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Thank you everyone who entered our Summer Short Story Competition! I LOVED reading these :fire: hot hot hot :fire: tales of BDSM first dates. The winner has been chosen... drum roll please... congratulations @Charligirl! Your story got me all hot and bothered and was a resounding favourite among other kinksters :wdrops: Enjoy your crown – there's a VIP membership coming your way :heart_eyes:




We have agreed a date, the hotel is booked, we both have our directions and I have all my instructions. It's our first sexual encounter, it has been highly anticipated by both parties. There is excitement in the air as we arrive at the hotel reception, greeting each other with a cheeky glance, my face bright red but yours almost stern as your lips lose the curl. The receptionist is smirking, it's almost as if she knows why we're here as if she can smell the filthy aroma of the dirty sex we're about to part take in. You take the lead and book in whilst I shyly stand behind you, looking at the floor with my arms tucked behind my back as if by default. It's a habit now, one that the simple sound of your voice can command without actually uttering the words. The receptionist passes you the key and tells you the room number while wishing you an enjoyable stay, she ignores me. It's as if I'm not even there while she gazes at you, you can tell she's attracted to you but I'm not overly concerned because I seen the hunger in your eyes when you first saw me. I know it's only me that Sir wants to take today. You turn on your heels and head towards the bar area, I'm confused. I thought we were here for one thing and one thing only and I want it now. You however have much more self restraint and you want the anticipation to be at the optimist level to ensure an explosive orgasm. Sir's reputation is on the line and you fully intend on delivering. You order us a drink, ordering for me. I'm going to have no say in anything today and you start as you mean to go on. We sit, at first in silence as you take in every inch of my body. I daren't speak as Sir has not given me permission to or asked me a direct question. You eventually break the silence with a compliment, you tell me I look good ....almost good enough to eat here and now. I blush while quickly scanning the area to see if anyone is listening, you follow up your statement by thanking me for adhering to your dress code of black dress, high heels and my hair tumbling seductively down my back finishing just above my ass therefore creating a frame as if it's a piece of art. You eventually will me to speak, I ask how you are, how your journey was and if you’re excited. The last one is the question I'm longing to hear a positive answer from you, you answer, fine, good and fuck yes to my questions. I start to grin like the naughty school girl you've pictured in so many scenarios throughout the process that has brought us here today. You sternly tell me to stop grinning and go to the bathroom, remove my pants and return them to you at the table. You instruct me to be quick and discreet, I do as I'm told like I always do. Upon my return you are stood ready to ascend up to our room, I slip you my panties and you place them in your pocket. We head off in the direction of the lift, I'm clinging onto your hand while you lead the way. This hotel is quite busy and I can't help but wonder how many of the 'guests' are of a similar background to you and I. I'm pulled from my moment of curiosity by the bing sound of the lift arriving, we all gather in the lift and we have found ourselves at the back. It's a full load, much like you are at the minute so we have our backs pressed firmly up against the back wall. I suddenly feel your hand on the small of my back and it's making me feel very aware that I no longer have underwear on and the moisture is slowly building to a wetness that could start to cause me issues. You softly apply *** to encourage me to step forward, in doing so I encroach on the space of the guy in front of me. I blush so hard my cheeks are raw and you smile because you think it's sexy how hard I'm blushing and how *** I am right now. Now there's space you trace a finger over my dress outlining the shape of my ass, then you stop. I wonder why you stopped but then I realise you haven't and your finger is actually traveling up my dress to my moist, my very moist area. Without thinking or maybe after a split second of thinking but not caring I part my legs very slightly and arch my back into a curve allowing you space to work. You plunge you finger into me deep but I can't react, no moaning, no groaning because I must remain composed. BING. It's our Floor.


We exit the lift onto the corridor of our room, you leading as I'm still disoriented from that experience and unable to concentrate on the door numbers. You find the room and open the door gesturing for me to go in first. I hear the door click but then deadly silence, I turn expecting not to see you but you’re there. You grab my waist and turn me back so I'm not facing you again, you pull me close and I can feel your growth on my back. Sir is as excited as I am. Using my hair you tilt my head revealing my neck which you start to kiss and nibble, working up to my ear lobes and down to my shoulders. You've decided you'll be gentle for the first hour or so. Baby steps as this is our first meet and you want to break me in your way but a way I'm comfortable with. 

You start to guide me towards the bed stopping just short of the edge where you turn me towards you and kiss my mouth hard and deep. Caressing my breasts as you do so, not soft, not hard but ***ful. You lower your lips to my cleavage where you start to kiss and lick then take a moment to nozzle your nose in the deepest point of my bust. Then you slowly trace your nose down my torso stopping momentarily right there, you can smell my hunger to have you inside me. You ignore my scent for now and continue down placing a hand either side, you scrunch the material of my dress in your fists as you begin to slowly pull it up and over my now naked bottom half. As you reach my bra you stop to take in the sight of the black lace and pink ribbon design you would've known what to expect if you had took the time to look at the matching panties before shoving them in your pocket earlier.  The mixture of lace and ribbon produces a sultry yet feminine look.  You continue on, the dress comes up and over my head as it does you stand back to take in the sight before you, you instruct me to remove my bra. As you stand looking I coyly look away and begin to blush, you can tell I'm embarrassed and feeling *** so you tilt my chin and initiate eye contact, you tell me I'm beautiful and not to be embarrassed. Sir wants you. 


Now I'm naked, I'm ready to be taken. You tell me to lie on the bed and you begin to bind my arms above my head with soft silk rope. Once you ensure that I'm comfortable you fix a blindfold in place and suddenly I'm down to four senses but four incredibly heightened senses. My skin begins to go goose bumpy and I shudder at your touch. You leave the bed and I begin to feel nervous. What could you be doing? Thirty seconds feels like a lifetime. You’re back. . . What the fuck is that, the sound and the feeling around my ankles is new to me but you’re custom to the use of a spreader bar. Now I'm poised and ready for you, I'm *** and you have full control.


Wasting no time you begin to go down on me, filling me with your tongue and flicking my clit periodically. While doing so you are vigorously massaging a finger, stretching me wide enough to place two in. Plunging deep you are enjoying the sounds of my groans but you’re  not letting me cum just yet. As I begin to shutter you stop. You’re gone again. Flip. You've used the bar to flip me over in one swoop, I can hear you removing your belt, then unzipping your trousers. I know what's coming but I don't know if I'm ready, I bury my face deep in the pillow while letting out a deep sigh to relax my tensed up body. I feel you come down on top of me, your chest horizontal with my back. This is the first time I'm feeling the whole *** of your body weight, you move my hair to the side and whisper in my ear 'I'm going to ruin you, your mine you filthy slut'. Leaning back up on your knees you grab hold of my waist and pull my ass into your groin, you plough deep inside me. Its hard and fast, unfortunately it'll be quick but it's been anticipated for so long that it's only to be expected. With one last thrust you cum inside me as I simultaneously quiver and cum with you. We both slump on the bed. Knackered. You kiss my forehead and whisper 'you've five minutes until we go again'



I'm sitting on my sofa waiting patiently, chewing my nails but knowing this time the feeling in my stomach is one of excitement. My phone vibrates and the screen lights up I smile seeing his name on my screen. I reach for my phone and press the green button to answer. 'Hello' I say. I hear his voice on the other end, 'Hi kitten I'm here'. 'I'll come down and meet you' I get up from the sofa and start walking towards the door, 'Only if you're sure' he says. 'Yes I'm sure I'll see you in a bit', 'Ok kitten' he says as he hangs up. I grab my keys I head down the stairs that lead outside of my flat and walk out to where he is I see him getting his bags out the car, he looks up at me and we both smile at each other. 'Hi baby!' he smiles at me putting the bag to the floor he holds his arms out to me, I instantly put my arms up back and reach for him. We embrace and we kiss and I instantly know this is right I've got those butterfly feelings in my tummy. We head on up to my flat, as he puts his bags on my bedroom floor I look at him and know that this time it's different it feels right!!! 'Was your journey ok?', 'Yes baby thank you!' he looks up at me smiling. We sit and chat for ages laughing, joking, he already knows all about what happened to me in the past from us chatting for months before getting to know each other. 'Shall we head in to the bedroom' I look up at him 'Yes please' I say. He takes my hand in his and leads me to the bedroom. He places me at the foot of the bed 'Remember your safe words baby?'. 'Yes Sir' I say, he looks at me and smiles he was waiting for those two words to be said but wanted me to say them in my own time, I look up at him and smile back warmly. 'Now remember you can stop at any time, I'm going to talk to you all the way through this, what I'm going to be using and showing you also'. I nod 'Thank you Sir', he walks over to me and as he runs his hands up and down my arms it makes me feel calm and know he doesn't want to start till I'm ready. 'You ready baby' he says to me looking in my eyes. 'I'm ready Sir', I say looking back at him. 'I'm now going to start taking your clothes off kitten' as I feel his hands taking off my clothes one by one till I'm left naked at the foot of my bed. 'You comfortable?' again he runs his hands up and down my arms. 'Yes Sir I'm comfortable thank you'. 'Lets get you on the bed then baby', I get on my hands and knees and again I feel his hands on me but this time he's running them all over my body my arms, legs and back. He talks me through everything that he will be using, first it's his hands the feel of them running up and down my backside from the slight smacks to the harder spanks he never pushes past my limit. Then he shows me the crop which he uses lightly on my backside. 'You ok kitten?' 'Yes Sir' he then switches from different toys back to his hands every now and again, but in-between he'll run his hands over my body just to make sure I'm ok and keeping calm. But then he shows me what he's gonna be using next and my eyes widen as I see it's a paddle!! 'It's ok baby, just remember you can stop at any time ok?' 'Yes Sir' i say to him, he runs the paddle over my backside and slightly taps to begin with, I know instantly I have nothing to ***. He then taps a bit harder, then again he run his hands over my backside but all of a sudden he stops!! 'Kitten?' 'Yes Sir?' 'How are you feeling?' he asks me, I look him in the eyes 'Sir I'm ok' he nods his head as if to say I know but he just wanted to hear me say it out loud. He then says 'Right kitten I'm gonna hit a bit harder ok but remember safe word if you need it??' 'Of course Sir I remember thank you'. He hits me harder but I know in myself I won't even mark like I did last time, he hits me again I feel his hand graze across where he just hit me. He uses the paddle a few more times a little bit harder every time but I don't even flitch cause I know this is isn't like last time at all. After he stops the play knowing he's pushed me as far as I can go for now, he tells me to lie on my front, he then runs his hands all over my body I then feel a cold sensation on my backside, I jump 'oh what's that'?? He giggles 'Its just a lotion kitten to help soothe buttkins'!!!! I laugh not only at the cold feeling but the nickname we've come up with for my bottom,  he rubs it in carefully 'You won't even mark kitten you do have a nice pink tint but you certainly won't bruise'. He then tells me 'Get comfortable however you like kitten'!! So as I move from my front on to my side he comes round to me and moves in next to me on the bed. As his arms come round me and he pulls me to him, we talk for ages about our play, we chat about everything from the toys used to how did I feel about the paddle! In between our chatting and laughing he feeds me chocolate I also feel his fingertips run up and down my body, as I start to drift off to sleep I know that this is how it should be!!!!! 

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She looked again at her fine man, her Dominant. A man she had known many years now, and one who had helped her become all she was meant to be, held her hand when she first arrived, broken and scars to carry forever, some.never fully healing.


Their first meet by chance, in a pub, brushed shoulders the first contact,  a glance at each other, her heart fluttering as for one moment his eyes searched her, and she felt nerves even as her cunt started to throb. Breathless for a moment and with it all inexplicably a sense of ***, but  with that a craving she had never felt before, a delicious feeling as something deep inside for the first time opened its eyes.


Later, another bar and she knew, she knew he was there, his eyes locked on her.. The hairs on her neck standing and again a cunt that craves and her eyes search. Then  beside her he stands.


  "Hello kitten, it was nice bumping into you earlier, I did hope our paths would cross again"


She stood there, unable to breathe properly, weak, and at a loss to explain why this reaction, her usually dismissive of most men but this one, differed. Something she couldn't explain yet understood it perfectly. Knowing in that instant she would fuck this man, offer all she had in time. No doubt whatsoever and the realisation shocking her but again her cunt throbs, craving his touch.  Not even a good looker but something else from him..something new and she wanted it.  Something she could smell, sense on him and again she felt only a touch but unmistakable, the kiss of ***.


A wry smile now as she thought back, 30 years and more to their introduction. A naive girl in some ways she was but no fool and wise to the ways of men. There had been mistakes as they travelled the 30 years together, sometimes on different paths but always connected, always friends with few cross words. Protection and care coming from both sides as something only 30 years can build was built. Both had got things wrong, hurt the other but even that hurt had eventually strengthened what they felt, what they had become.


Yes he was a fine man and her heart thudded hard in her chest as she looked upon her friend. Her dominant and protector, the first and in her mind the only one who ever truly mattered. As always he looked smart in his finest suit, tailored and his usual choice when meeting others who liked shadows. She was thankful to have met her fine Dominant yet the happiness is hard to hold as she looks at him, the grief there as well, threatening to overwhelm. Her eyes sting as she looks upon him, for the final time, the coffin about to be closed. A day to say goodbye to her friend, a day to be sad but also a day for smiles as he would have wanted it.


