Attending your first fetish party can be nerve wrecking - but a whole new world of kink fun awaits. Whether you're into leather, PVC, or latex or more - we show you what to expect.

Fetish party expectation 1:A door bitch

Someone has to see to those who come and go. Visitors to a fetish party are usually drop dead gorgeous with a creamy, dreamy look in their eyes that will have you chomping at the bit. They'll also be carefully tightened up in an impossible looking corset, just to set the mood straight. What more could one want?

Fetish party expectation 2: A lot of leather, PVC, latex—you name it.

Chances are you won’t get past the door if you’re not dressed to impress. Whether leather, PVC, latex, or even lace is your game, you need to be in the appropriate attire. This also stops the newbies from sticking out like a sore thumb; nobody wants to be the odd one out at a fetish party where people look this good, do they?

Fetish party expectation 3: Uninhibited, friendly conversation.

Just because it's a sexual environment, it doesn't mean you need to be having sex every second at a fetish party, so don’t feel like you’re under pressure to join in. Many people like to express their imagination and discuss their kinks. You won’t be asked ‘so what do you do?’ Though don’t worry if you are, as a lot of people use different names. It’s a need-to-know kind of business here.

Fetish party expectation 4: Polite offers to take part

Not every single fetish party includes actual sex; many people are there just to enjoy the company of the like-minded. So, again, don’t fret. But if someone does ask you to join in, and you don't want to, or you want to get up to your own antics and don't want others to watch, fear not, no offence will be taken if you say no. Everyone is there to have fun, and there’s plenty of time to delve into that sea of PVC.

Fetish party expectation 5: A ‘Bring your own’ rule.

Find out if you need to bring your own kink materials to a fetish party. This all depends on how stocked the venue is and this varies from one party to another; so don’t go turning up with a couple of crates without checking beforehand. Fetish party organisers often work with this rule to allow their guests to feel safer. This also relates to toys, floggers and ropes and it is naturally polite to use condoms on vibrators and plugs. Nobody wants to share juices, do they?

What was your first fetish party like? Let us know by commenting below. 


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Images from Elmo Love and Marcos Domenech via Flickr with CC BY 2.0 licence.

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After all this cruel pandemy , we guys will need a joy and colorful Fetish Party in all around world. Holland ? Brazil? USA?

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