizard brain. I certainly feel that way as a masochist, giving myself up offering myself up, but I would have though the sadist was more controlled by the monkey brain-the one that controls status/dominance behaviours.  or is that perhaps the difference between a sadist and a Dom.  The sadist's love of inflicting *** is an expression of survival fornication etc while the Dom activities are monkey brain


LOVE this post! It puts into words what I feel. Never been able to describe it. Totally get the trance like feeling. It IS spiritual! Well, is for me.

Before meeting Pirate I thought sadism equated cruelty too. I guess at the extreme end of the scale it does but like everything there are degrees. Pirate enjoys inflicting *** because I love it, he loves it. There's no hint of cruelty in what we do. 

Maybe, especially within bdsm, we should redefine the meaning to "one who derives (sexual) pleasure from inflicting consensual ***.

What does the sadism forum think?

On 4/14/2020 at 10:33 AM, LazyPiratesBounty said:

Maybe, especially within bdsm, we should redefine the meaning to "one who derives (sexual) pleasure from inflicting consensual ***.

yes definitely, BDSM only meaning "one who derives (sexual) pleasure from inflicting consensual ***", couldn't put it better myself. 

and also the comments about the trance like feeling, wonderful


It's funny... my first Master commented once that our play sessions were almost "religious" 

At the time I thought it was because the only coherent words I could say we're "Oh God!" 😆 Thinking back, it was more than that. It was the whole thing.


I think the consensual *** is the important factor.  I know that Pirate would whip me to within an inch of my life if I asked but he'd never hurt me without my consent or in anger.


My ex used to hit me. In anger.

He was cruel. Angry, aggressive. Scary.

I have never seen Pirate lose his temper, his control. Or heard him raise his voice so any *** he inflicts is deliberate to excite and arouse me not to hurt me.

In this kind of sadism forum I feel safe. 



@LazyPiratesBountywell the essence of religion is submission to the will of another, so who's to say whether we feel the same levels of ecstasy as a religious experience 

21 minutes ago, Kymi said:

@LazyPiratesBountywell the essence of religion is submission to the will of another, so who's to say whether we feel the same levels of ecstasy as a religious experience 

I think I love you 😊


Personally, I don't like to inflict *** but I do like making people happy.  The few times I have topped I tried to achieve a balance of satisfying their desire on the receiving end while not going too far.  Getting them to make a little gasp of surprise/*** rather than crying out in *** is what I usually try to achieve.

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I think they are both about power. 

One, power over yourself. 

The other, power over others 

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