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Time passes by
In the blink of an eye 
But now it drags ......
While we’re apart
How long ago did covid start

How long ago since we snuggled together 
Or you felt a swat from cold stiff leather 
Since I kissed your head as we fell to sleep
Since I felt you kneeling at my feet
The last time I felt your lips 
Or planted teasing kisses on your hips 
The last time I opened the drawer
To dispell the rebellious look I’ve seen before 
Since you straddled me as if to say
Come on sir it’s time to play
Since my little lioness sleekly took my eye
As tribal beats wrang out nearby
Since we devoured each other like we’d never been allowed to feed
Gluttons for passion full of need
Since we lay naked listening to Jonny sing 
Not needing to say a thing 

But as covid is still about
 we wait until they let us out
What can be done
What can I say
Eventually will come THE DAY 

20 minutes ago, little_dark_princess said:


Thank you princess 


Love how this scans so well, great work!

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