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Forbidden Lullaby


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She sang, she sang even when the king had forbidden music. Ever since the Queen died, no music was allowed. But she sang anyway. But she was careful to hide it. She sang the Forbidden Lullaby. The King found out, somehow he always does. He ordered her to be put to death. She sang to her last breath, until they cut off her head. That was the last straw for the people, for her music had been a great comfort and she had been the kindest person you would ever know. They rebelled, but no matter what they did they were always defeated. They were punished and almost beaten to death. Then one night, the king lay in his bead, when he heard music, furious he went to punish whoever made that sound. But he realized it came from his own room, it vibrated around him. There was no escaping it and he sobbed into his pillow. Finally, the girl, the one he had put to death appeared. The king went mad. He screamed and threw his pillow at him, he yelled at her to be quiet. But she sang on, nothing he did affected her. The pillow went through her, she ignored his screaming. Then another voice joined with the first, and the queen appeared before him and she sang with the girl. For the girl, was her daughter, and the daughter of the King, yet he had killed her. They sang through the entire night while the king cried and whined. Finally before dawn, they stopped, the queen looked at him and said, "How could you do this to my people? How could you end my daughters life?" Then she and her daughter dissipated. And the King changed, none knew why but he allowed music again and gave *** as pardon for hurting them. He was kind and gentle. No one knew why the change came. But sometimes the guards swear they hear voices singing in the Kings room, some swear that they see a glow of ghosts in the Kings room. But when asked the King simply smiles and shakes his head

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