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Angel written by Chris Britt

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She was just like an Angel,

She was just like an Angel'

Well she was just like an Angel ,fell from the sky,

Like a bright light,make me so happy,

Youll never know,so I thought I'd write about it,

Send it to you,what can I do,

When I fallen in love,asking is it enough,

My Beautiful Angel,Bright light in the sky,

Lets go outside,hand in hand,

Walkabout,dance around,in the hot sand,

Let the tickets ride,roll with the flashing lights,

I'm stepping out of the darkness,

Into the light,with my beautiful Angel ,

Day turns to night,running out of light,

I didn't want to say goodbye,but she was all in my mind,

My beautiful Angel,my beautiful Angel,

There was a bright light in the sky....

                   Written by Chris Britt....


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