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Looking for some advice as a sub...


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So I'm a brand new noob to the site. I'm not completely new to the scene as a sub (bit over 2 years now). I'm in a D/s dynamic relationship/play-partners whatever you want to call it. 

I'm looking for someone to chat with (preferably an experienced sub) to get some advice about the things I'm a bit lost on currently. I live in a small community and so posting on FetLife or chatting to people there, who all know each other, wouldn't feel private enough for me.

There's loads of info online about the sorts of things I'm wondering about but my case doesn't always seem to fit and talking to someone seems like the best option.

Topics like going to parties with my Dom, navigating the age gap, managing emotions, communication etc.


Any advice on how to find/approach someone or even any volunteers? :$


We my be in the same boat so chat would be nice

I'm not sure how much help I can be, as I've been doing this less time than you, but I'm always happy to chat with others subs. You can always send me a message : ) 

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