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"Fuck you" she thinks as he storms out of the door, another night ruined. Their slowly dying, every time they go out for a quiet drink always the same pattern. An argument and either of them leaving early, the *** they both feel increasing, both knowing what is coming but both refusing to accept the truth, hoping foolishly something will change. She looks around The Red Lion, their local for years,busier than usual for a Tuesday. A group of men sat in the corner, boisterous, loud but no real bother. The landlord Jim sees and offers an explanation "Travelling lads from the fair on the common" he explains and she goes back to nursing her drink with a heavy heart "going to finish this one and go home" but that is not what happens, no not at all, what is about to happen will change her forever and unlock something within she didn't realise existed.


  "Alright luv, can I get you a drink" a rough looking man, unshaven, unkempt, dirty oil stained clothes but in his own way a good looker, she can see the hard body beneath the clothes and senses something else, something she just can't place but it comes with an air of menace.

 "Why not, please. Could I have a large brandy"

 "Course you can sweetheart, would you like to join us?"

 The drinks paid for she joins the group in the corner, four of them and as she approaches she can see them all undressing her with their eyes, knows what they are thinking and inexplicably feels her cunt throb. The locals in the bar staring, all knowing who she is but as the brandy flows so does her loss of control and quite frankly she just doesn't care what they think. 


 A decent bunch to be sure, rough yeah that can't be denied but the drinks are free and they make her laugh, no harm really, a couple of drinks with her new friends but a couple turn into a few and a few turn into many and as she drinks her inhibitions lower and she finds herself enjoying the night, laughing and having a good time.

Before she knows it the bell goes for final orders and she stands sadly to say her farewells to her new friends.

 "Come back luv, I will look after you. Come back to site for a few more, I will walk you home when your ready" strangely there is no thought, no hesitation, no regard for the fool at home waiting for her, no doubt waiting to resume the row as soon as she gets in, she agrees unwilling to face the slanging match that is becoming a regular part of her life.


 "Wow it's beautiful" said as she surveys the "trailer" informed by her new friends that caravan is not a word they use. She's stunned how nice it is, an end bedroom and luxurious inside as all 6 of them pile in. The music on and the drinks start to flow, a good bunch, the tales of travelling men obviously just that. She can see how they look at her, her legs, not quite a mini skirt but not far off  and for the first time in many years she feels wanted. The drinks getting larger, the laughter louder and the tales of travelling men funnier she's having a good night and slowly she starts to feel the heat of the men sat either side of her. Her safety no concern as she herself has experience of travelling snowmen, cousins on the circus, third generation and many weeks as a child in the school holidays spent on the road. No she is safe and she knows it, they live by a code, these men, rough men yes, but men of honour. 


A hour goes by, then two and Paul the bloke she first met in the lion suddenly leans in close, to her ear and whispers in a gentle, deep yet controlling voice

 "Enjoying yourself, coming back here with a group of strange men?" She looks at him and without any thought her lips suddenly and without though are on his, not gently. Tongues probe deep and as this happens she feels hands on her, between her legs, on her breasts, everywhere. She knows what's going to happen and she wants it so much, she needs what these men offer, she craves the release this new experience will bring so she doesn't react, she doesn't pull back, all she does is open her legs and it begins.


Hands everywhere, her knickers off as if by magic, her legs open on autopilot, all rational though gone and it begins. The slut she always knew was there released, the tramp she thought about while masturbating to porn in the past alive and well, the married wife of fif*** years nowhere to be seen. It's rough but she allows it, different mouths on hers, fingers inside her, a cunt that throbs, burning inside she throbs and she wants. Pulled to her feet then ***d to her knees, a blindfold placed to restrict vision, she doesn't care, all she cares about now is cock, hard stiff cock and she needs to be filled, used like the good slut she is. Meat to be passed around, a fucktoy cumslut who will take all they offer and be forever grateful. The whore she carries alive and well, her mouth opens and instantly a cock, stiff, thick much bigger then she's used to ***d hard Into her mouth, her hair gripped ***fully so she cant withdraw. The *** hard to bear  it again strangely it makes her already sodden slut cunt drip even more. ***d, cock ***d further Into her mouth, further than any has gone before, she retches unable to control the natural gag reflex and tries to pull back but unable as the strong hand's that grip pull her even further forwards so she can't breath and she never wanted anything more. Hands everywhere, she doesn't know how but completely naked now, she can hear them, she can feel them but its surreal as if she isnt even there anymore. Transported Into a place where only the carnal is real, flesh, cock, filth, hard and raw. Smells and tastes as she takes everything they have the five of them and she's passed around, shared. Behind her, underneath her she doesn't know how, but there are men, pushing against her cunt and arse. Not gentle they *** their way in, it hurts, oh how it hurts but the slut she now is doesn't pull away, she pushes in wanting all the cock she can, wild beyond anything she's ever imagined. Then she feels it all, stretched full, unable to breath as dirty man cock is rammed in with ***, her arse cunt and mouth full and for the first time in her life she feels complete, a twitching in her mouth, a firm grip and she's ***d all the way as he cums, deep I to her throat the greedy slut she is swallowing, gulping the cum of a man she doesn't even know or can see deep Into her belly. A command "clean me slut" which she does, milking every drop from base to tip, not wanting to waste any as it's hers and only hers, she grips and cleans. Then as if on cue she can feel the twitching in her cunt, in her arse and again she pushes Into it wanting it all, needing it all as both men release at the same time inside her. She can feel the heat, the warmth in her belly and cunt, she is completely lost. For the next two hours she's shared, used, marked, bruised ,pulled and bitten. She loses track of the amount of cock and cum she takes, never saying no, wanting more, needing more. A different woman within her now, something she has only ever fantasized about in the darkest reaches of her mind, she truly becomes a slut.


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First Date!

Susan looked at her watch.  The time was near midnight, and the streets were like glass after the rain in Berkley Square.

She had a date, a man in his forties who she had never met before, but who she was going to meet over a drink.

She was nervous and her fingers twitched, and her heels slid on the glassy pavement as she made her way to the place of rendezvous, a dark cafe on one corner of the street.

She held her breath as she walked in, and looked over to the far side of the cafe.  A man was seated there, sipping a quiet coffee.  Then she let out a sigh as he noticed her, almost as if in relief.  It really was him, and a smile crept across his handsome face.  He got up and approached her.

"Pleased to meet you," he said gently.  "May I you a coffee?  I am very happy you turned up."

She smiled back. "Oh yes, it is so nice that we have finally met.  I was feeling nervous."

Well, so was I,"  he announced, with a grin on his face.  

They sat down, looking at each other intently.  "I must admit, I am not in the habit of taking strangers home first time,  but......."

"But what?" he asked..."Let's just call this a trial run shall we," he announced, instantly taking control of her nerves and apprehension.

Yet she desperately wanted him, despite her trepidation.   

"Will you come home with me?" she suddenly asked, mustering up all the courage she could possess.  

,"Well, maybe I am already there," he answered.  His words puzzled her.  But for some reason she could not fathom, she thought better than to ask him what he meant.  The moment was too precious for that, too filled with promise and hope.

She turned the key in the door.  'Sir' stood there, allowing her to beckon him in to the darkened hallway beyond.  Then she let him follow her upstairs.

She opened the door to her bedroom and turned to him. 

"This can't be right," she whispered loudly and with a pronounced note of guilt stamped on the word, 'Can't.'

"Whatever made you think it was wrong?" he asked, half serious and half mocking in his tone.

He threw off his coat.  "Come here," he commanded gently.  She obeyed instantly, and then he grabbed her behind, feeling her, and running his hands down her back.

And then he took hold of her hair and kissed her ***fully on the mouth, delving with his tongue, and unbuttoned her blouse as he did so.  She started to feel herself melt as he touched her. She felt his nails running across her now unclothed thigh, and then he made a sudden sharp scratch across her left thigh:  she let out a Yelp.   He then threw her to the bed and she saw a stiff paddle in his hand.

She woke with a start.  The room was empty, and her bedside clock had just turned midnight.  Her heart beat wildly.  She remembered she had a date that night, to meet a man she had never met. 

She dressed as quickly as she could before setting out, flagging down a taxi for Berkley Square.  It had been raining, and when she reached the cafe, there he was, sipping a coffee.  When he noticed her, she felt as if they had already met.

She felt a strange stinging sensation on her left thigh, and as she put her hand there, she could feel a distinct scratch down the side.  

She entered the cafe.  He smiled...!




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*message alert* "are you still up for our meet tomorrow?"...shit! 

The butterflies in my stomach begin to swirl overwhelmingly, I can't do it, I'm not ready, he isn't going to want me is he? 

I cancelled again, is this 4th, 5th time? I've lost count, yet he's still patient with me, I would have given up long ago! 

He jokingly remarks that we can skip the coffee and i can go straight to his instead..."yes!" I reply before engaging my brain, my social anxiety swept away by the much more appeasing possibility of a private meet. He doesn't think I'm serious.

He spends time assuring me I do not have to meet him in his apartment as our first encounter, nor does he expect me to. 

I take the plunge and ask for his address a date and a time.

I was taking a bath, preparing myself, my excited nerves barely contained as I shave myself delicately wanting to be perfect. I prepare a bag, a change of underwear and toiletries and I'm ready to go! I leave my parents house and guiltily lie about the uni friends I'm meeting up with tonight and that I'll be back late so not to wait up. They'd never understand. I have a girl friend I've entrusted with times and locations should anything untoward happen...safety first! 

I get into my car and set up the sat nav..."let's do this!" I tell myself out loud. Its a 35 minute drive and it's passing quicker than I anticipated, I'd barely set off before my cheeks were reddening and my thighs were inadvertently squeezing together, how can I be this ready? 

I send a quick text to alert him of my arrival - *message alert* "come up the doors open, first door on the left I'm waiting for you" 

I pause and take a deep breath to steady my nerves and tell my brain to move my legs. Before I know it I'm at the door that is slightly ajar, I walk in shutting it behind me. The butterflies holding Olympic tournaments in my stomach making it hard to concentrate. 

I enter the bedroom, he's very casually sat in the centre of his bed with a casual air about him, he grins ever so slyly as he looks me over. My face flushes red as my gaze betrays me and looks to the floor. There's an audible chuckle from him as he sees my reaction to him. 

I'm suddenly very aware of every part of my body and my clothing under his scrutiny. We had this all planned, i knew what was going to happen and I knew I could stop any time.

"Be a good girl and take your clothes off" my eyes widen at his words and I hesitate slightly before reaching down and unzipping my knee high boots under his intense gaze. I go to remove my dress but turn away from him. 

"Face me!" 

I let out an audible whimper, a mixture of arousal and embarrassment. I shakily turn back round to face him as I undress. 

"Good girl" - I feel my pussy tighten and release at his words. 

Its happened I'm stood fully naked before him, i can't help but fidget and attempt to cover myself with my arms. 

"Legs apart, hands on the back of your head" 

I squeeze my eyes shut as I follow his instructions, I hear him move off the bed and I don't want to open my eyes. I can smell him, I can feel him getting closer, the breath moving toward my ear...he pauses. Whispering softly "you don't hide your body from Daddy, do you?" He kisses my neck, my nipples erecting at his words the sharp intake of breath before i say no. I can almost hear the grin in his voice as he says "no, what?" I take a minute to compose myself before replying..." no, ...Daddy" the flames of arousal visible across my face. 

He tells me to brace myself with my hands against the wall away from him, he's inspecting my body every inch but hasn't touched me. 

"I want you to tell me when your pussy gets wet is that understood?"

Yes Daddy I reply quickly, too quickly...it was too late he and I both knew I was already beyond wet but I couldn't bring myself to admit it when he hadn't even touched me yet.

He kisses my neck from behind as his hands caress my breasts, trying to steady my breathing and stifling pleasurable whimpers. He continues his exploration down my body, i shiver as my skin feels hyper sensitive to his touch. His hands trailing up my inner thighs. His fingers glide effortlessly meeting no resistance, he gasps audibly, "well, well, well is there something you forgot to tell me?" I begin to tell him I'm wet when he pushes his fingers into me, I can't speak, I can't think, its intoxicating! 

He quickly retracts his fingers and i flinch at the sudden emptiness i feel, wanting them back inside me. He tells me to face him as he raises his fingers to my mouth, eye contact holding while I open my mouth and envelop his fingers with my tongue tasting my arousal as his eyes widen at my eager sucking. 

I start unbuttoning his shirt as he is removing his belt and unzipping his jeans, he's toned and well groomed i kneel down, faced with his erect cock straining against the confines off his pristine white boxer shorts. Happy to see i wasn't the only one raring to go! 

As I pull his boxers down I give a moan at the site of his cock, i want to taste him! I lean in closer to be denied. "Do you have permission?" I stop in my tracks embarrassed at my eagerness. 

He leads me to the bed and I lay down, he's over me, kissing down my body, he lets out a guttural sound as his mouth meets my pussy, his hot wet tongue parting my lips and grazing my clit, he knows what he's doing as he adds his fingers inside me rhythmically building me up, edging me further and further. Before I know it I've fallen over the edge, my orgasm intense and all encompassing! 

Trying to catch my breath I look up to see him looking at me, his eyebrow raised! Suddenly I remember, fuck! 

"Did you just cum without permission?" A smile creeping across his face, "and you've made a terrible mess!" Looking at the wet patch on the sheets between my legs, thar chuckle I hear as I bring my hands to my face in embarrassment. 

"No time for hiding, bad girls who cum without permission need to be punished, don't they?"

Yes Daddy, I reply half scared half excited from anticipation of the punishment awaiting me. 

