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Living in a Long-Distance World

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"My Daddy." 

That's what I had said our last play session.  I could see him there, feel him moving behind me, claiming my body, my heart, my soul.

I want to give in completely to him, and that's a little scary. But every day, every chance we chat/talk, it becomes less and less scary. I want to be under him, used by him, filled in every way by him. I want to feel his hands in my hair, on my skin. I want to taste him, to memorize his flavors on my tongue.  

The anal sex should scare me, terrify me, given my past experiences. But the thought of it with him only excites me. Right now it hurts at first, with the toys I have (I'm hoping that wearing the plug will help). But the thought still gets me worked up. 

More than that, I crave kneeling before him. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that when we finally get together again after this virus, I will almost immediately sink to my knees, not wanting to start over.

That feels insane. Shouldn't there be some kind of reconnecting time? Time to learn each other again? 

It feels a little too fast...

But that same desperation fills my whole being.



I say go for it. If you feel that strong about bowing to him. But make sure that y’all talk about it before hand. Let him know what you’re thinking.

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