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Advice on sex positions


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Get the Karma Street and water based Lube hun

Well that's an easy thing to remedy Moneybags. Reading and then using one of the plethora of Karma Sutra guides as mentioned above is a good start. However I would also say that variation and new experiences are the spice of life, so for me it's always key to find out what my lovers have or have not experienced before sexually and to open their eyes to new experiences they have yet to try, In this way you are keeping things fresh and exciting for them.

So when it comes to positions, unless you are going to be using restraints and restraints systems like under bed restraints, stocks, body stock and spreader bars or some of the kinkier restraint wear for women (such as collars that also lock of and bind the wrists behind the back) then there are only so many positions you can try. I would recommend always having some cuffs, restraints and a spreader bar close to hand for any positional play that you want to include to spice things up with or give them new positional experiences. Never underestimate the effects of a blindfold or ball gag for sensory deprivation, they may not be a positional toy, but it's a good way to heighten the sexual tension and sensitivity of a partner and increase the layered stimulation.

Layering in terms of BDSM work is all about using multiple forms of sexual stimulation to layer on the sensations to the point where a submissive has no option other than to submit and give in to their lust and experience the out of body sub-space zone that is often talked about. Now you don't need to be into BDSM for laying to be something you can use or learn about. It can start with an erotic massage, go form their to the use of blindfold, then nipple clamps, then the insertion of an anal plug, then the use of a want on the vagina and clit, add a dildo and and you partner will be experiencing sensations that blow their mind and you haven't even begun using your own sexual organs yet.  

A good tip is to look into deep penetration positions for both vaginal and anal penetration as these can allow you to massage the cervix better and reach nice and deeply inside your partners where they may not have had that type of deep penetration before. Another key element to remember in good position work is your surroundings. Does your partner like being pinned up against a door roughly and ravished as you hold her wrist above her head, if so do it and if your fine with this sort of thing then you can always keep her standing and cock a leg over your shoulder for some cunnilingus that will make her legs want to buckle from the sensations.  Are there any tables in the house, if so bend them over one, spank them and penetrate them vaginally and anally from behind over the table, then before the point of no return flip them up and onto the table and carry on from there. Is there a sofa nearby with a  fairly sturdy arm, if so, bend them over it double or make them bend over the seating part so that your thrusts from behind also push their face into the rear cushions turning it into a partial asphyxiation play position. Do they enjoy face f@cking, if so then get them on their knees in front of a wall, stand in between their legs and start pumping; the wall behind them means that if they try to pull away they have nowhere to go and that act of forcing the matter (consensually of course) can be a real turn on for many women. 

I hope that gives you some more ideas and inspiration but I would also add that it makes all the difference when you find the right partners who instead of criticising you for being average, would encourage you to help you both explore more varied and exciting sexual styles, positions or toy play. The key is not to hold back on sharing your own fantasies, desires and kinks no matter how filthy, kinky or left field you might think they are and you may be surprised how many women have similar desires, fantasies and kinks to explore and help you live out yours as you help them live out theirs. Keep your mind open to new experiences and unless something sexually makes you want to reach for the sick bag, then try to experience everything yo can at least once, as you will never know how much you might or might not like something until you've tried it. 


Put a questionnaire together of different kinks, fetishes, positions, role-play etc ..anything you can think of .. you both fill it separately saying what you have done,what you would like to do and what would be a hard no.

This can be easier than talking about it and sometimes you don't know that you would be interested until you see it named. ..and knowing someone else wants to do it is a real turn on 

Then swop and let the games begin 

Happy playing x 


Following on with LittleAngel's post, you can both use Franklin Veaux's very fun Human Sexuality Map, which is a map of a fictional land of a vast array of kinks, fetishes and so on. You put digital pins in the map that show what you'd be interested in trying, have tried and liked, have tried and didn't like, and just enjoy thinking about. Then send the link to your personal map to the other person so they can see where you've been and where you'd like to go. (They also make a very nice physical version of the map--I have a copy, it's very cool.)

Another resource is the Columbia Expo Power Exchange PDF, which has 300 fetishes, kinks and so on. I had to grab a copy for my site from the Wayback machine, so it's missing some images, but otherwise it's one of my all-time favourite checklists. 


I've just learned you can't post external links. I was unaware of this because there's an option to create links when composing messages, but okay.

In my previous post, you can find Veaux's map at humansexmap.com . The PDF of the CEPE checklist is available on my site, which is thepageist.com . Go to the Resources tab and it's under Negotiation.

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