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Circling Stones


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An old warrior's blight?

To step in front to fight! 

Circling stones,flayed by air's bite

Circling stones,in hard dark night

Circling stones,seeks discarded might

Sheep before he,startled flee!

Scarred knuckles claw scree

Circling stones,rain tensed skintight

Circling stones,now half light

Circling stones,*** ripened bright

Duty bound to queens' plight?

Tired of living's feeble right?

Circling stones, sorry crippled sight

Circling stones,stoops  heartfelt height

Circling stones, too fayed by slight?

A higher callin' ,a delight?

Lost in lust,contrite?

Circling stones,grips spectral kite

Circling stones,trippin' lunar site

Circling stones, rippin' into flight

An old warrior's blight?

Lose final fight!

A passed end in sight.....

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