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I'm new to a lot of this so i just kind of wanted to share. For the most part i've been a sexual shut in for the past 7 years or so. I'm a trucker living alone on the road with no relationships of any kind. Recently i'd been becoming increasingly frustrated from stress and loneliness and it finally amounted to me getting on grindr and having my first experience with a guy. I've always known that i wanted to be dominated, by a man or a woman, but he was rough and made things very uncomfortable and in my mind i was just wanting him to treat me worse. I had a very good time.

Fast forward a bit i end up finding a male master on grindr. We haven't met yet because i had to head down the road, we won't until i get to stop in that town probably later this week, but i'm really nervous about it. He says he's into CBT among other things. I don't even know what lines i need to be asking about not crossing, i just know that i don't want to actually get hurt, but it's important to me that i feel like i'm totally under his control.

At some point i intend to try being the master as well. Being dominated or dominating make me more sexually excited than any amount of physical pleasure.

Anyway, any tips about what kind of things i need to talk about for protecting my c&b from real damage or other lines that should be discussed. Any generic tips for someone like me entering into this extremely passionate about it?

No permanent damage or things thar could cause it. Go slow and explain you haven't done much cbt and discuss what you both want to happen, negotiation can be ongoing during a session if needs be. Establish safe word before any play
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