He picks up from under his bed a flogger, a paddle and a cane...my eyes failing to hide the surprise of knowing I was about to experience all three of these implements! 

"Be a good girl and bend over for Daddy".

To be continued...


"Hey there, handsome.  Care to a lady a drink?"  A tall, butsy blonde with a nice ass saunters over to you, deliberately swaing her hips in an erotic manner.  "I'm thirsty, and I feel like you're the nice kind of guy to hep a girl out.  Well?"
That was how it started, you bought her a few drinks and soon enough she invited you back to her hotel room.  Hell yes.  You walk in, and she gestures to the bed.  "Well, big guy?  I can't have fun if you're all clothed up like that... take 'em off, and I'll make you feel like you can fly~"  That's all the incentive you need as you practically rip your clothes off and jump into the bed, naked.  The woman, who introduced herself as Sammy, walks over, still fully clothed, and sits on the bed.  "Ohoho, you silly boy~  Were you expecting sex?  I told you, I'll make you feel like you can fly.  I didn't say HOW."  Before you can reply, she pulls a hose out from under the bed, connected to a helium tank you didn't notice, and shoves it in your mouth, turning the gas on full blast!
"MMPHMMPH?!"  You try to pull the hose out, but the gas is bloating your cheeks and has become wedged in your mouth for now!  Sammy laughs as your belly begins to slowly round out, running her had across it.
"Oh, you silly, silly, balloon of a man.  Don't you want to fly tonight?  Stay with me as my toy?  It's very enjoyable~"  You continue to struggle as she feels your skin growing tighter and more stretched, your body making balloon-like squeaks as she rubs back and forth.  Your arms and legs begin to swell as well, and it is becoming harder and harder to try and pull the hose out.  "Hehehe!  Looks like you're filling up quite nicely, Balloon Boy.  I bet you're going to look absolutely perfect when you're all round and floaty.  I may just have to keep you, instead of... popping you."
"MPHNG?"  You try to scream 'popping?!' but you can't with the hose stuck fast in your mouth.  As your body creaks and squeaks and your limbs slowly fuse with your ball-shaped tors, you realize with a shock that you're floating!  You gently rise up into the air, bumping your head on the ceiling with a soft thoomp noise.  Sammy laughs as she ties a string to your ankle and shuts off the gas.
"Hehe, I sure got a rise you of you!  Look at you, you're just a big boyloon now!"  She tugs your string, and your round body bounces on the end of it.  It's disorienting, but strangely pleasurable.  "Now, I'm going to take the hose out, and if my big boyloon begs just right, I won't pop my new toy with my nails."  She yanks the hose free, and while you wobble in place she says "Get begging, toy.  I don't have all night."
"Sammy, please!  I'll do anything you want.  Just don't pop me!  I don't want to explode!"
"Anything, huh?  Then tell me it feels good to be that full, that I can keep you forever, and that you'll be a good balloon for your new owner.  Any thing else, and pop goes the balloon boy!"
"I...I promise!  I'll be the best balloon you've ever had.  Forever!  I'll be good, I'll float here, you can play with me.  It-it feels good."  Pausing for a moment, you add, "...I don't think I wanna deflate, even."
"Hmmm... just what I  wanted to hear from my new balloon.  Alright, let's go!  Time's wasting!"  With that, she tugs your string and moves to pull your round, naked form out the door.  As you ask what she's doing, she replies, "Well, there's lots of folks in the park this late!  I want to show them all my new balloon, and they can all laugh or admire him while he just floats there!  After all, balloons are more fun when there are more people around to enjoy them!"  She pulls you out the door, and your naked orb of a body jostles, bobs, and creaks in the air from the movement and pressure inside you.  Already folks are looking up and pointing.  This is going to be a long night.





This story begins with me waking up one glorious Saturday morning and the sun was shining, whilst laying in my bed I was wondering what I could do on such a lovely day which is when I decided that I would spend the day down at the local beach soaking up the sun so I proceeded to get out of bed I thought to myself I would put on a pair of shorts and a T-Shirt along with my swimming trunks just encase I wanted to take a dip in the sea, so I got my clothes and got dressed and packed my beach towel and some spare underwear and other clothes encase the weather got colder, once I was all packed I left my apartment and started walking to the beach which was about a 15 minute walk from my apartment,  as I got closer to the beach I decided to pop into the local shop to some beers and snacks and once I had finished shopping I proceeded to the beach and once I had arrived I walk onto the beach where all the different colour beach huts were located and I find myself a suitable place on the sand near the beach huts, so I spread out my beach towel and place my cans on the sand and I decide to take my shirt off and cover the cans to prevent them from getting too warm and I lay down on my towel and as I lay there I hear several other people come onto the beach and settle down, I had been laying on my beach towel when I hear several female voices chatting and laughing and as I look up to my shock I see at least 5 extremely beautiful women walking past me towards the beach huts holding several bags and I hear them talking about a boat party they were going to have later on that day and as I smile up at them one of them smiles back at me and says good morning so I say good morning to her as the other women begin giggling and as they all looked at me I just gave them a smile which they reciprocated and as I lay there I watch them walk over to the beach hut I see them walk over to this pink beach hut and I could still here them all chatting and laughing so I just relax back down on my towel and lay there in the sun,  I had bee laying there for over an hour when I decide to have one of my cans as I was getting thirsty laying in the sun so I sit up and take a can from my bag and as I open it I was surprised to feel it was still quite chilled and as I begin drinking my can I could see the women all sitting on the sand in their bikini’s when suddenly one of the women stands up and begins to walk towards me and she smiled at me when just as she stood in front of me I say hello when she says hi there me and my friends noticed your sat here all alone and we were wondering if you would like to join us which shocked me a little and before I answered her she says we have a cooler in the hut and you can keep your cans in their to keep them cold if you want so I look up at her and reply why thank you I would love to join you and just as I stood up she grabs my T-Shirt and bag of beers and says come on then grab your towel and I’ll take these for you and before I even stood up fully she turns around and begins to walk back to where her friends were sitting in front of the pink beach hut, as I approach them all with a smile on my face one of the other women says find a spot then deer when a red haired woman says here come sit next to me, so I stand next to her and put out my towel on the sand and as I go to sit down with my can in my hand the girl who had invited me over says I’ll put your beers in the cooler for you so I just look up at her and thank her when she smiles down at me and says that’s OK don’t worry about it and she walks of into the pink beach hut when a few moments later she returns and sits down with her friends and myself when the red head looks at me and says so whats your name, I reply telling her my name was George when she replies with its a pleasure to meet you George and she introduces herself as Kitty when a blonde woman introduces herself as Bethany the brunette says I’m Britney then the black haired woman calls herself Sarah and lastly a Burgundy haired girl say and I’m Tammy and in turn I say hello to each of them,  we continued to chat when the red haired woman Kitty asks me if I live locally, so I tell her that I had only just moved to the area a few days ago from another part of the country to settle down in the area and possibly find some work when they tell me they were actually there on holiday for a week but they were on their last day when Sarah the black haired woman says that’s why were having a boat party later on our boat and all I could say is wow you have your own boat when Sarah points across the beach and as I look at where she was pointing I could see a large boat mourned at the docks where there were other boats and as I look back at Sarah all I could say is wow your so lucky to have your own boat, when she says well its not mine so to speak off it belongs to my partner which made me think she was living with a fella or married when she says yeah and she has loaned it to us for our holiday which she then tells me they were from France which surprises me as their English was extremely good, so I reply OH so your all from France then and in turn each of them reply with YES and I say wow I actually thought you were English and they all laugh and say Nah but we were taught English from an early age which makes me laugh and I had just finished my drink when Tammy the girl with burgundy hair jumps up and says I’ll get you another drink and before I could say a word she walks of into the pink beach hut as we all just sat there when she returns with one of my cans in her hand and a carrier bag and as she hands me my can and I begin to open it she hands her friends a bottle of beer each which they open in turn when Britney the brunette looks at me and asks me what sort of work I do so I explain that I was in the building trade and that I was a cladder and that I had run my own cafe before when she giggles and says wow you can cook which makes me laugh and reply YES just about which makes them all laugh and over the next hour or so throughout our conversation they would ask me several personal questions asking me if I had family which I replied with NO they also asked if I had ever been married or had children and a lot more about what I have done in my life when after what seemed like a good while and several more drinks kitty the red head says well George how would you like to join us at our party on the boat in a while so I looked at my watch when I realized we had been chatting for hours as it was almost 4pm so I ask what time they planned on going to their boat when Kitty says why are you in a rush and I look at her and say NO I’ve got nothing to do when she says well then were be going back to the boat in about an hour I think when Britney says well when we have had a few more,  suddenly she stands up and walks over to the beach hut and before I realized she had came back she hands me a glass and as I look up at her she says I thought you might something different to drink instead of another beer so not to be rude after they had invited me over and fetching my drinks all afternoon I just take the glass and say thank you so I start taking sips from the glass as we continued to chat when I suddenly got the urge I needed to use the bathroom and I ask if they had a toilet in the beach hut when Kitty looks at me and says there is a small bathroom in the hut you can use, so as I say thank you and begin to sit up she says anyways were all getting changed to go to the boat soon and as I look at her I say it’s just as well I’ve bought some extra clothing with me when she says well you have been sat in the sun all day why don’t you get a shower and we will wait here for you so I thank her and say I will,  I bend down a pick up my other bag with my change of clothes in it and my beach towel and shake it off away from them all as not to get sand over all of them and walk off to the pink beach hut and as I walk through the door I could hear them all chatting so I walk in and at the back of the hut was a door with a bathroom sign on it so I walk over to it and open the door and I see the toilet and a small cubical for a shower so I use the toilet and when I had finished I get undressed and step into the shower when I realize I did not have any shower gel but luckily there was a bottle of shower gel in there and I began to have my shower when I realized the shower gel smelt extremely feminine but I just thought what the hell and I began to shower myself when after a few minutes I was sure I could here the girls inside of the hut so I finished my shower as quick as I could and once I had finished I open the shower door only to find that my beach towel and my bag of clothes were missing which scared me as I could hear the girls outside of the shower in the beach hut and as I stood there completely naked not knowing what to do due to being so embarrassed suddenly the shower door swings open and I see the red haired woman Kitty standing in front of me with a big smile on her face so I instinctively cover my privates with my hands when she says oh George don’t be so shy now and she leans forward and grabs my arm and drags me forward and pulls me out of the shower and before I knew it I was stood in the middle of the hut with all five women standing around me and all I could do was cower my head in complete shame when Sarah the black haired woman grabs my chin and lifts up my head and as I look at her she says now this may all come as a shock to you but I’m going to explain to you what is going to happen and as I look at her in complete shock she smiles at me and says Now my little girl look outside that door and as I look towards the door the Blonde lady Bethany opens it when kitty says do you see that BBQ and as I reply yes I see Bethany put something on top of it when just as she moves away to my utter shock I see my bag and clothes and trainers when suddenly Bethany pours something over them then she sets fire to it and as I stood there completely naked covering my privates with my hands I just say you cant do that I have to get home when kitty laughs and says well unless your prepared to walk out of here completely naked you will follow our every demand and feeling completely embarrassed knowing full well I could not walk home naked I reluctantly agree when she grabs my hands and pull them away from my privates when Tammy says oh girls that won’t do our little girls has to be smooth and as I look at her she picks up a bag and begins handing out these pink and white boxes when I see each of the remove a pink tube and before I knew it they begin smothering my legs, my groin, my chest, arms and even up the crack of my ass in this pink cream when it is plastered over my face and as I stood there whilst they did this to me my head is pulled down when I suddenly hear a buzzing sound and I could feel one of them shaving my head and once she had finished she covers my head in the pink cream as well and once they had all finished I’m stood back up straight when Sarah says OK girls lets get everything ready whilst the cream dose it’s work and with that they all turn around with their backs to me and I see them picking up bags but I could not see what they were taking out as they all giggled between themselves when after about five minutes Sarah turns around and walks over to me when she takes my hand and walks me back to the small shower room and as she takes me in Kitty walks in wearing her bikini when she suddenly turns the shower on and as she dose she demands I close my eyes so I follow her demand and close them when I feel the water hit my head and she begins rubbing me down with what felt like a sponge and after about five minutes of this the water is switched of when she demands I do not open my eyes so again I follow her demand when I feel her drying me off and once she had finished she guides me out of the shower room still with my eyes closed when as I stood there I hear them all cheering when suddenly I am ***d to sit in a chair with my eyes still shut I then hear one of them say do not open your eyes so again I just do as I am told when suddenly I realize they were putting makeup on my face when they suddenly grab my feet and my hand and I could only assume they were ***ting my toenails and fingernails when after about 10 minutes I feel lipstick being put on me and to my shock I hear a spray can go off and after a few moments, it stops and I feel something being put on my head and being pulled down tightly for a few moment and I could feel what felt like hair on my lower back which made me realize it was a wig and I could hear them all giggling when suddenly I am blindfolded and stood up the next thing I knew was each foot was lifted and placed inside something and as they pulled it up over my legs I assumed it was some kind of underwear when suddenly I’m sat back down again and each foot is lifted and I feel something smooth being pulled up over each foot and again I’m stood up and they are pulled up over my legs when something is wrapped around my chest and stomach when I could feel them thread something through each side of what they had wrapped around me when they begin pulling on the chords or what ever they were extremely tight and I felt it get tighter around my chest when suddenly someone shoves something inside in the front of what they had put around me in either side of my chest which shock me, suddenly I feel something being attached to the front and back of what they had put on over my feet and pulled up my legs which I assumed was a pair of stockings and suddenly each foot is lifted and placed back down inside an item of clothing and as I feel it being pulled up over me I realize it was a dress and as it is pulled up around my chest I realize there were no arm straps when I feel them pulling on more chords and it was getting tighter when just as they tied it off I am sat back down when each foot is lifted and I feel a pair of shoes being put on each foot and strapped up and after a few moments I am stood up when I hear one of them say well lets show our little princess what she looks like and as they all cheer and the blindfold is removed and as I try to focus my eyes the very first thing I notice as I look at my hands they had ***ted my nails in a bright pink luminous colour but as look down at myself I get an even bigger shock when I notice they had put a large pair of fake breasts on me when suddenly a tall mirror is placed in front of me and to my horror I had been dressed in pink high heel shoes and pink stockings and a full length pink flairy dress when one of them pulls at the front of the pink dress revealing a bright pink basque and all I could do is stand there in complete shock and as I look up I see each of them remove their bikini’s and begin to get dressed themselves and after about ten minutes as they had finished getting dressed I still could not say nothing when Sarah walks over to me and as I look at her she just smiles and says well now my little princess we are all going to walk over to our boat and have a party and as they all cheer I just say you can not expect me to walk through the sand dressed like this people will notice I’m not a woman when she looks at the other girls and says what do you think girls do you think she looks feminine enough to pass as one of the girls and as they all cheer she says look at yourself again and as I did it hit me that I really did look feminine when she says you see you look just like one of the girls so I just say I am not walking out in public like this and she looks at me and says well to be honest you don’t have a choice you can either stay here dressed like this and when they come to lock up in the next 15 minutes you will be found like this or you walk home dressed as a woman or naked so you can either walk with us girls or go on your own and knowing I would never be seen in public dress like a woman I reluctantly agree when she takes me by the hand and says OK girls our little princess has agreed so were all ready to go and with that they lead me towards the door of the beach hut and as it open I become very apprehensive and begin to stop walking when she says OH come on princess don’t worry we will take care of you and with that I am lead out of the door and around the side of the hut where I realize there was a path and I realized I don’t have to walk on the sand and even though I found it hard to walk in the high heel it was not long before I was walking somewhat normal and as we walked down the side of the beach it felt like people were looking at me so I kept my head down when Britney says come on princess walk like one of us no one will notice so reluctantly I lift my head again and we just kept walking when after about 20 minutes of walking my feet were starting to hurt me when Tammy says don’t worry princess you’ll soon get used to wearing high heel which shocks me that she says I will get used to them but I assumed she just meant for the night when it hit me how was I going to get home when they burned all my stuff, so I look at Tammy and ask her how am I going to get home when this is all over when she looks at me and giggles and as I look at her in shock Sarah says oh don’t worry about that my little princess we have made provisions for that so I ask how long they intend on keeping me like this when Sarah says not too long princess you’ll be home before you know it and all I could think of saying was well I had better be,  when she looks at me stern eyes and says you will be home when we decide you can go home do you understand princess and all I could do is look at her and say yes when suddenly before I had realized we are at the boat and to my shock it was a massive boat but it did not look that big when I looked at it from a far and the girls help me on board and once we were on the boat Sarah says OK girls lets get ready to move off which shock me and she looks at me and says it’s OK princess were not going that far out its just to make sure you just don’t try and walk off the boat and try and escape if you get the courage which makes me giggle a bit when suddenly Britney the brunette comes over and takes me by my hand and walks me over to some seats and sits me down in this dress when just as she sits next to me kitty the red head walks over and hands me a drink, so I just take it from her and as begin to drink it I realize the boat is starting to move.


