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He wasn’t sure where to put his hands. She kept grinding herself deeper. The car shook with each lustful movement. The streetlight above the car ticked on. The sun was going down and the sky was a brilliant red reflecting off the clouds. She was sitting reverse cowgirl, rubbing her breasts. Pinching her nipples. She had kind of forgotten him until he placed his hands on her hips to help him thrust deeper. She let slip a low moan. She lifted her hips and turned around. She sat back down on top of his slick member. He placed his hands back on her hips, but soon made his way up to her beautiful neck and breasts. With a slow, gentle movement, he squeezed his hands against both. 

She asked him to squeeze harder. The rocking of the car was more than noticeable. Onlookers could not see faces, but they knew the car. They knew it was the childless couple that lived in the bottom apartment. The ones who, on occasion, disturbed their neighbors’ sleep.

She squeaked and grunted. Feeling a slight lightheadedness, but pushing through. Grunting, he moved his hand from her breast to her ass and held her still as he pumped. She grabbed his hair. She knew he liked a light tug as he became entrenched within his pleasure.  With one smooth motion, he picked her up and placed her on her back. She likes for him to go as deep as he can, so she brought her knees to her chest and a foot to either side of his head.

As he slammed his hips into hers, she let out a playful giggle, a sudden gasp. His methodical rhythm enticed her and sent her hips a-wiggle. She could no longer take it, she must cum. Cum or pass out from the ***. She began to rub her clit. Heavy panting lead to grunting, which became a high-pitched moan. 

She cums, it feels like a rush of adrenaline mixed with euphoria. He does not stop. As she whines and begins a shrill yell, he quickens the pace and is trying to hold himself back.

He cums with a low grunt and grumbled moan. Still thrusting, he begins to slow. 

They shift upon the back seat, backing away from one another to allow their bodies to cool. For the first time they think about the amount of noise and motion that could be interpreted as “fucking.” They dress and get out. The cool night air brings a chill to the heat of their bodies. They look at one another for a moment and then begin to snigger. After a moment of giggling, they head back to their apartment. He unlocks the door and holds it open for her. She gives one more brief laugh due to the blank stare on his face. His thoughts race back to thirty minutes prior, after they had finished their ice cream and she looked at him with her sly little grin.


P.S. There is one story that received 3 more points than the chosen winner, but it wasn't selected as the winner because it included excessive swearing. Our Code of Conduct states that the use of excessive swearing in the forum is not encouraged or promoted. However, @METALSIR has received points and an upgrade for his story too :)

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