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Punishments for a Vanilla-Brat?


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So the thing is, I'm a brat. Mega-brat. But I'm also vanilla, I like my sex to be loving and tender, but that doesn't mean I don't like being tied up, owned, or being put in my place, I just prefer a gentler side. I'm also a Little who occasionally identifies as Middle as well as a Switch.


In summary, I'm a bit of an odd-ball ha. Below I'm gonna give you a quick background story to understand the context of the header, feel free to skip if you want to...


Well...my boyfriend and I are both vanilla, we took the BDSMtest as well as another kink test which we took together. He wants to punish me and as exciting as that sounds, I'm a bit nervous about it. There are some things that I would not like to do, such as filming myself (I'm always worried it would get leaked), degrading, or hitting. We have this little game going on that basically-- I wrack of points every time I'm a bit bratty. We are both trying to come up with punishments and we've kinda came upon that if I get 6 or more strikes, then we'll have sex in a semi-public spot and then if I reach 10 or more, it'll be sex in a less semi-public spot (with limitations which we have discussed)


Basically, now we are trying to think of some ways which I can remove any of those punishment points, such as JOI-- which I'm on the fence about, or something along the lines of that. I was thinking about incorporating some DD/LG into it, since I'm very much a clumsy person and also kinda lazy whilst my boyfriend is very much on-top of things. Any suggestions for both punishments and punishment-removers? 

Come message me I’ll tell you ....

You can always add in some orgasm control, it's a good semi vanilla thing to play with as I've always enjoyed it.

Sensory deprivation is good too. Can't beat a blindfold, you can add in white noise on headphones and then feathers, ice cubes, anything really. You'll be more touch sensitive without sight or sound.

Removing strikes is something you need to figure out between yourselves. Find out what he likes that you wouldn't normally do, maybe simple things like hoover his car or just suck him off, you don't need to overcomplicate things.


Hope this helps.

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New here, but seeing as we share some common ground, vanilla punishments I'd be looking at dishing out may include (all to be discussed beforehand, obviously):

  • All the stuff already mentioned above
  • Tickling (during play, probably as part of orgasm control as noted above)
  • Slight overstimulation
  • Seeing as it sounds like there is an exhibitionist streak in you that might want to be explored (this stuff gets a bit more complicated, I've put a few options here, depending on how deep you wanna get):
    • Something that you can hide but may still make you feel embarrassed in public (e.g. a remote vibe), which leads me onto...
    • ...I once had a friend who enjoyed being made to confess things to strangers. I actually wrote a story loosely based her experience, about a brat who was told to post onto the internet a complete account of her walk in a park with a remote vibe in as a punishment for an earlier transgression, and her PYL checked the story online afterwards to see if anything was edited out (...being a brat she obviously incurred more punishments as a result of edits ;) ). Said post had to include a picture of her face - you'd need to discuss how anonymous you want to remain...too far and this one just won't work for obvious reasons.
    • Have him call you and talk filth to you while you are in a situation where it will make things awkward (e.g. at work, with friends/family etc) and where you can't do anything about it. Obviously his talk game will need to be good for this to work properly.
    • Further to the above, call someone (friend, family etc) while you're playing and see how long you can keep your shit together before you have to end the call. You might be able to work something out with time spent on the phone vs. points erased or something. Maybe you get ALL your points reset to 0 if the person you called figures out that you're mid-play before you end the call, no matter how short it is...you could get clever with maths - double points if it's a family member, single if it's a friend. No points for calling the speaking clock lol

All of that said, a lot of people prefer it when the punishment fits the 'crime' (i.e. the punishment is related to the crime in some way - an eye for an eye, if you like), so it depends exactly HOW you've been naughty...

I could sit here for hours writing out more, but you get the general idea - use your imagination! Hopefully the above has given you some inspiration.

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Forgot to add: sites like Literotica can be a deep well of inspiration for this. I highly recommend using the Search Stories feature, click Advanced Search, then sort the results by Vote Score.

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