We were chatting for 2 weeks and get on very well, katy was a fun lovely young woman. We met on a kinky app which I wasn’t sure was a good one. But we exchanged our number and that prove to be ok.
One night I decided to push my luck and told her I am not the type of beat around the bush, so would you like to go for a coffee and face to face chat. She replied that she doesn’t actually have a bush but it will be ok to have a beating there anyway and laughed. I was a bit numbed for few seconds as that was direct but funny too. then she add she doesn’t drink coffee but she’s got her own type of tea at her home and I should come around instead. She said she trusted me enough and her brutus will keep her safe anyway. I was a bit shocked and worried about that brutus and her no *** attitude but she really must trust me. But should I trust her?
I was working late that day so I arrived at 9, parked in front of her house. I could see the fire roaring in her living room, as I knocked at the door I was waiting for the brutus to jump on me and take my head off. But instead a lovely young woman opened the door with a big smile, she was wearing a black dress caressing a curvy body with some pink kitten slippers.
we sat in the cosy living room where a big pussy cat was comfortably lying by the fire. That was brutus as she introduced to me lol! I told her about the fierce dog I though it was and she laughed with that cute voice and her big boobs were bouncing, and felt like they might explode out of her dress. She noticed my quick stare and had a cheeky smile.
we sat on her big sofa and chat about anything and everything, how we got into bdsm and she was like me a kinky virgin. I had some online subs but never actually had any physical relationship. I wasn’t nervous as nothing supposed to happen anyway. I was quickly perving at her boobs and she straight told me if I could guess the size she will show them. 40EE I said fast! her face was like so surprised! thats very good she said! she never thought I was guessing right! so she unbuttoned her dress, took the bra off and wow, they popped out magnificent with pink hard nipples teasing me! they must be heavy I said, as I stand up I grab them and lift them up, and she said that would be nice to have some helpful hands sometime and carry them around lol! as she laugh her big boobs were bouncing in my hands so I press firmly and pinch her nipples hard. My cock went into a frenzy and her little moaning scream made me hard. I press my body against her and pushed her on the settee. she didnt shout or say anything, she look at me with her cheeky look almost like a bratty, telling me I dare you look! I went into Dom mode and told her to take my belt off and if she guess the size of my cock maybe she could get a reward. she rushed pulling my belt and just say its the right size for me. She unzip my trouser and took my already erected cock and engulfed into her greedy mouth! she was pumping like she hasn’t had it for years and her suction was powerful! I didn’t want to cum yet so I pull her back by the hair and pin her down on the sofa! I grab my belt and wack her boobs across! she didnt flinch as I send another blow! she push her hand down her pants and start to play with her kitty. I slap her tits and pull her hard erected nipples, leaving her moan scream again. she had a delicious voice. she beg me to fuck her hard so I tied her hands behind her back with my belt and rip her knickers off then the evening carry on till late…….we stayed for a year together then she had to moved south for further studies. I think we had a lucky start and hope most of you did too.


She sat, tied to a chair, fully clothed, in front of her on the table a mirror, she looked into it thinking I really am attractive. Suddenly she saw Master standing next to her, playing with her hair. " What have I said about vanity?" He asked. She turned to answer and saw her Master's cock was now out and sooo hard, he grabbed her head, and with her mouth open with surprise rammed it straight in, so far she gagged. "Well? No answer you dirty whore" he asked. She tried to answer but he kept his cock deep in her mouth making her dribble. He slapped her face hard, " No talking with your mouth full" he growled, slapping her again, and thrusting now. Her saliva dripping down her front, her nose now running, tears in her eyes. He removed his cock, turned her head back to the mirror, then rubbed her saliva and snot over her face, smearing make-up, "Now look at what you really are" he growled. I saw that tweet you posted about how attractive you are, and how ugly others were " he continued growling." I'm ssss sorry Master" she whispered, scared. He played with her hair again, shoulder length and brown, then she watched in horror as he picked up scissors, stroking her hair with them. " Please Master, please don't" she cried, " Too late, you were warned, and you agreed to any punishment" still growling. Cut, a long length of hair dropped to the floor, cut, cut, more hair falling, she wept as he continued, thinking "why did I do that stupid tweet". Cut, cut, cut, her hair now sooo short, no chance of saying she'd just had a trim for a change. Then an electric shaver appeared, she slumped, apologising but now accepting the punishment, and all to soon her head was bald and smooth, she sat staring at the mirror, not noticing Master leave, but saying to herself now, " I'm sorry Master, I promise never to be vain again".


It's too much. So much. I can feel my surprise, embarrassment, arousal cover my face and warm my body. I rock back onto his fingers and feel my face flush. It's too much, and my body twists suddenly so that my face finds the crook of his neck. I entwine my fingers into the collar of his cotton shirt, hold on, and breathe into him. Nervous giggles make my body shake.

Fuck I want him to stop so much, anyone could be watching. He is so deep into me, finding parts of me that make my body convulse. Theres no exploration, no fumbling around. Its almost as if he knows me. I turn and scan the room as I begin to realise that this is everything I need- just as he slides a finger into my ass. It makes me flinch slightly and my mouth makes a little 'o' in surprise and need. I cant help myself- giggling again and pushing back.
There is so much feeling that I cannot differentiate the sensations. Of course I cant stop him. Even if I wanted to. But he is considerate anyway and stops when a small group pass our table and sit close to us. The man gets up to to return to the bar. He catches my eye and smiles, saying hello to us both. I say hello back and sip my drink, full of fingers and eager for him to move on. As soon as he has passed, the fingers inside of me pull me back and push further.

I cant, it's too intense and I start to panic- not here. Please fuck not here. But he hears my body and relents, pulling his arm out from behind me. I lean back and take a deep breath.
He holds out a finger for me to clean and I do so automatically. Holding his strong hand and Tasting myself off his warm fingers. He does the same and I watch, somewhat bewildered. This is the first time he has tasted me. I find myself asking him how I taste..

He leans forward and gently places a hand on my cheek and kisses me for the first time. Our kiss is chaste but perfect. Butterflies explode from my ribcage and I cant help but smile onto his lips.

Suddenly shy I bury my head into his shoulder and curl up, pulling his arm close. Smug and safe. The smirk on my lips is hidden from his eyes. I wiggle closer and poke him playfully, enjoying being close.

This is the first time we have met, and yet, I fit. He fits.

My mind begins to wind down, and the flutters still. I am always aware of the massive patch of dampness being soaked up by my dress.
After a short while I begin to make a move, its time to go but I find myself stalling. The need and ache inside of me is intense. Just as I am about to get up he says something. The words dont click, something like- 'before we go' and he pushes his hand down the front of my thighs and inbetween me. Despite my lack of panties and the fact we're in the corner of a pub facing out, I open my legs and grab hold of his forearm. I am wet, oh so fucking wet and so ready for him. His fingers find me straight away. They bring me close so quickly that I panic and try to push him away. My feet are on the table in front for purchase, my hands wrapped around his arm pushing him, trying desperately to stop him from making me explode. It's no use, he is too big and too strong, theres no budging him. His deftness floors me and I'm lost. Panting and repeating no.. no not here..but even I can hear the complete lack of conviction in the way my body moves.
He responds not to me, but my body, and stops just in time.
'Close?' He teases. Bastard.

He brings his hand out and I slump back. His hand is soaked, but I hold it anyway. Rubbing my juices around his fingers and hand, catching my breath before we get up and go.

The wet patch I leave is.. well.. impressive.


First date....

I was busy drying my hair, the last thing I needed to do before he arrived. We had chatted for 6 months about ourselves, our likes and dislikes, his sadistic side and my submissive side. I’d declined his advances so many times because I didn’t consider myself as a masochist and we’d decided to just be friends, so I invited him round for a coffee. There was a knock at the door. 10 minutes earlier than expected so I went to the door to check it was him, peeking through the spy hole all I could see was an eye and I knew I was in trouble!!! I shouted through the door and said I’d be 5 minutes. 

My palms started to sweat and my heart raced, the excitement I felt was like nothing I’d experienced before. I’d been very calm, was very chilled until I saw his eye....I couldn’t put my finger on what had changed, he hadn’t said a word, hadn’t even responded to my yell but I knew it was him, knew that something amazing was about to happen. 

I tried to take some deep breaths to calm myself, tried to take another minute before I opened the door to him, to what might happen and then there was another knock, harder than before, more urgent. 

I opened the door and went to say hello when I was pushed against the wall and kissed. I’m not talking about puckering you’re lips kissed, or gently brushing kisses, I’m talking about kissed!!! He pushed me back against the wall and held one wrist in his strong hand as his mouth covered mine. I felt myself melt as he held me in place, his kissing getting more passionate before he pulled away and said ‘hello’. I didn’t have a chance to reply before his mouth was covering mine again, smudging my lipstick, his tongue exploring, then I felt him bite my bottom lip and I moaned with pleasure. 

‘So just friends then?’ Was the next thing I heard, I was so dazed by what had just happened I just nodded. He kissed me again and then said ‘are you sure about that?’ To which I replied by shaking my head. 

He took my hand and slowly led me to the bedroom, I heard him say ‘don’t move’ and he started to undress me. I stood there, allowing him, I still hadn’t spoken, was giving him permission with my eyes and body language. He kept stopping and looking into my eyes with a smile on his face and a glint in his eyes. Omg those eyes....I could have dived into them and never come up for air. 

‘All I ask of you is to tell me to stop if you want me to and to have eye contact with me at all times’ he said, I nodded and locked eyes with him. The connection I felt was so intense, I couldn’t look away, didn’t want to break the connection, the atmosphere was filled with sexual chemistry, it enveloped me, consumed me and I just didn’t want it to end. 

