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The awakening, Part 4

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The training"


Day 3


A whole day passes with just vanilla contact between our two players. It's the evening dinner time before our "knight" draws his young "Maiden" towards chat of submission and dominance. Sexual satisfaction and lust, the things that shape what they are and what they are going to become. He has a clear path ahead, his charge is coming along well and as the trust starts to build and become a very real thing so does the intensity of the chat and subject matter.


"Hi kitten, is that you all done for the day?"


"Yes Sir, been a hectic one but I've just sat down"


"To last night then, did you play as instructed?"


"Yes sir"


"And did you come"


She hesitates and he's unsure why, there us doubt in her voice as she replies.


"Hard sir, it was intense in a way I've never really felt before"


"Any thoughts on why that might be Kitten?"


"I feel different, I can't really explain it just yet but I feel like I've been locked in a dark room all my life and you broke down the door and led me out into the light, I was wet just talking to you, your voice alone is enough now to make me feel wanting"


"What did you think about as you touched yourself kitten?"


"You sir, us"


"Specifically Kitten, what exactly did you think of?"


There is a pause in her reply and our Knight knows exactly why, he won't rush her, pressure her, he wants the information to be given freely without and need for harder instruction.


Eventually he can see the chat icon and he waits patiently for her reply.


"I thought about Friday Sir, am I still ok to come and stay?"


"I look forward to it Kitten, tell me now, do not make me ask again, what did you imagine?"


"The moment I arrive, the moment we are alone you take what you want from me and not gently. You are on me around me not actually touching but  so close to almost be, whispering instructions, that which you want into my ear. A soft but firm voice and as you talk I shake, pure excitement and lust"


"Are they the only emotions you feel Kitten?"


"No  also feel a little *** sir"


"Why do you think that is so Kitten?"


"Because I know what you are Sir, I know what you want"


"What am I Kitten, what do I want?"


"Your primal Sir and you want it all, you want my body, my mind, my soul. You wish to devour all I have, use me as you will, that's right isn't it sir?"


"Yes Kitten that's right but in time, Friday if I choose to allow you some play, if you prove you are what I need then maybe you will be allowed to see some of what I carry but a full revelation I *** may be too much for you so again one step at a time"


Our knight is now starting to slowly take control of our submissive, dangling a carrot, making her receptive to his ideas, his way of doing things. The process of moulding her into what he needs has just begun. He has shackled the "Wolf" he carries inside so as not to scare his young Maiden, he needs her to see and become close to his vanilla side first, build the trust  then slowly reveal what he truly is in bits. A full disclosure would probably frighten her and that is not his wish, not yet Any way.


"Please continue Kitten"


"Your crowding me, talking softly without touching and I can feel my heart thudding in my chest, feel the beat through my whole body, my breathing becomes shallow, I feel light headed and it's like I'm not even there. My pussy"


"CUNT kitten" 


"Sorry Sir, my cunt is dripping, my clit throbs and I crave your touch, more than  anything but still you stand and talk. Then your behind me and I can feel your arm slowly moving around my neck and your other hand between my thighs so I open my legs and then I came Sir, I'm sorry"


"For what kitten?"




 A smile spreads across our knights face and he feels immense satisfaction. She learns quickly this one, she's a  blank page and he's so thankful she met him before anyone else could soil this good soul.


" Why would you be sorry Kitten?"


"Because you told me one of the key rules is I'm only allowed to come when you say and even though I was thinking it I should have still asked first in my mind"


A smile and a heart that only feels warmth and affection.


"Are you mad Sir?"


"No sweetie, even if you did something wrong I wouldn't be mad, we would talk so you understand why this  is important and then try again next time. Of course as you know there would be punishment but for you sweet girl especially now right at the start of our Journey it would be mild and if no real consequence.


As it is you did nothing wrong, in fact you did quite the opposite, what a the number 1 rule between us?"


"Honesty Sir"


"And honest you were even though you knew you might be in trouble for it, it seems my Kitten is braver that she thought and that Sexy girl swells my heart and I couldn't be happier right now. Think I gave you consent to come when I told you to play so no, you have done nothing wrong AS the consent included what you were thinking"


He can hear the relief and happiness as she replies


"Awwwwww thank you Daddy"


"Why did you call me Daddy Kitten?"


"Omg I'm so sorry Sir, I don't know, it just felt right and I didnt even think about it"


She's instantly in a state, panic flowing through her, ice in her veins,  knowing that she just ruined everything, she's met this wonderful man who she already trusts implicitly.Instantly anxious, panic on the way.


Yet he knows this, he feels her panic like a knife through his back and instantly reacts, Knows why Fate honoured him with this young soul. 


"I love it Kitten, I agree it fits and feels right. Thank you and please feel free to use it anytime you wish. Either Sir or Daddy I adore, don't forget though when we are out together It must be Paul"


She cries but not of sad things just relief and pure pleasure, she feels funny again, as if she's not there, like it's a dream, maybe  a trip to the Doctors is needed, just to make sure all is ok, it's only brief and it soon passes but it's a concern.


"Are you ok Babygirl?"


The word, one word, it's like a trigger has been pulled and she's soaking wet again, the urge to masturbate overwhelming, she needs  something inside her and soon.


Trembling, shaking breathlessly she answers.


"Yes Daddy"





I am loving this so far! I feel so much that she does I am much the same and only with my daddy have I felt absolutely calm I still get nervous and anxious but I can do so much more with just a smile and a kind word from daddy I live to just hear his voice encouraging me I still have far to go but I know ive already come so far! 

Knowing that me feeling all of this isn't strange and is almost expected makes me feel better! 


Thank you @Little_Pup. It's good to know you can relate and I have managed to understand a submissives mind. It will help me become a better dom and that's partly why this little story.

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