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Uk dungeon or sex hotel recommendations


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Can anyone recommend a UK dungeon for hire or hotel suitable for a Scat play and Water sports. 

Ideally looking for somewhere with a large wet room type private play area, for a filthy rendezvous!!! Where clean up will be easy.

Obviously we could take a paddling pool to any hotel, but we don’t want to be as constrained if possible.

Fingers crossed someone can recommend a venue 💩 💦 🤞


Most of the dungeons allow watersports.

scat play - I'm a little less certain on.   I'm not 100% sure which dungeons have reopened and which allow private hire but

Stockport dungeon - yes and yes

likewise for Hoxton Dungeon Suite (I know scat play has taken place in there, I guess the question is what you have in mind....)

Peacock Parlour has reopened, but not really suitable for this type of play


Liberty elite club near Leicester looked good, is that worth a try? Swingers on Channel 4 showed it in good light recently, might be able to re-watch it on 4od?


as a general rule I'd avoid swingers clubs.  nothing against swingers clubs.   But, for example - Liberty Elite is marked as being 'social only' due to covid - so that rules that out as a possibility for many months.  Others are in a similar boat.

This has meant, for example, one of our local swingers clubs has offered out premise hire.   This is something which is generally quite rare as most swing clubs make the bulk of their *** from swingers so wouldn't jeopardise this.   So when things do resume - I would be highly surprised if any allow for scat play as any lingering smell or mess is going to be off-putting when their main *** makers come in.

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