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"How I want you..."


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You skip along unaware of the creature stalking you silently. The smile on your face is oblivious to the danger you are in, and you are lost in thoughts not uncommon to young girls; romance, passion, and sex. Yes, hot sex that catches your breath every time your thoughts flutter back there. Of course, I already know these thoughts...I can smell them on you quite intensely. Your hand slides down to your crotch, pressing against yourself firmly, almost completely involuntarily. Almost.

You are startled by a slight sound behind you, startled and a little embarrassed. You could feel the wetness between your legs with your fingertips. If your weren't walking through these woods right now, you might even be masturbating furiously with your legs spread wide and back arched sharply. You are embarrassed because before the noise, you almost considered doing just that right where you are. Now, however, your thoughts are absorbed by the feeling of being watched...like something just out of your view is all too aware of you and those naughty little thoughts. With quick glances in all directions, you try to pinpoint the cause of the noise fruitlessly. You speak more to the area around you than to anyone in particular, "come out, come out and show yourself, please?" The statement comes out ***d and questioning.

I take you up on your invitation and appear from the brush behind you. I am much larger than a dog; even on four legs, I still stand taller than your waist. My black fur is matted in some places, but overall, appears clean and seems to shine despite the lack of any real light. When you look into my eyes you notice that they are almost as dark as my fur; darker really. There is no shine in these cold eyes. You see my feet are covered in silver fur, quite a contrast to my shadowy body. The only other thing you notice is the snarl pulling back my lips as I slowly make my way to you...you are frozen in terror, trying to stand perfectly still not to provoke me.

You begin to tremble as I inch my way closer to you, sniffing the ground around you. I get less than a few inches away without any sudden movements, still smelling the dirt and leaves. "A wolf by any other name..." you begin to say, but are cut off short when my cold nose presses against your crotch, sniffing at the wetness you had almost forgotten. You might have forgotten it had it not continued to grow this whole time, now soaking though your clothing and showing ever so slightly. You spread you legs more and I begin to circle you...my nose finding your ass topples you forward onto hands and knees. You try vainly to scramble away.

My teeth first nip at your calve, pulling you back towards me. You try to scurry away again, only this time my teeth catches your clothing at about waist-level...and when I pull away, most of your shirt and pants comes with me, exposing your drenched panties and most of your back and chest. You begin to sob slightly, but then stop mid-cry as my cold nose finds the wetness your tried so hard to hide. My breath comes hot against your ass and cunt...and suddenly, your mind is reminded of romance and passion. Of sex. Of hot, lurid fucking.

I am quick to mount you, my front paws forcing your face and chest against the ground as I lean against your shoulders. You feel something hard and all too fleshy pushing against your panties, trying to *** it's way inside you. Over-and-over, this invasion probes against your pussy, striving to enter, but unable. You begin to feel spittle drip onto your face as I try to *** myself inside you vainly...the damp fabric is preventing my pleasure. The saliva on your face brings about a realization for you. I mean to have you, one way or another.

You slip your hands back along my hairy chest and belly, pulling me into you at the same time as trying to reach your protection. You feel my heart beating loudly against you, and when you reach your panties, you are deliberate to pull them down, catching my cock in your hand at the same time. It feels larger than life, like a dirty cartoon penis, exaggerated for comedic effect. You do not think you will laugh though when you finally feel it inside you. Yet, you rub the head of my throbbing member up and down your messy slit...I begin to hump at your hand which makes my cock almost a battling-ram against your sensitive flesh. You let out a "yipe" each time it beats against you...but you do not try to stop things, not now with your holes so hungry; surely almost as hungry as the wolf that now threatens to *** you.

And then it happens...my swollen dick fills the emptiness of your twat in a single stroke. You cry out in a splendid ***, almost wanting to run away again, but unable. You pussy feels terribly stretched around me...almost as if you feel like you could be split from the sheer size. Tears begin as I start pounding inside your furiously; long quick strokes that never seem to end. I *** myself deep within you causing your cunt juices to run down your legs and make mud of the ground under you. You bring your hands back to your face to clear the tears and hair from it, and you catch the scent of pussy and the musky odor of me on them...despite the ***, you find ecstasy, licking at your fingers as your breath becomes labored with my thrusts and your impending orgasm.

Soon, my grunts become labored, and you can smell the *** on my breath...the rhythm of my thrusting becomes more erratic, deeper and longer strokes cause you to almost shout with each push. Then the grunting stops, turning into a guttural growl that arouses you as much as it frightens you. Inside your battered cunt, you feel my cock grow, tremendously, then begin to throb...the stretching refreshes the tears that long since have fallen away.

You feel my nose press against the back of your head, blowing your hair away...the next thing you feel is the flood that pours into your pussy, the flood that fills it quickly and begins dripping down your thighs before I even think of pulling out. Of course, pulling out will take awhile...I have knotted inside you to make sure the bulk of my cum stays in you, my cum that just seems to keep shooting deeply within you.

Once I try to pull out, unsuccessfully. The tug on your tender cunt causes your eyes to swell and a moan to cry out. Twice more I attempt to escape the very place I once tried so hard to get into, with no success save making you feel like I am going to turn you inside out. With every pull, another torrent of semen splashes from you, running down your legs and puddles under you. You begin to think you and I will be stuck together forever, and for one brief second, that thought is almost content...but then, I am out of you, and a downpour of sticky, white cream shoots from you as it empties your pussy. You fall into the puddle growing around you and your hands quickly grip your ***d area, your tears new. Your sobbing begins again as you think your ordeal is over and that I have disappeared...

...but this feeling of completion is short-lived.

You lay there sobbing as the burning fluid rushes over your ass and begins trailing up your back. It causes you to shiver as it covers your side and runs over your torn clothing and exposed flesh. realization is found however when the hot, pungent liquid sprays over your face and into your hair...I am pissing on you...

...yes, I am marking what is mine.


Little Red Riding Hood has never had such a masterful combination of the shyly sexual followed by such a primal event. Awesome contrast and as always excellently written.. Bravo! 😁 👍


That was intense and well done. You captured three essence of the story and put the reader right there as an captured observer.

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