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As instructed, Sir

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I was a tease, this I know.

I threw innuendo about, made reference to how wet he makes me, sent pictures of my lace covered tits when he wasn’t around. As a result (not surprisingly) I was denied permission to cum, to play, to touch, for days on end. Okay, it was only five, but it felt like much, much longer!

Finally, when I was ready to spontaneously combust:

Does My pussy ache for relief?

Oh yes Sir, it does. It aches and weeps

Do you want to cum for Me?!

I want to be Yours, Your fucktoy. Oh please please please Sir, I want to cum for You

Do you want to play with My pussy and fantasize that I am watching you; eyes locked, while you beg Me for permission to cum?!

When You say I am allowed Sir, then, and only then. But yes, oh yes, I want to cum for You.

Tell Me…BEG!

Oh Yes yes yes yes, please, with eyes on me. PLEASE Sir…Please watch me. Watch Your pussy drip.
Watch me…please burn my flesh with Your gaze
Please Sir, please allow me to give Your pussy what she desires
Allow me to see Your eyes, Your desire
Your hunger
Your pleasure

Do you have your toys?

Yes, Sir, I do.

Tonight, I want you to spank My pussy, fill My pussy, pinch My clitty and My nipples, and fucking CUM FOR ME! And then thank Me when you have cleaned up. You will also report to Me, describing what you felt and what you thought, My little fucktoy.

Yes, Sir!

Good girl…I look forward to your report.

My pleasure report, as instructed, Sir

Oh gods, I was drenched before I even began. My nipples (Your nipples) were hard as diamonds under my nightie, teased further by the soft fabric rubbing them gently as I moved around, gathering a towel and my favorite vibrator, the one with the curve. I know the towel is mostly useless – Your pussy is so very very juicy, and I soak through the towel every time. There will be a wet spot on the bed.

I thought briefly about getting out two toys, one for my ass (Your ass) and one for my pussy (Your pussy), but since You did not give instructions about ass fucking, I followed instructions and only got one.

I climbed on the bed and folded the towel under me, opening my legs to expose myself. The cool air made me shiver as it hit my thighs, already wet with pussy juice. With one hand I pushed my nightie up, and circled my nipple with an excruciatingly light touch. Then, imagining Your mouth, I pinched my left nipple sharply, as if Your teeth had grabbed it. A shot of electricity pulsed straight to my clit. With both hands, I pulled and twisted and pinched, until my nipples were on fire and my pussy throbbed and wept.

Reaching down, I slid a finger along my pussy lips, so slick and smooth, so so so juicy. I gently stroked along my clit, teasing myself, then SMACK, I spanked my pussy so hard. I heard it splash, felt the burn, the sweet ***, and I almost came right there. So I did it again. And again. My hips rocking upward to meet my hand, pussy throbbing, dripping, soaking my hand, splashing onto my thighs. With a sharp pinch to my clit, I came, a fiery, sharp, burning orgasm, like lava flowing out of me. Your burning eyes watching me, in my imagination.

As the fire subsided a bit, I turned on the vibrator and teased my ass, just a little, just because it feels so good. Thinking of You bending me over the couch, impaling me with Your cock, a finger in my ass….. mmmmm, pussy throbbing, empty. Wanting to be filled. I turned up the vibrations and slid my toy deep inside, stroking in and out, the curve hitting my G-spot just right. Firm strokes at first, lots of thrust. Then short, small movements, more intense vibrations. Then I held the shocking pink toy still, rocking my hips a little, feeling the buzz inside. I rubbed around and around my clit, and I felt the orgasm building, gathering energy, stealing my breath, obliterating my thoughts.

I exploded, shaking, every fiber of my body involved, at once wild and calm.

Thank You Sir. For all You make me feel.


Great account, such a turn on to read. Loved it, thankyou


Well done my friend. You expressed what each submissive feels while doing play alone with only instructions as a guidance. I cannot wait to read more of your writings in the future.


This was fabulous, can't wait to read more.  Thank you for sharing 🌺🧚‍♀️

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