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The awakening, Part 5

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Training  day 4



It's early and as usual his eyes are open and strangely he feels no need to rush to his laptop, his mind and desire elsewhere for once. The pace of the last few days after almost a year dancing around each other has caught him by surprise slightly, he regrets now taking so much time, being so patient.  It's clear already that her age is of no consequence, it was a stumbling block but one he is now over. He knows she is sure, he's comfortable she's together and can make rational, safe decisions. 


The die is cast Friday it is but he will show restraint, it's going to take time,. The hunt can sometimes take months even years, while on the final stalk why rush and scare the prey away, she is no longer the only one who's "awakening." They are both coming alive and he can feel what's asleep stirring, waking from its slumber, eager to feed. His senses seeming to improve, his vision clearer, his hearing keaner, his teeth sharper.  He has felt this before and he embraces it like an old friend, he encourages it's growth and he prepares. 


She's constantly wet, what the hell? She just can't shake it and rises early to get busy as a distraction but her mind is on only one Thing. She needs to play so bad but must first seek permisiion both to play and to come, her cunts on fire as she texts him, seeking permission to try and relieve the pressure, everything is alive, just her nipples rubbing against her nightie is enough to make her moan "fuck this"she thinks, need relief. She craves something now, she is fully ware of  what he is although she doesn't completely understand what "primal" is, She knows now without doubt he can be trusted, no she doesn't know it she feels it and she also knows he's a perfect fit, she knew this month's ago and secretly resents him slightly for dragging it out so long, that thought, that little defiance within her feels delicious and so wrong but again her cunt throbs. They could have met much much earlier if it wasn't for his "standards" but she knows why, he wanted to be sure and it fills her full of affection to know he denied himself for her.   


"Good Morning Sir, did you sleep well?"


"Kitten I was just thinking about you, good morning, I'm well, are you?"


"Yes I'm really good thank you but need to play, can I please?"


There as we have seen been a change an awakening within him and it's time to change things slightly, see how commited she really is.


"Of course you can, please do but you are not to come, you are to bring yourself to the edge of orgasm,  stop, wait one minute, then repeat 5 times. Then you are to stop completely until I say otherwise, I will know kitten, I will be able to hear the lie if you tell one so do as I ask and no complaints"


She's stunned as she reads, the first thought which she just cant help "fuck you" but immediately ashamed, a sick feeling in her stomach to have even thought that about her "Sir" it's gone in an instant but residue remains like an old dream and the shame floods her. She notices the lack of kisses at the end of his message and feels slightly hurt as it's the first time he has done that but that just makes her want him more. The thought hits her like a tornado, the realisation profound and powerful. He may not have touched her yet but even so it makes no difference, she's already his. She had been since before they even met. She will give this man anything he asks and she will gladly do it, she craves his praise and attention, needs it. She needs his words, his touch, his smell and his warmth, she needs all he has, she realises with glee that she is now his "submissive" his to own should he wish, his "Babygirl to treasure, his "slut" to use as he pleases in any way he wants, she wants it all and she is greedy.


"Yes Sir of course, I will do that exactly as you say"


"5 times then you are to write a detailed report about how it felt and the importance of self control and how you feel it build inner strength. There are some selected clips of porn I wish you to watch as you do"


He then sends her a list of clips, his favourite things "sexually broken" clips that show primal doms taking from cumsluts,  this is what he eventually has planned for her so she may aswell watch a little and he knows how she will feel by the time she completes the 5 cycles he has ordered, his cock is iron now but like his catch he will show restraint until Friday. He will build his frustration to orove his control and wil is strong, he will cage what he is for 3 more days and then he will take.


"Thank you Sir, I will do that right now and once im done prepare and send a full report"


"Make it happen"


That's all he says and again she resents him slightly for this cooler side he shows  but it makes her throb even more, makes her wild with sexual need, she, needs that side of him, the "bastard" he hides so well. Sure she loves how kind and caring he is, how he thinks and the time he's taken to be sure about her but the darkness she knows they both carry is starting to make noise and she's not sure she can contain it much longer.  she turns the laptop on and reached down to take her sodden knickers off and to do his bidding. Just putting her hands near her cunt almost makes her come, she's not sure how this is going to affect her but she knows she's about to find out.  


"Sexually broken" porn is among the harder stuff you can watch on a mainstream porn site and she sees a compilation clip  he told her to watch. She clicks and the next 15 minutes she just can't remember, a haze decends, a darkness on the edge of her vision, unsure where she is or even who she is,she had flashes of this before and it scared her but not this time, as each phase passes and she comes around She feels like a drunk sobering up, but keeps repeating the cycle 5 times as he asked.  She can't work it out or even begin to understand, this will have to go In the report but it feels almost spiritual as if she's having an out of body experience and she knows whatever it is she's addicted and wants more. Its unlike anything but is instantly addicted and knows with him this will be a regular experience. She understands when Friday comes she will give everything. She knows he plans to take his time blah blah blah, he for once he doesn't get it but he will. Friday she's going to offer it all, CNC, she knows well what it is, they discussed this in detail on one of  the many "lessons" they have had over the previous year. She surprised how well she's taken everything in but he is a good teacher and so patient. There has been so much to learn but the time for talk is nearly over and she never been ready for anything more in her life. Apparently Friday they are going to "talk" first, well she will make that talking as short as possible, there has been enough talk, talking is almost done, now is the time for action.



Lol i love her 😂 she's gonna be a handful


Ha ha you have seen she has a bratty side then? Neither players know that as yet not even her but it's there and I'm not surprised it is you who has seen it 😊


Aww ❤️ good to know you have some faith in me 😏😝


I'm not going to lie...this is a hard read.  A GREAT story, just really emotionally unexpected.  I love it!  Let me make that clear.  It's just stirring up some emotional baggage that I thought had been put to bed.


What you describe...the primal dance.  The hot and cold and slow programming... that's what I had.  That's how "That one" got in over a decade ago.  It was a slow hunt and drew me in.  I was his before he ever had me, and in the end he owned me fully...mind body and spirit.  But he wasn't in the lifestyle.  It was his nature and he railed against it.  Couldn't handle the responsibility.  So I was unceremoniously discarded when the next prey caught his eye.


There had been no fallout.  The relationship wasn't faltering.  If anything, you could say it was all finally falling into place.  But I'd fallen in love with him and when it was apparent that he was starting to feel the same he would throw his wall up and back away.  


The younger, far more beautiful and innocent woman who replaced me was a classic beauty.  Size two, with a look not unlike that of a young Audrey Hepburn.  We were talking about her one day and I inadvertently said the one thing that became the nail in the coffin of our relationship.


I referred to her as "Unattainable".  That one word sparked in him a challenge that he couldn't resist.    He pursued her relentlessly, and for the following two years during that pursuit I was repeatedly picked up, then discarded, like an old favourite toy that was played with as and when he remembered I was there.  Eventually, he made his choice and our relationship ended. 


And for a time that broke me.  It took years to recover from that heartache.  Hell, if I'm truly honest, I never have completely gotten over it. (The loss of connection, not the person.) The crazy thing is as much as deep down I still crave it, I also *** it.  Because I felt whole having someone who could see me for who I was.  Someone who understood me better than I understood myself.  Someone who I connected with on a primal level.  And when that ended it was as though part of my soul had been ripped away.


I don't know if I will ever have that again...that depth of connection.  It's created massive trust issues.  That's probably a good thing because I'm far more careful about who I let in.  But like a drug...I also crave that connection to the depths of my soul and marrow of my bones and I hold faith that someday I'll find someone worthy to share it with.


Keep writing, @Donnykinkster  It's brilliant!

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