He laid me on the bed, put my hands above my head and I felt his hands on my hands guiding them to the metal frame of my bed. His hands making mine wrap around the metal and he said ‘don’t move your hands’ I nodded and my heart began to race. His lips met mine again and I closed my eyes, he pulled back straight away and said ‘eyes’. I opened them and he began to kiss me again. I felt his hands moving across my body, it was like a current of electricity, my body reacting to his touch. I then felt him tweak my nipple hard, my eyes opened really wide and he pulled back from the kiss, looked down at me and did it again. My eyes widened again and he smiled as he bent his head and took my nipple in his mouth. At first he just nibbled and I moaned in pleasure then I felt him bite down hard, I gasped, almost yelped and he looked into my eyes again and said ‘now feel the pleasure’ and I did, there was a rush, my head felt light and fizzing sensations all over my body. He smiled again and continued to tease me in so many ways. 

When it was over and we were laying in each other’s arms he said ‘aren’t you going to say hello?’ At that point I realised I hadn’t muttered a single word, hadn’t even said hello.....he smiled down at me and said ‘hello you’ to which a quiet hello left my lips. 

This was the start of three amazing years of discovery....and we didn’t even have a coffee!! 


          There was a staff meeting. My boss talked incessantly about a matter of no significance. Meetings were an opportunity for him to emotionally masturbate in front of everyone. With utterances of support from his mandated audience. In the room was a new hire who was too young for my taste, but she had an air of over confidence which was begging to be broken. I wanted to hear her beg while tied and lightly stimulated, but not receiving any relief, just to finish her with the front door and an angry drive home. My boss mentioned his decision to cut out the middle man and directly order from the company. "I have worked with them for years now. But they're fucking us. They are hoarding supply for when prices increase and charging us to do so. So fuck them."
            My phone fluttered against my leg. A message from Isabelle, "Can you come over later?" Isabelle was always nice, open, adventurous and brave. But her downfall with me was slipping into comfortable too soon. Our sex was robotic. A never ending groundhogs day with cereal for breakfast. Not to say Isabelle's cereal wasn't delicious. She was a good person and always added just the right amount of milk. So I typed yes, but lacked enthusiasm. A guilty knot forming in my stomach. There was an hour left in the meeting, and I started to daydream. 
           I dreamt about the feeling of adrenaline when you are standing at the edge of a cliff. And below me was Isabelle, looking at me, wanting me. Wanting my desire. Then I imagined the scene. I felt as if i was reaching into her head and pulling her soul out into my hand. She wanted me to want her, but that meant she was mine. I smiled and found a renewed stamina. I fixed my posture and re-emerged into the meeting, ready to face 30 minutes of wasted time.
    I drove to Isabelle's and she greeted me with a smile. I didn't great her, I waited a moment. Just when it was about to get awkward I walked into her apartment and around her, sizing her up. She was a little off balance, but comfortable enough watching me. I stopped, looked up from her sandels, her summer dress, and into her face. She paused and cautiously asked how my day was. I said "it doesn't matter."
    "Is something wrong?" she asked.
    I smiled, and kept looking at her.

    Another pause, I took a slow breath and asked "Can you grab something to be tied with?" 

     I didn't break eye contact, but then loosened my gaze and gave a little smile. 
    After a beat she cautiously left down the hallway. I waited.  She returned with hand towels. 
    I told her to undress. She did so while i stood watching. 
    Then i told her to sit on the edge of the table. she did. 
    I said "Now put your feet by the table posts." And she did.
    I walked to her and tied her ankles to the posts, exposing her sex. Then I looked at her face, paused and slowly walked away. I went to her room. I was looking for her vibrator. I checked between her hanging shirts and jackets, i reached under her sheets. Eventually i found it in the nightstand by her bed. I walked back into the kitchen and saw her still there. I could see she was uncomfortable. I moved slowly and she saw her vibrator in my hand. "What are you going to do?" she asked. At that point I was standing between her legs and looking at her face again. "Im going to rub it against you" I said. "okay" she replied. I moved slowly, and pressed it lightly to the base of her pelvic bone. Then I followed the curve down. I wiggled it into her clit, then down and up her lips. After a bit I could see her cunt tense and relax and tense. I told her "I can see your cunt twitching." she was blushing. 
    When it was ready i removed the vibrator, and waited a moment. Enough for her to breath and feel relaxed once more. I knelt below, and took my time reaching up. I gently grabbed one of her vulva between my thumb and pointing finger. I rubbed my thumb on the inside a little. It was as wet as i was hoping. I pulled it to the side and slowly moved my face in. I took my time smelling her. Then pressed my mouth to the lower part of her cunt. I sucked what I could into me. I had to mix her fluids with my saliva, but after a minute there began to be enough to feel the fluid line my throat. A gentle slurping noise accompanying. She whimpered and squirmed, and for the first time I had her. 


He had butterfly in his stomach knowing after month of chat they was finally going to meet up just for a coffee.
The thought of even been in this domme presence was a honner.

I was there 1st and waited around the butterfly was getting worse as she was late but that a woman provocative and was only making the build up more fun.

She had imposed a wanking ban one month before and had been teasing him online for months. His ball sacks was massive.

Next he seen her walk around the corner down the road.
Confidently she walk with a black dress showing cleavage fish nets and heals. She walk right up to my face eye to eye and told me that before her no woman had broke you and I am going to brake you down and build you back up as my collar sub. All mine ......


                                                                                                                                                 The Fall


Jonathon moved around Angel’s naked, spreadeagled form on the bed. Checking there was enough room in the cuffs, that her blindfold was in the ideal position.

Next he turned the music up on the headphones and placed them over her ears. Seeing that all was correct he squeezed her hand, and she pressed his in return. It was their sign that everything was all right.

Stepping back, Jonathon tapped his index finger against his lips. Giving his Angel time to become more aware of the senses remaining to her, build suspense and to allow himself to plan how he was intending to start play before it built up that natural flow of its own.

Picking up the lubricant, he squeezed a liberal amount into his palm, stirring it with his fingers to help raise it to body temperature.

Jonathon preferred to clip Angel’s ankle and thigh cuffs together in this kind of scene. The spreader bar between her ankles increased her vulnerability. He understood how she enjoyed this sense of utter defencelessness.

He slipped the lubricant over her clit; savouring this teasing. By the time she was matching his rhythm with her pelvis, he recognised that this was a good sign to move on.

As his middle and index finger slipped into the soft, moistness of her pussy, he smeared the remaining lubricant over Angel’s lips. Jonathon caressed the upper wall of her vagina, the balls of his fingers now pressing upwards. He held them in position to stroke back and forth over her G-spot as his left hand assisted by pressing down on her tummy. The speed and rhythm starting slow and building.

Next Jonathon took the Hitachi Wand with his left hand, and turning it to low, he placed it onto her clit.

Angel's back arched as if an electrical shock had passed through her body, she tugged against her restraints. She clamped hard against his fingers as she ground against the Wand, her entire body lost in the spasms of ecstasy.

He raised the Wand a moment and went on moving his fingers, grinning a little, as he clicked the Wand to the high setting.

Then he replaced it on her clit, inducing that same shock effect. He loved the fact that she was multi orgasmic and that she lost total control of her body.

After second orgasm subsided Jonathon gripped Angel’s right nipple with his juice soaked fingers and stretched the erect nub hard, observing her expression of *** and was it relief. He held her nipple as he replaced the Wand on her clit. The third orgasm burst over Angel’s sweat drenched body.

He let go of her nipple, leaning to raise one ear of the headset, and whispered.

“I will have every drop of your juices girl... They are mine… I will rip those orgasms from you and when you think you have nothing left, I will take more… Tonight you will fall my Angel!”

On those last words she came hard again, and he lowered the headphone, it was going to be a long night.


I stared blankly into the refrigerated display, eyes barely registering the contents. Did we need orange juice? My thoughts were all over the place, the trolley bereft of half its usual contents. I was going to have to come back again tomorrow, get half the things I’d missed.

I wasn’t upset about that. My palms were sweating, my nipples hard beneath my sleeveless t-shirt, no bra to support the heavy weight of my breasts. I was so slick between my legs that my panties would have been soaked—had I been wearing any. I clenched my ass for at least the twelfth time since I’d walked into the store and felt the presence of the metal princess plug I’d inserted, long since warmed to my body temperature.

Fuuuuuuck, where was he?

I’d just about decided to get the orange juice anyway—because we’d drink it eventually—when I felt a presence move up behind me. I stiffened, but before I could turn around, a hand took a firm grip of the long braid I’d wound my hair into and held me tight.

“No,” a deep voice murmured. Then, “Put them back.”

I blinked, confused, because I hadn’t even got as far as opening the refrigerator door, but then I realised I’d pulled my hands free from the trolley, was in the process of reaching behind me. Slowly, I put them back down, fingers curling around the handlebar.

“Good girl.”

A second hand round around my waist and slid up to cup my breast, his thumb swiping across my nipple. A streak of lightning ran down towards my clit and I gasped, eyes going to the old dear dithering over brands of peanut butter, but she remained oblivious.

“Let’s go.”

Pressure at my back guided me away from the refrigeration unit and out of the aisle, towards the back of the store where the shoppers thinned and the light coalesced into shadow. It was quiet, but it wasn’t likely to stay that way. Still, he took his time, sliding his hands down and raising my skirt inch by inch. I stared into a shelf full motor oil as fingers took a grip of the little jewelled plug and wiggled it gently. I made a noise and shifted like a skittish mare, and he chuckled. The hand at my ass moved around to the front, sliding through my wetness as his second hand wound round my braid again and turned my head so I was gazing out towards the sea of shoppers, going about their business just feet away.

“Stay like that,” he ordered.

My breath came in pants as he started circling my clit with one finger. I was so excited I was ready to detonate within seconds, but he shifted his touch before I could climb the peak, thrusting into me with sharp ***. I did cry out then, attracting the attention of a man pushing his own cart nearby. Our eyes locked as deft fingers returned to my clit and flicked.

I came hard, my breath leaving my body in a rush. It rolled over me, my eyes sliding back in my head, the trolley and an arm around my waist the only thing holding me up. When he was sure I could stand on my own again, he let go and moved back. My skirt dropped back into position and he aimed a sharp swat across my ass.

“We need orange juice,” he murmured into my ear before he walked away.


You had no idea what to expect for your first date with a sadist. Even after weeks of intense discussion negotiating expectations, limits and safety, you feel no more confident in your decisions that led you to your current predicament; your safeword affords you no security from the dark and secret fantasies playing out in your head. My kind assurance that I would only touch you if you asked added to your confusion, baited with sinister promise as I direct you to undress and instruct you to kneel, carefully detailing specifics of the pose. In your agony, that all seemed hours ago.

I stand over you, my eyes tracing the elegant line of your form. Your knees folded beneath you only emphasizes how erect you hold your spine. With shoulders pulled back, your breasts rise and swell as you inhale; your elbows raised overhead with fingers locked at the base of your neck does not allow them to fall, more accurately. Up-turned face conveys your discomfort even with eyes closed reverently. Despite knowing you have held this position the better of thirty intolerable minutes, I wait another long moment to simply drink you in lustfully with my eyes.

I follow the path of your inner thigh to your crotch; with careful intent, I gaze upon the cunt you have only just given me, taking in it's sensual charm and simply enjoying the fresh shave. Your knees held open in such a manner ensures no obstruction: none to my view, none to my fingers, none to my imagination. Your posture alone creates the curve of your pubic mound, the rigid stance leaving a valley until I come to your lower ribs. My vision is drawn to the lift in your chest as you breath, and I warmly focus on the shape and roundness of the tits that now belong to me.

Again, I forget myself, drawing your collarbone and neckline in my mind. I cannot help but to let my thoughts portray my feverish hunger to lick the area, to lay teeth to this flesh - especially the thinner skin over the bone, itself. The motion of your throat swallowing in desperation leads my eyes to your face, to an honest statement of searing muscles and aching tenons without words. A smile twitches at the corner of my lips as words brush past them.

"Look at me."

With shimmering speed, tears captured behind your eyelids release, transcending over your cheeks and falling with a splash to your breasts.

No, I could not hold back my smile. "Let's talk about where this is going," smug tone leaves no question of my enjoyment found in your ***. For some unexplainable reason though, you are as aroused as you are scared by the terrible possibilities ahead of you at my hand. Despite the conflict of why, you are already glad to have given yourself over to my cruel cunning.

This was but a prelude to your debauchery.


19 year olds in in the 80s weren't quite the same thing as they are now.. I certainly wasn't anyway. 


I was quiet but always got on well with girls and had had a lot of basic sexual  fun. 


In the Summer of 89 I was between girlfriends and I joined a amateur theatre group just for fun, they weren't very good.. In fact they were terrible but it was enjoyable  and it was there I met Christine. 


Christine was plump with red hair and about 55, we'd chatted occasionally and I could tell she liked me. 

After one Theatre party after a lot of vino had been flowing she asked me if I ever fancied popping to her place one night she could promise me an "Experience". 


I laughed and asked what kind? She squeezed my knee and then wrote down her phone number 

"Call me in the week" she said. 


During the week I couldn't decide whether to call or not, I half had a vision of my ringing and her not knowing what I was on about  but eventually I did. 


She was chatty and friendly and invited me around Friday evening  and advised me not to mention it as gossip spread like wild fire in our little group. 


So on Friday evening I picked up a bottle of wine and made my way to Christine's semi detached on the out skirts of town. 

She smiled as she opened the door "Come in Come in"  she said as we made our way to the front room. 


I must confess I had no real idea what exactly was going to happen but a blow job off an older lady was on the cards in my mind. 


We sat drinking and chatting for an hour or more and the conversation moved on to sex. 


