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In law fetish


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How do I put this? I have these weird thoughts of fucking my *** in law, I don't know why I have these thoughts but I sure do like it, anyone else has these thoughts or is it just me?

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@Kinkyjim199, yeah I had this same desire when I was married, but that was a long time ago (the m.a.rr.iage not the desire).  Mate I was very lucky in that I actually did manage to fuck my ***-in-law.  She was some 7 years younger than me and had not long left high school.  Having her was something very special, and that memory still burns bright in my mind.  After a few years she married, had kids, and then separated.  By this time my m.a.rr.iage had ended, my ex remarried and moved overseas, so I went looking to rekindle that deep friendship, but alas she had moved several times and I lost contact with her.  She was such a deliciously  sexy girl.


(for some reason it deleted the word m.a.r.r.i.a.g.e several times) Let's see how it goes this time.

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