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A birthday surprise

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He lay there, stripped of his clothes, blindfolded with head phones on to block out any sound.
"How long had it been since she had bound him to the bed? Ten minutes? 20?" He wondered to himself. "The smell of her perfume still hung in the air, maybe she was nearby. Was she watching him?" This thought aroused him a little, the anticipation, his imagination starting to run with ideas and predictions.

Then sudden the perfume got stronger, snapping him back to the moment at hand.

"She is near" he realized, trying to figure out which side she was on.

After what felt like a minute had passed, he felt the gentle caress of her nails trailing down his left side. This caused him to twitchas it startled and tickled ever so slightly. She had gotten her nails done the day before, and had gone with a slightly more pointed style jusy for today, it was his birthday and he had been good, for a brat.

While he was getting caught in the feel of her nails, suddenly a splash of *** on his inner thigh. "What was that? Not her hand to light, a crop maybe, felt like the light crop she had used before" he thought.

He felt her check the cage his member was in making sure everything was proper, and then nothing. Her perfume still hung strongly in the air, she was close but where?

The excitment was getting his *** flowing, and he couldn't allow his excitement to show to much. That would ruin the game of wills, he knew he had to hold out and keep his mind clear, wouldn't be fun if he reacted to soon.

There was a soft tickle as something grazed the hair on his chest, soft and light. What was it?

Straining the senses he could use he tryed to find where she was and what she was doing. The perfume was strong so she was close. Had she moved sides? She was watching him, looking for any little signs, a smirk, a shudder, a gasp.

The tickling of his chest hair was still there, what was it he wondered. Then the caress of wind on his face. Her breath! He realized she was so close. That must be her hair tickling his chest hair!

He smiled before he could stop himself. At that she planted a kiss on his lips, gentle at first, her hand now resting on his chest. He kissed back enjoying the soft touch of her lips and the sudtle tease of her tongue. Then as she bite his bottom lip she drags her nails down his chest and traces them on the soft area of his hip.

This causes him to moan slightly though he trys to stiffle it and hide that he enjoys it.

Again the splash of *** on the other thigh this time. This elicits a small surprised gasp from him.

She enjoys his reactions, his moans and begging, but she doesnt want it easily, there is no challenge in that, besides she has something special planned for him.

Pushing his head to the side she goes for the neck. She slowly drags her tongue up the side of his neck, looking for the spot that is most sensitive.
She feels him tense and suppress a shudder as she gets just below the jawline and ear. There is the spot, she smiles as she bites down. Gently at first, but gradually getting harder as she teases the flesh in her mouth with her tongue.

With a sharp inhale he feels his control slipping as he gets caught in the sensation of her bite, and her nails as they slowly scratch their way up his inner thigh. The arousal causing him to strain against the cage.

Finally he releases a groan and shudder, much to her amusment. Today will be a fun day, she has so much planned for him, and if he can hold out on begging, a surprise.

To be continued...
Feel free to leave your thoughts, i havent written in ages.


Sang this is a good story my friend I enjoyed it well done mate


Beautifully written and deliciously insightful from the perspective of the submissive,Ā  I'm looking forward to part 2 šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„


Really enjoyed that , beautifully written ,canā€™t wait for the next instalment


yes, I agree, very good and can't wait for more.


Absolutely love this. Canā€™t wait to read more


Great descriptive writing.I am so turned on by this.I want more!

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