"You're a handsome young man," she said d putting a hand on. My knee "Do you mind me doing that?" 

"No" I replied. 


We chatted a bit more and then she asked me to give her a few minutes and left the room. 


I flicked through a magazine (It had Anneka Rice on the cover I remember) " and waited. 


After a our 20  minutes  she called me from upstairs and told me to join her "Here we go " I thought as my erection began to stir asI climbed the stairs . 

At 19 even a middle aged plump red head could get me going. 


I walked in to her bedroom to be greeted by a sight I had not expected. 

Christine was encased in a pvc body  suit , leather boots, studded collier and wrist bands and was plastered in unsubtle eye make up. 


She looked like a swinger in a television sitcom. 


I was taken aback lost for words but totally intrigued. 


"I want a slave.. And it's you" 

She said. 

 I Must admit we'd had a bit to drink but I nearly burst out laughing. 


"Take your clothes off" 

I giggled 


"Take your fucking clothes off" she screamed 


Slightly awkwardly I began to undress   shirt, trouser, socks but I was a little e reluctant to remove my pants., 

"Take them off" She yelled 


I took them off. 

Now standing in my full 6'1- slim  barefoot, hairy billocked nakedness I began to wonder if this had been a good idea. 


She came towards me and ran her hand down my chest past my navel and down to my balls. 

She fondled them 

"I thought about this  a lot" she breathed 

"Oh.. Good" I replied 


At that moment she squeezed my testes hard and I fell to the floor in agony . 

"Fuckin hell" I shouted seeing my mature blow job flying out the window. 

She screamed at me to get on the bed and I staggered over to it still swearing . 

"Lay on your front" 

I collapsed on to the bed as I heard Christine fiddling with something on the other side if the room. 

Still sweating in agony with my bruised nuts I didn't pay much attention to what she was doing until she yelled 

"Sit on the side of the bed" 


I did as I was told balls still throbbing to see Christina was wearing what I later found out was known as a strap on, a purple one. 

She walked up to me 

"Put it in your mouth" 

I just looked at it 

She grabbed my hair pulled my head forward and shoved it in imy mouth. 

"Suck. It you sissy" She whispers as I just did what I as told feeling a little awkward and still nursing my bruised jaffas. 


My head bobbed back and fore sucking the plastic penis and wondering what my last girlfriend would say  is she could see me now ... Probably "Why are you sucking that plastic penis?". I should think. 


Over the next two hours I experienced all kinds of dom for the first time, I was caned, bitten,slapped , had the soles of my feet beaten and  she spent a lot of time lubing my arse and sticking a finger up it. Coming back to it time and time again causing me to whimper everytime a finger slid in to my virgin  rectum. 

I found out why near the end of the session. 

Sore  battered, bruised but having rather enjoyed being a male whore I wasn't prepared for what happened next. 


"You're ready, get on your hands and knees" I did as I was told and I felt Christine get on the bed behind me. 

Her finger brushed my arse hole and then she spat on in it. 

Suddenly I felt something at the entrance to my anus, something hard, I felt it slowly sliding in, I remember thinking "Christ she's s going to fuck me" 

I bucked a bit in a feeble attempt to get away t but she grabbed my hips and with a thrust it slid deep in to my arse. 


I remember giving a low growl  as I felt this plastic cock sliding in.. And then out. 

It hurt but not in a bad way. I felt so full. 

After a while of this she pulled out suddenly causing me to gasp,   She sat on the edge of the bed pulled me on top and slowly I slid down her purple length. 

I bounced up and down on it for what seemed an age looking at my self in her full length mirror.

My skinny body pounding her lap, my hard cock flying about all over the place  when suddenly I felt a familer sensation.. I wa going  to cum. 

Sliding up an down on fer pole I could only let out moans and groans as I tried to tell her I was going to shoot my load but no words came. 

I remember my arsehole closing tightly around her plastic cock as I shot a projectile of sperm through the air..  Wave after  wave of white pleasure spewed forth almost in slow motion as I collapsed in the bed the strap on popping out of My arse as I fell backwaeds.


My semen running down her wardrobe mirror in thick white patches. 





After what seemed like ages Christine started laughing.. And I joined in... "Youi liked that didn't you?"  she giggled 


"No I didn't" I replied "It hurt and my arsehole feels like I've just done a 10 stretch in San Fucking Quinten" 


We both burst out laughing. 

"Let's have a beer and sit in the garden" she said. "I've got a rubber ring in the garage" 


She lent forward and bit my bare foot hard. 

She got up and left the room to run a shower. 


I saw Christine regularly over the next few years until I moved away and learned a lot.. And our adventure was only just beginning. 



My requisition -

A date is where two people effectively take measure of each other and work out whether they’re compatible, this was very far from that indeed.

In those days the guys had to dress up to get into bars/clubs so shirts, trousers and shoes were in every blokes wardrobe, obviously the ladies got pretty much carte blanche as the proprietors knew that if they had women in their establishment the men would follow… on the prowl. The carpets were just as sticky but the music seemed louder and pre-smoking ban the atmosphere was a foggy mix of dry ice and smoke, meaning you couldn’t see fully across a club. Combined with the flashing lights they resulted in a heady mix of dancing, alcohol, bare flesh and thinly veiled sexual desire, they were worth the entry fee and exorbitant drink prices.

It was late and most of the lads had either pulled or had virtually passed out and it looked like the night could be a bust.

I’d seen her before on my previous circuits of the club and although very attractive she was a few years older than me so I’d subconsciously regarded her as not being amenable, however on this pass our eyes met, I was frozen in place and her lips curled slightly to form a smile. It took some effort to gather my wits and walk over to her as she took a step away from her friends.

In all honesty I was about to use a shit line as she pulled me close, I could feel her breasts pushed against my chest and my adolescent mind was in danger of going walkabout, before I could recover she’d firmly grabbed my cock and balls and not so gently bit the side of my neck. “You took a long time to answer my call Pet, now go and get me a drink before we leave”

I’m embarrassed to say I was literally stunned, she brought me back to the moment by rattling the ice cubes in her empty glass in front of my face. I took the glass and turned towards the bar as she emphatically slapped my arse, as I turned to say something I noticed she was biting her lower lip and for the first time in a woman I recognised a predatory look in her eyes. Unashamedly I headed to the bar to return as quickly as possible, the night had just changed for the better.

I handed her the glass of Amaretto and coke, she stared deeply… seemingly to my very core before leaning forward and this time gently bit my earlobe as her nails ran down the back of my neck and spine, my body reacted with an unexpected shiver of pleasure “Good Boy, now we’re leaving Pet... we’ve got a lot of work to do” she downed the drink and pulled me towards the exit.

In the taxi she ***fully grabbed my cock, leaned over “I’m going to strip you bare physically and mentally, I’ll completely rebuild you, your desires and needs... and you’re going to love it Pet” and so it began.


long weekend-

Shit........she meant it...shit...

This isn't funny.

My arms ache against the pressure of the leather straitjacket. On the cold floor. Shaking. Stop shaking Metal.... It's dark but i have seen my fate already. Know it intimately, i am it's Architect. In my head looping- "you do it to yourself, you do......and that's what really hurts" You do metal, you do it to your fucking self.

Watched as the last light hid behind the thick steel door of my basement. Got a bit carried away with the steel plate there, eh metal? Perhaps put a bit too much effort into the soundproofing didn't you metal? 

A bit too cocky with making sure the tiling was perfect....a little too sure of yourself sourcing the shiniest and most robust fixings, eyebolts, and winches. Too long spent setting them to the concrete core of your own nightmare.

My jaw is aching. The harness muzzle she strapped too tightly, but she was told, i seem to remember being horribly over eager when we discussed it all. I've been an over excited child when we have discussed this over the phone....... this weekend of security and discipline.

As soon as the muzzle  was in place she cropped my legs until they weakened, Her ferocity was immediate and it took me by surprise. Her face.... I've never seen that look on ayone....didn't think when  i first laid eyes on her innocent face that she was even capable of looking like that... pity...disgust.....anger.

5 minutes into this weekend and she's already made me cry. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Calm metal Breathe....calm the fuck down now.


Legs hurt. This floor isn't helping (it wasn't supposed to in my fantasy) My collar is dragging me to the floor, 2 metres of stupidly thick chain bind it to that cold floor and now i do feel stupid. system of a down mock me in my head, "stupid people do stupid things smart people outsmart each other then themselves, them themselves.....then themselves, then themselves"...........



She had been talking in a chatroom to the woman she was planning to meet and needed to be her best most Dominant self she could for the meeting.  Online she was very ***ful, but she had rarely met or played with anyone she had chatted to electronically and was concerned that her Dominant side would not show as she knew it should.

They had arranged to meet in a park. She had instructed the woman exactly what to wear but had not told her what she would be wearing.  The woman would arrive wearing black high heeled boots, a purple mini skirt with stocking tops just showing a low cut shirt, an uplifting bra no panties and an open knee length coat.  She had been instructed to have her long blonde hair loose around her shoulders and told to carrying a purple clutch bag.

She sat on a bench watching the area and specifically the paths leading up to the pre-arranged meeting place.  She had chosen the meeting place well.  It was secluded but visible to where she was sitting.  In her bag she had bought a mini crop and some rope.  Not to use on a first meeting but to show and possibly to demonstrate if required.

She watched the woman walk tentatively and carefully in her heels up the hill to the bench, looking around as she walked.  She was dressed exactly as instructed and looked stunning. The Mistress was incredibly pleased, she had a really good feeling about this and waited for the woman to sit on the bench and lower her eyes as instructed.  She kept her waiting a couple more minutes letting the tension build.

Feeling no more nerves and her Dominant streak and power now taking over she silently approached the bench where the woman sat.  She stood there, Not making a noise. Just close enough for the woman to see and be aware of someone in front of her.  She walked around the back of the bench scrutinising the woman and making sure that she did not move.

She reached out and stroked the woman’s hair, the woman gasped.  She smiled, an evil glint in her eyes, and walked around to the front of the woman again.

“You may raise your eyes” she said, “but do not look at me directly or speak”

The woman raised her eyes and looked around the park. She could see people playing football and runners and now felt very self-conscious. She blushed but made sure she did not look directly at the Dominant she was hoping would be her Mistress.

“I am pleased you have done as you were instructed and am happy to get to know you more and hopefully to go on to play with you after you have gone over what you expect from a DS relationship. You may now look at me” she said

The woman looked at the Dominant and knew that she had made the right decision to come.


So while this isn't a first BDSM date, it is a BDSM date. I found myself getting very carried away on this. @Annalou this is slightly above 500 words (roughly 6288 :confused: ), and as it is not strictly speaking a first BDSM date, if you want me to relocate this to another thread I'd be happy to. But hopefully someone out there gets some enjoyment out of it, and if you have feedback all the better as I am trying to improve my writing.  Good day to you all and happy reading!


The Spider

It had been a long day at work. Having dealt with angry people calling in all day, she was emotionally spent. Call after call her soul felt drained, and due to the nature of the issues they were calling in about she knew it was likely her dominant was having a very stressful day as well. The more she thought about him, the more she wanted to just escape into his arms. She started to itch for his touch, a warmth and excitement that would bring her pleasure and help erase this terrible day from her mind. Throughout the drive home, she thought it over it in her mind. She knew he would be stressed as well, and he tended to stew over the events of the day. She wanted to get his mind away from all of that, and she knew exactly how to do it.


Upon returning home, she immediately took a comfortable shower. She knew what he liked, and knew that meant being at her sexiest, clean and well put together. As she dressed, she put on a soft black thong. Her small, short dress was a semi-sheer matte in bold red, sleeveless with thin shoulder straps and partially exposed back that bared the entire back of her shoulders as well. Next a pair of Converse All-Star white ankle-height shoes with white no-show socks. She put on just a touch of makeup, a subtle light-red lipstick, letting her long brown hair flow down, just touching the bottom of her shoulder blades with some slight curls. Her French manicure was perfect; very short and smooth, a slight pinkish hue with a clean white edge. A couple very small stud earrings and a very smooth stud tongue piercing were the finishing touches. She knew it would please him greatly to see her like this, and she desperately wanted him to take her as she longed for his touch.


She immediately laid down on the bed, making sure to put her phone away so it wouldn’t be a distraction as she began to itch with anticipation. As he entered the bedroom, she spread her legs a bit, folding her knees upward toward the ceiling while flexing her calves, bringing her rear almost off of the bed while the toes of her shoes pushed down into the duvet slightly, perfectly displaying her legs. She craned her back over to the left, her left hand reaching down and gently touching her shoe while her right hand went over her heart. She had a slight, seductive smile on her face as she looked directly into his eyes. He stopped, surprised, his eyes meeting hers and beginning to wander over her body as her eyes began looking over his. He was wearing a very fitted black henley shirt, tight across his chest and biceps, his veins clearly visible in his arms. She could see the short, trimmed scruff on his face as she began to think about how it would feel on her skin, near her most sensitive areas. She started feeling the arousal build within her as her breathing became a bit deeper, her heart starting to beat harder.


