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Living with a micropenis

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The male member has for time been seen as a sign of virility. Youre a man if you can show a full throbbing thick erection according to the masses. Lesser males become eunuchs.  Castration which most of the time is removal of the testicles. Penectomy is the proper name for removal of the penis. Micro penis describes an erect penis of less than 2.5" . Unfortunately im slightly over that. Unfortunately you say. Yes my ultimate aim is to be less than 2" erect. And the term erect is a moot point as i suffer from irregular ED.  To the degree that in order to maintain an erection it becomes harder ( no pun intended) for me without more extreme measures.  I am submissive and i am well versed in what i hope my future role in a relationship as a cuck will be. I do not act subserviant in life so im not a weak doormat. I will go toe to toe in debate with any so called alpha.  However back to the point with a semi micro penis (pun city today) and entering into a cuckold relationship is more about real intimacy of the mind. As we know surely the biggest organ to stimulate any woman is your brain.  

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