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Pro/cons of living a 24/7 lifestyle

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New to the bdsm lifestyle. Looking for people who live the life for advice on pros and cons of committing to a 24/7 life.

I’ve lived a 24/7 poly bdsm lifestyle for going on 15 years. One of the main “pros” is that you don’t have to turn the D/s on and off depending on circumstances. Not saying O/our lives are a non-stop fetish fest, but it definitely permeates every aspect of O/our lives. The only “con” I could see is that if being Dominant or submissive didn’t come easily to someone it would be difficult to “stay in character” for such an extended period of time.

it depends on what 24/7 looks like to you

like, a vanilla marriage the two people are married and have to follow vows to each other even when not together.

the same is true in any form of kink relationship.

Most of the cons are only if the structure is not right for you.  But you can build the structure on what works for those in the relationship, rather than from a text book from the 90s

24/7 M/s dynamic is something that I have found to take growing into. The romantics of it and the appeal are one consideration just as the reality of living it is as well.
I have attempted very specific and well defined 24/7 with that seeming to frustrate the dynamic because it took a lot of spontaneity out of it. Open, honest and sincere communication without being judgemental has always been the most successful way to go.
Trust and understanding as well as loyalty and commitment from both to each other is a strong foundation to work together in. Just a reminder that the 24/7 dynamic is like any relationship with there being a twist in how it is lead and practiced.
That’s just my two cents on it. Lol
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