As he ogled her body, he was extremely pleased with how beautiful and sexy she was. Her black thong was clearly exposed in this position, along with the entirety of her smooth sexy legs as she gazed at him. He could feel her desire for him, burning intensely as he himself became aroused. He approached the bed, crawling in between her legs as he grabbed her wrists, pinning them above her head. She exhaled deeply, clearly enjoying the feeling of his control as he began to sniff her neckline like an *** before pulling his head back and staring into her eyes. “Do you remember your word, baby?”, he said, his piercing eyes seeming to go all the way to her soul. “Red, daddy”, she said softly, a thirsty look of desire on her face. She didn’t alter her voice to sound like a little girl, because she knew he loved her voice just as it was, feminine and womanly. “Good girl”, he said before continuing to smell her. He could smell her peppermint fresh breath and the light, delicate scent of her soap as he seemed to consume her scent hungrily. She closed her eyes as he tilted his head, locking lips with her. His tongue played with her tongue a bit as he continued kissing her, trapping her tongue by the piercing with his teeth as she inhaled slowly and deeply through her nose. She felt his exhales blow across her face in growing bursts from his nose, like an agitated beast. As he released her tongue from his teeth, his tongue pressed her tongue down and out of the way, pushing its way back to her throat. As her heartbeat quickened with her excitement, she began to grind her hips into him, gently brushing her legs against his obliques, pressing her clit against him as he kept her pinned down while he continued to kiss her.


His lips disengaging from hers, he pulled back slightly and placed her hands onto his shirt at his obliques. She smiled excitedly as she began peeling his shirt off of his hard body. Using her right hand to place his shirt onto the nightstand, she took the opportunity to stare longingly at his chest. Using both hands, she carefully ran her fingers down from his pecs, feeling all the indentations between the muscles of his chest and six-pack abs as her hands approached his belt line. As she savored the look and feel of his powerful body, he reached down and pulled his belt off. Taking the belt, he looped it around her neck and through the buckle, pulling it tight like a collar and leash. She felt her heart begin to throb as the smooth, soft leather wrapped around her neck, feeling comforted as she knew she belonged to him. Dismounting from the bed and now standing, he tugged on the belt to guide her off of the bed as he looked directly in her eyes. As she now stood before him, he held the belt tightly in his right hand, his left hand moving toward the right strap of her dress. Taking hold of it, he pulled it off of her shoulder, letting it fall down her arm. Hooking his finger behind the left strap, he slid it off her her shoulder. The dress was now only held by the tension of the clasp on the back pulling against her large, firm breasts, the tops of them now entirely bare. He looked in her eyes, and without saying a word, gave her a slight upward nod. She instinctively moved her hands behind her back to undo the clasp as she felt butterflies of anticipation in her abdomen. As she loosened the clasp, the dress fell down to her waist as he stared down at her exposed breasts for a moment. Slowly pulling her dress the rest of the way off of her body, he tossed it onto the nightstand by his shirt.


His right hand still on the belt, he slowly pulled toward him and upward slightly, pulling her onto her toes, and her lips to his. She placed her hands on his chest while they kissed, feeling his pecs again while his left hand grabbed her right breast, massaging and squeezing it. She felt a pinch on her nipple, the sensation ringing through her body. Very aroused, she felt his hand slide down her abdomen, gliding across the fabric of her thong. She almost began to purr as he began stroking her clit through the fabric with his fingers, her hips ever so slightly rocking to push against his hand. Her legs were spread shoulder width apart and she was still on her toes, obediently following his every cue. She felt his hand slide around her right side behind her back, grabbing her rear and squeezing hard as he trapped her tongue again by the piercing with his teeth. She inhaled sharply through her nose as she felt a strong spank, her mouth still captive on his. She could feel his left hand moving up her back, the slightly rough texture of his hands almost tickling her back as it rose to the back of her head. The hair on the back of her head began to feel tight, his hand clenching her hair in a firm, assertive hold. His teeth released her tongue as he pulled her head away from him a bit. He looked directly into her eyes, and in a low steady voice said “turn around, and put your hands on the back of your head”. “Yes daddy”, she said softly as she turned around, her hands placed neatly behind her head.


She felt the smooth white rope glide around her chest, almost as if it was silk. Wrapping and weaving around her back, shoulders and breasts, she felt the ropes pull tightly as he secured them into a chest harness. He grabbed her elbows next, pulling them together until they were adjacent to each other. Her shoulders pulled back, arching her back slightly, accentuating her cleavage. She felt more smooth, silky rope winding around the top of her elbows, locking them together tightly as he pulled a length around and tied it to the chest harness behind her neck to ensure it could not be shaken down. As he grabbed her wrists, she felt them squeeze together as he expertly weaved the rope around and in between them. He secured the wrist ties to the elbow ties, once again ensuring that they could not be shaken down. Her arms now immobilized, she started to indulge in the pleasure of being *** and under his control. She felt his breath in her right ear as he instructed her, “be a good girl and turn around” in almost a whisper. The proximity to her ear caused her to feel a rush all the way up and down her body, almost shuddering a moment as the feeling radiated down from her head to every part of her body. She turned to face him as he stood back a bit, admiring her sexy body. She saw the lust and desire in his eyes burning brightly as she began to think about all the things he might do with her. Her thong was becoming moist as she began to drip with excited anticipation.


Approaching her, he grabbed the back of her head by the hair again. Tilting her head back, he began to trace her soft, supple lips with his finger.   She was thrilled because she knew what would come next, and she loved it. Staring at her mouth, he said to her “make daddy proud” in a soft, clear voice as he began pulling downward on the belt and on her hair, forcing her to her knees. Using the belt and her hair, he pulled her face right next to the button and zipper on his pants. Her arms were bound tightly behind her back, so she could use only her mouth. Without a word, she immediately began removing his pants with her teeth. First the button, then the zipper, and slowly sliding down each side and the front until his pants fell to his ankles. Gently brushing away the pants with his feet, he pulled her head to his abs. His abs were hard, looking like a brick wall, but warm and comfortable to her lips as she began kissing his abs gently and slowly. As she worked her way down to the waistband of his underwear, she could feel the heat from his hard, erect member radiating to her face. She grabbed the waistband with her mouth, just above his cock, and began working the waistband of his underwear down from the front and toward each side of his hips. She felt his cock twitch as she moved the waistband down over it, her nose brushing against it as she pulled the underwear down, until they too fell to his ankles as he swiftly brushed them aside with his feet as well. She looked up at him, his sexy muscular body towering over her as she sat back on her legs. As her gaze lowered across his body, her eyes became transfixed on his thick, hard cock standing upright, so close to her face. Her mouth almost felt dry from the heavy breathing, her saliva thickened by all the excitement as she eagerly awaited what came next.


Taking hold of her head by her hair and the belt around her neck, he instructed her “look in my eyes baby”. She obediently lifted her eyes to his, gazing longingly into them as if she’d waited years for this. He slowly pulled her mouth to the bottom of his cock. As her lips touched the bottom of his shaft, she began kissing it immediately with her pillowy soft lips. He very slowly brought her head higher and higher on his shaft as she heard his exhales deepen, clearly enjoying what she was doing. Upon reaching the top, she felt him begin pressing the tip against her lips. Instinctively she gently opened her lips, keeping some pressure around her lips as she gently sucked. Paying special attention to the frenulum, she began moving her tongue across his shaft as he continued pressing it deeper into her mouth, using her smooth tongue piercing like a massage ball. She heard a low sigh escape his lips as he exhaled, his eyes momentarily closing as he focused on the pleasurable sensation. As the tip of his shaft entered her throat, she expertly continued to stroke with her tongue as she held her breath. As he slowly pulled back from her throat, she inhaled through her nose while continuing to massage his shaft with her mouth. She had excellent control over her gag reflex, with no perceptible reaction. Still looking right in his eyes, she saw on his face how much he craved feeling her mouth and throat on his cock. Her soft lips left a slight streak of red from her lipstick as she gently sucked on his thick, hard cock. Her tongue whirled around his shaft, continuing to use her piercing to massage the most sensitive parts of his cock while she used her teeth to intermittently tickle his shaft gently. Stroke by stroke, she watched on his face as his excitement simmered. In, and out. In, and out. Seemingly going deeper in her throat bit by bit, her nose touching his abdomen as his balls came to rest on her chin, he could see his cock move into her throat in a mirror. He was so pleased at the sight, almost lost in the pleasure. His breathing quickened as she felt his hands pull her head tightly against him, his cock fully inserted into her mouth and throat as he exploded inside her. Wave after wave of sweet cum came crashing down her throat as she held her breath, her face starting to turn a bit reddish as she stared in his eyes. He sighed out loud as he ejaculated, so pleased with her, and the pleasure of having his cock down her throat. It felt like minutes went by before he pulled his cock out of her throat, her gasping to catch her breath as he did so, sniffling a bit. She eagerly began cleaning his shaft with her mouth and tongue, wanting to consume all of his precious cum that she worked so hard for as his cock twitched with sensitivity.


Using the belt and her hair, he slowly pulled her to her feet. “Such a good girl”, he remarked to her as his left hand left her head and caressed her breasts a bit, before sliding down her abdomen and into her thong, his finger directly rubbing her clit. “You didn’t think we were done, did you?” “No daddy”, she said with a pleasing ache of desire visible on her face. Using his left hand, he began to feel around the different parts of her body under the thong, consciously noting how wet she was as a smirk formed on his face. Pushing her thong down as he slid his hand over her ass, they eventually fell to her ankles and she stepped out of them. Bringing his face very close to hers, gently caressing the sides of her head with his hands, he said to her “turn around again for daddy”. Without hesitation, she slowly turned around as he looked her up and down, relishing the sight of her naked body. She felt him loosening the wrist restraints, the smooth rope sliding on her skin until it came off. As he began undoing the elbow ties, she moved her hands back ever so slightly rearward, finding his still erect member and gently caressing it slowly with her hands. “Very good girl”, he said, “you know just how to please daddy”. She could practically hear his smile in his voice, a smile forming on her face as well as she slightly bit her lower lip in glee. Her right knee slightly came forward as she instinctively flexed her right calf, bringing her right leg up on her toes, knowing he loved when she displayed her legs for him. As the elbow ties slid off, freeing her arms, she felt his hands grab her shoulders, gently spinning her around to face him. Grabbing her ass with both hands and squeezing, she felt him lift her off the ground, her arms and legs immediately wrapping around him as he pulled her into him. Gently rubbing his back with her hands, she brought her lips to his, kissing him as he carried her the few steps over to the foot of the bed.


As she continued kissing him, he placed her at the center of the foot of the bed, her hips just off the edge of the bed. He took her arms and laid them on the bed stretched out above and away from her head diagonally toward the corners of the head of the bed. He stood up and quickly stooped under the bed, retrieving an enormous amount more rope. He immediately set to work as she watched, excited as she wondered what was next. Carefully spinning ties around her left wrist, he anchored one to a tie down at the head of the bed. The second one he anchored directly off the side of the bed, and the third diagonally off the corner of that side of the bed. Making sure they were all tight, he moved to her right wrist, quickly duplicating his work on the other side. After tightening the ropes, ensuring her arms were stretched tight, he added one more rope connecting both wrists, tensioning them toward each other. He began looping rope around the sides of the chest harness ropes she was still wearing, anchoring them off the side of the bed and pulling them taut. Moving to her legs, he carefully bent her right leg at the knee, bringing her knee over toward the corner of the bed perpendicular to her body. The ropes were cool to the touch on her warm skin as he slid them around her leg above and below the knee, tightly tying her knee down so that it was resting on the soft duvet. The one below her knee went slightly up and off the side of the bed, keeping her leg pulled out and tensioned toward the side of the bed. The one above her knee came straight up, anchoring off the head of the bed, keeping her leg from coming toward the foot of the bed. As he grabbed her right ankle, dangling in the air off the foot of the bed, he began groping her leg, admiring how sexy it was, with her cute shoe still on. For how much he enjoyed every part of her, she knew he prized her legs. Lean, toned and slender, she waxed everywhere regularly and took special care to ensure her skin was silky smooth and perfect, especially on her legs. She smiled as she saw and felt him taking his time with them, kissing all the way up and down her leg as he carefully enjoyed it. Tying a rope around her ankle, he anchored it off of the corner of the bed, ensuring it could not come up or inward, leaving her leg tightly tied down like an inverted L. Moving to her left leg, he tightened the ties slowly as her leg and hips stretched open until her knee was tightly pressed into the bed. As she watched him gazing at her legs, wide open, she noticed how happy he was with her flexibility as his mind stewed over it. Just when she thought he was done, he took two more ropes, this time around her upper thighs as he cinched them down off the foot of the bed, tensioning against her arms.


As she tilted her head around to look, it was as if she had been trapped by a spider, a white web of silky ropes seemingly running everywhere across the gray duvet. As he began bringing over a large red ball gag, she felt the saliva in her mouth; it was thick and almost felt dry from her heavy, aroused breathing. He leaned over her in between her legs, his left hand caressing the right side of her face as he stared in her eyes. His thumb began brushing her soft, supple lips before beginning to push slightly between them. Instantly she opened her mouth, wrapping her lips around his thumb, beginning to gently suck on it as she massaged it with her tongue. “Such a good girl for daddy”, he beamed. “Now open wide”. She obediently opened her mouth as he inserted the gag in her mouth, her jaw having to open even slightly wider to accommodate it. He secured it tightly to her head, ensuring it could not be ***d out. He began gently kissing her face, holding the sides of her head with his hands and gently running his hands through her soft, flowing hair. It was obvious that he cared very deeply for her, and she felt so loved and safe in his hands, under his confident control. It felt so good having him wrapped around her, caressing her, his warmth against her body. Still holding her face in his hands, he whispered in her ear “you have my permission to cum at will. My will. And you will cum, more than you think you will.” Already getting a tingling sensation racing through her body from his whispered breath in her ear, her muscles tried to shudder from the feeling. Tried, and failed. As she was consciously digesting his words, she subconsciously began to realize just how tightly she was bound. She could not move at all save for tilting her head and feet; her arms, body and legs were completely immobilized. She was splayed open before him, every part of her was exposed and available to him. As she realized how *** she was, she began imagining what he might do to her next, becoming incredibly aroused as the anticipation overwhelmed her. He could do absolutely anything to her, and she was powerless to resist. Her pussy dripped with the thoughts running through her mind.


