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Newbie needing help with limits


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Hey all.  im new here and i don't know how to deal with bdsm every time when someone  ask me about my fetish i don't know what to respond since i never try anything yet i mean i like everything about bdsm i don't even know if i have hard limit !!? 


Hello and welcome to Fetish.com :)  I wrote an article on BDSM boundaries just recently and it might help you  find yours: 


Well done for coming and asking questions, this is definitely the best place to do that :)

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You could also do the bdsmtest.org

As you develop and experience more your results may change.


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Not a full answer given, now there is

hard limits are stuff you definitely do not wish to do.  to be honest though, it's a very weird opening/early question to ask someone.  I think a limit question only important if you're negotiating play with someone and it's something they might do.   

but what's your fetish - I dunno, what turns you on?   Granted our bodies play all sorts of surprises on us - but you must have some idea what appeals to you

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