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Advice for buying/ fitting a rail over the bed


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We need something to get hold of for some extra hard... you know 

and Possibly something to tie to as well ( divan ottoman bed no headboard )

I’m about 100kg  so I’m a little worried about ripping a hole in the wall or snapping some of the flimsy things I’ve seen on amazon 

any ideas on best product / tips n tricks for installing?


That is not the easiest thing to describe in writing.  Not only does the rail have to be good quality but you have to make sure it is mounted properly.  There is a lot that could be done incorrectly and a lot that depends on having all the information about the project.

Best advice, go to a home improvement store and tell them you want to mount something to the wall that is meant to hold about 150 kg.  You can tell them what it's for or make something up - it's shelving, or it's a rail to hang display items on for a business.  Talking face-to-face will get you a better explanation and they probably know how to do it better than most people here.


I've seen some pretty impressive overhead rail fittings used by serious shibari practitioners. One I saw was constructed like a 4-poster bed arrangement and erected over the bed. Modern walls and ceilings are pretty weak, unless you can fix it into a load-bearing joist. 

Or buy a new bed. 


I build these, along with cages, and many other fun things. 

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