He began kissing down her face to her chest, lightly brushing her arms with his fingers all the way from her palms to her armpits, down the side of her chest toward her breasts as his kissing reached them as well. She giggled lightly through the gag as the tickling sensation caused her muscles to contract, trying to twitch away but failing to move at all against the tight web of ropes restraining her. As he leaned over her body, he began to set his chest down on her abs, positioning his head directly over her breasts as he kissed them, his hands sliding between the soft duvet and her back as his arms slid behind her back at the shoulder blades behind her breasts. His strong arms now encircled her, arching her back and pushing her breasts up toward his eager face. She felt so safe with his arms around her, so turned on by his lips on her breasts that she closed her eyes to focus on his touch. His lips felt so good; warm, wet and soft, randomly touching down on various areas of her breasts as she felt his stubble brush up against them. Short, but just long enough to be soft, the hairs on his face created a soft tickle wherever they touched her skin. Her breath deepened, audible as excited bursts came through her nose. She felt his lips seal around her right nipple, the suction pulling her nipple into his mouth as his hot, wet tongue lashed across it. A soft moan escaped her lips through the gag, her toes curling in her shoes as his mouth became a whirlwind on her breasts. The heat, the texture of his tongue, and the intensity of the suction caused such pleasure for her that she began feeling it in other parts of her body. Delighted by the sensations as he focused on her right breast, her muscles began to contract uncontrollably as her breathing slowed. Her body clenched against the ropes as she momentarily stopped breathing, an orgasm washing over her like a wave from the ocean. As he felt her orgasm, a satisfied smirk lit across his face. He loved feeling her orgasm, satisfied in his power to cause such intense pleasure in her. As he moved to her left breast, another moan emanated from her lips, his teeth beginning to pinch her nipple while he sucked and brushed it with his tongue. Her breathing had quickened, ***ful enough with each breath that he could almost feel her exhales on his face. Her head gently rolled around as she lost control of her muscles, lost in the pleasure as her muscles suddenly seized. Harder and more ***ful this time, the orgasm seemed to lock up her muscles harder, her breathing stopped longer. An almost evil smile formed on his face, clearly pleased as she orgasmed again.


As she tried to catch her breath, she felt his arms slide out from underneath her. Beginning to lift his chest off her abdomen, she felt her breathing get a bit easier as she continued her deep breathing. She wouldn’t get much of a reprieve, however, as she then felt his mouth kissing down from her breasts across her toned abs. Straining her neck to look, she watched as his lips kissed across her abs. As he passed her belly button, her arousal skyrocketed with anticipation as she felt his hot, wet kisses so close to her pussy, her head returning to rest on the bed. She felt his hands begin playing with her shoes, running over the tops of them and over her ankles as his kisses reached the edge of her clit. His hands began running up her leg, the rough texture of his hands brushing over her calves and thighs as his lips touched down on her pussy. She felt the suction of his mouth as his lips sealed around the top of it, his warm, moist tongue pushing past her lips as it began tickling her clit. Moaning, her muscles pulled against the ropes, adding tension to them but still unable to move at all. He could feel her hip muscles desperately trying to push her clit into him harder as her excitement spiraled out of control. She was so wet, his tongue lapping up some of her sweet juices as he tasted her. “My sweet girl”, he said as he .She felt his right hand slide off of her thigh, and suddenly felt two of his fingers begin pushing their way into her. So smoothly gliding around her well lubricated pussy, they began to probe her most sensitive areas while his mouth relentlessly lashed her clit. His fingers pivoted to her g-spot, beginning to rhythmically stroke across it as her moaning suddenly became louder through the gag, her breathing becoming desperate as the muscles in her hips began trying to buck. She became nervous when it felt like she had to pee, a pressure growing inside her like she never felt before. It was then that she realized he was going to make her squirt. She had never done it before, and she had been afraid to do it lest she accidentally pee on him. Should she use her safe word? She had a gag on, so all it would take is a few timed bursts of ‘um’ while shaking her head, and it all would stop. But it felt so good, and he was always good to her. She felt safe with him. She trusted him.


Sensing her trepidation as he felt her muscles began fighting against her impending orgasm, he rose to his feet, leaning over her and placing his hands around her face. Gently kissing her face again, he looked in her eyes. “Don’t worry, my sweet baby. I know you’re scared, but I want to give you this amazing pleasure. Just let go and daddy will take care of you.” She felt her anxiety ease, relaxing again, feeling safe in his hands as his reassuring words soothed her mind. His mouth and hands sliding down her body, she felt his mouth reach her clit again as his fingers rapidly found their way back to her g-spot. She closed her eyes as she focused on the pleasurable sensations - his soft, wet tongue lashing her clit and occasionally tickled by his teeth as his slightly rough fingers stroked the most sensitive parts inside her. The scruff on his face tickled her sensitive skin all around his mouth, only adding to the pleasure. The pressure inside her quickly mounted as her rapid breathing became labored, her abdominal muscles beginning to clamp down on her diaphragm as her whole body clenched. Her breathing fell shallow as she felt like she would explode any moment, when suddenly she felt his left thumb lightly brush over her anus. The extra sensation overwhelmed her as her breathing stopped altogether, pushing her quickly over the edge. She felt her whole body begin to pulse, her pussy tightly gripping his fingers as her sweet juices gushed onto his chin and down his chest with each wave. No longer in control of her muscles, her eyes closed as she felt each pulse race through her body, waves of pleasure crashing over her. It was a short amount of time, but in her mind it felt endless. As the pulsing subsided, she gasped for breath, her muscles falling limp. It felt so good she could hardly believe it. Slowly coming to her senses, she realized she had squirt all over his face and chest. Her face started to turn red with embarrassment, but then she saw the grin on his wet face and realized that he was extremely pleased with this outcome. After wiping his face with a towel, he retrieved the Hitachi Magic Wand he had surreptitiously hidden, plugged in nearby.


Enjoying the look of his hard sexy body as he stood directly between her legs, she felt his stiff throbbing cock start to push against her wet pussy lips as she saw the vibrator in his left hand. She hadn’t even fully caught her breath yet as she felt his warm, massive cock push slowly into her. She gasped for breath, releasing it in load moans as her labored breathing became even more difficult. Stroking in and out of her, she could feel his enormous cock pushing so deeply into her that she began to feel it in her throat. At the same time, his right hand grabbed the belt that was still around her neck, pulling it tight so it gently squeezed her throat. With each stroke she could feel her pleasure building, her pussy squeezing his rigid member as it continued penetrating her. Her legs started shaking uncontrollably, her shoes flailing in the air as the only part of her legs that could move. She felt the pressure building inside her even more this time, when she suddenly heard the buzz of the vibrator. Without warning, she felt it touch down on her clit as she squealed through the large red ball gag still fixed in her mouth. Her muscles went crazy, unhinged as the vibrations sent shockwaves through her body. The sensations were so intense it almost began to feel like her entire body was vibrating. She barely had enough strength to tilt her head to look at him, his powerful chest towering over her as she looked at the ridges of his pecs. She saw the happiness that lit his face as he looked over her toned, beautiful body, trapped in his web and boiling over with the pleasure he was giving her. She closed her eyes as she let the sensations drown out everything else. Her breathing came to a halt as her legs continued to convulse, the rest of her muscles suddenly locked up. No longer able to be held back, the most intense orgasm she had ever felt began ripping through her body. Her pussy squirt so ***fully around his cock that it splashed against him, some bouncing off of him and hitting her abs and thighs. She started to become lightheaded from the lack of breath as the thrusting and vibrations continued unabated. She was *** as explosions of pleasure rocked her body. Her heart was beating deeply and quickly, racing to deliver *** all over her overexcited body. Just as if she felt she might pass out, suddenly she felt him lift the vibrator as it turned off, pulling his member out of her as he let go of the belt around her neck. Her head collapsed on the bed with her eyes closed, her breathing returning seconds later in a gasp as her whole body went limp.


As she desperately tried to catch her breath, she felt him lean over her again, his hands gently grabbing her head as she felt kisses on her face. She felt his hands reach behind and unlock the gag, removing it from her mouth as she continued breathing heavily through both her nose and mouth. She felt his mouth start to briefly wander over her breasts again, gently squeezing them with his hands. She whimpered softly as her breathing caught up. His face returned to her head, locking lips with her, his tongue immediately pushing back to her throat as he held the belt tight around her neck. He could still slightly taste the peppermint in her mouth, smelling the light scent of her soap radiate off of her hot, excited body. He pulled back and stood up, climbing onto the bed so that his knees straddled her, his cock now hovering above her face. She watched him as she felt his hands grip her hair and the belt, pulling her head up while he inserted his hard, wet cock into her mouth. As she pursed her lips around it, she began lightly sucking as she rolled her tongue across it. She could taste herself on him, sweet like a white peach. Using his hands to control her head, he started thrusting slowly in and out of her mouth while she diligently used her lips, tongue and teeth to massage his cock. Even though she was exhausted, she still expertly stroked him with her mouth, greedily wanting more of his cum. While she looked in his eyes she heard his breathing quicken, and knew he was close to the edge again. She felt his hands tighten around her head and the belt, pushing himself deeper into her mouth. Within moments she felt his cock pulse in her mouth, squirting more cum down her throat as he sighed in pleasure. He retracted his cock slowly from her mouth as she sucked and licked, making sure nothing was left on it. He slid the belt off of her neck as he placed her head back down on the bed.


She was still in a daze as she watched him quickly undo the ropes restraining her, still motionless and unable to move. After quickly cleaning up and storing the ropes and gag, he wiped himself off with a towel and put his boxer briefs back on. She felt him towel her off as well, and then she felt him pull her up farther onto the bed. Her whole body was limp like a rag doll, her muscles completely spent and her nervous system still abuzz. He left briefly and came back with a tray of hot tea and warm water, helping her sit up temporarily to sip some water to help rehydrate her. Turning her on her left side facing him, he pulled his right arm underneath her head like a pillow, his left arm pulling around her shoulder and back with her head positioned slightly lower than his, about the top of his chest. He positioned his legs so that his feet wrapped around hers, his left arm gently stroking her hair near her head as she nuzzled into his chest. His scent was entrancing and comforting to her. She was exhausted, but she felt so good. Safe in his arms, she felt so loved. She was his. And her trust in him deepened even further with this powerful experience.



We’ve been talking for months now, and even though we’re yet to meet I feel there is a connection between us. I’d been wondering how long it would take him to invite me out, and finally the day had arrived. I’m both excited and nervous as I get myself ready, easily inserting my remote control vibrator before slipping on lacy underwear and my classy but sexy black dress. I added a silver ***r, suggestive of a collar yet only a piece of jewellery.

When I arrive at the restaurant, he’s waiting outside for me checking his watch. I hurry my pace to get to him, not wanting to be late. He smiles and greets me warmly, before taking my arm and leading me inside. He leads me to the table, pulling my chair out and leaning to whisper in my ear as he tucks the chair in underneath me “do you have something for me?”. His breath on my neck and confidence send shivers through me. I glance around nervously to ensure nobody is watching before I take the remote control for m vibrator out of my bag and hand it to him.

Dinner passes quickly, a combination of good food and light conversation as we get to know each other better. We discover shared interests as the conversation flows easily, randomly interspersed with teasing buzzes as he toys with the controller. By the time dinner finishes, I’m soaking with anticipation. He’s never let the toy buzz more than a brief tease, and I’m keen for more. He takes me on a walk through the town, one arm around me guiding me firmly and holding me close to him. The teasing with the toy is building now, lasting longer, stronger buzzing each time.

Before I know it, we’re back at his hotel and he’s opening the door to the room. The door has barely closed behind us when I find myself slammed firmly against the wall, pinned there by a strong hand around my throat. My breath leaves me in a gasp as I look into his eyes, his earlier gentlemanly appearance gone and replaced with a burning carnal desire. My hands instinctively reach up and grab his as his grip tightens, making it difficult to breathe. He slaps my face firmly before pushing my hands away, growling “no…tonight you are mine, to do with as I please”. I nod my understanding, whispering “yes sir” and am rewarding with a long, intense buzz of my vibrator as he kisses me hungrily.

I’m left breathless as he steps away and takes a seat at the edge of the bed. He instructs me to remove my dress and I do so, still nervous but eager now to see what he has in store. I move towards him and lay my dress on the bed next to him. His eyes travel over my body and I resist the urge to cover myself, instead clasping my hands behind me and earning a nod of approval as he points to the floor in front of him and growls “kneel”.

I kneel in front of him, my legs slightly spread and hands still clasped behind me. I lick my lips nervously, my breath coming quicker from my mixture of excitement and anticipation as he reaches into his bag. I strain to get a look at what he has inside as I hear the rustles and clinks, but am unsuccessful. That image of him, strong and in control, towering above me as he leans towards me to tie the black cloth around my eyes is the last thing I’ll see that night. The blindness only enhances my feelings of submission and arousal, heightening every sense as I wonder what he has in store for me.

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