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Religion and Kink


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I thought this a good time to think about this. Are the two mutually exclusive?

I do not believe this to be the case. After all, if you look at the ingenuity that was put to use through history in various crusades and purged, such as the Spanish Inquisition then a bit of BDSM looks distinctly vanilla, even safe and much much more fun, as you actually have two consenting adults having fun. 

I do believe, though, that one might be an evolution of the other. In this case put to devilish good use. The ways we can come up with to bring deviant pleasure to others and ourselves 😊😏

Also, to the detriment of many religious purists, belief and faith is accepting of everyone who wants to join.

it is the human/cleric interpretation thereof that is incorrect, at least in my view. But then, that is just one opinion..... everyone can have theirs ...

Merry Christmas


Speaking now as Rev. Blisse, kink and faith can go together, kink and religion too, I think but that one is more difficult, I think. 

Yep, I am an ordained minister of Refreshing Ministry. I don't have a parish or a church to look after, but I work in my community (erotica/kink communities) to help others with their spiritual journeys. 

I look forward to reading the comments on this topic. But guys, remember to be respectful (I know you will, you're all awesome!) 

As a pagan, we are believed to all be in tune with ourselves sexually, recognise the divide between male & female & realise what a powerful tool our sexual practices & sexual preferences are within our religion. Our sexual gifts are used to enhance certain ceremonies & wishes

When Krafft-Ebing first wrote about Masochists getting pleasure from pain, he was referring to Carmewlite Nuns who got Spiritual Experiences from being whipped on their naked buttocks. Check it out. If you're really interested you can try it yourself by whipping your own buttocks with knotted PolyPropylene rope, as shown in one of my Profile Pics:


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This issue has always fascinated me as both a Christian and editor of a kink magazine. It's often brought up conflicts within me but I think it would make for a fascinating article!

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