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What's the hottest thing someone has ever done to you?


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Hi all,

I want to know what the hottest thing anyone has ever done to you. If you can't pick just one then just list them out! Either while fucking, or maybe just something that was said to you once that really got you going. 

Anything goes, no judgement here ;) 


Submitted to me with her body and mind. 

Flogged me and then fucked me with the handle.

3 doms whipped me with identical whips 

3 doms whipped me with 3 different whips 

Beaten repeatedly with Kendo canes (3 sessions in one evening) 

fucked me on a train 



A master of mine had me piss on the floor of a public toilet and film it for him

Tens machine electrodes connected to my penis. She took me from yes, yes, yes to oh god no in about half a second.
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Being pegged until I had been completely milked by prostrate orgasm. Then she sat on my face until she squirted in my mouth x

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