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She stood perfectly still, as if a lifeless mannequin. Not frozen in fear, so much; instead, her mind was focused, deep in concentration. Though she felt fear, her emotions were really a jumbled mess of chaos, she was far separated from any of those feelings. Rather, it seemed as if she were watching a motion picture at the theater, floating behind herself like some ethereal specter able to see inside this female body's head, able to following her plight, yet otherwise unable to affect the situation in which she finds herself. A victim of circumstance, she thought to herself as she observed the poor girl.

The sudden cheerful chirp of a cherub's voice questioned the motionless girl, “Do you want this?” The tiny female was in front of her and off to the right, concern evident on her face framed by long blonde tresses. She looked the living statue over, taking her hand into both of hers as if to try to pull her away, to spirit her escape from this dreadful place. However, she was unmoved and unresponsive, lost within her mind. “Do you want this?” the angelic creature asked once again with another tug on the girl's hand, then let it slip from between her fingers and sending tingles up the girl's listless arm.

The doll could feel his eyes on her, and even as stationary as she was, she found a way to seem only further paralyzed, the icy breath caught in her chest. She felt incredibly naked suddenly despite being fully dressed in multiple layers, but she knew he could see right through to her bare flesh. That wasn't the full truth: he could peer clear into her soul. Deeper even, at times he seemed as if he was able to read her entire timeline, from her first thoughts to things that have yet to occur. Somehow, this all seemed perfectly natural, and completely unnerving at the same time. He had seen her, outside and in, and she knew without a doubt, this is what she wanted.

“Yes!!!” she exclaimed after the celestial beauty that had already fluttered away. The abrupt outburst startled even her, but the blonde did not seem to take heed as she slowly faded into the encroaching gloom. The light seemed to flicker as if cast by candles caught in a sharp breeze, and then went dim with an ominous glow. The heat drained from around her, and she felt as if she should be able to see when she exhaled. Despite the clothing, she trembled due to the sudden temperature drop, feeling the frigid change in her resolve. Maybe because she had been frozen stiff, she still was unable move.

An unexpected, yet distinct chill ran through her lithe body; it felt like a long, slender snake slithered rapidly up her spine. Her shoulders tingled as if unseen bony fingers tapped on them, taking hold of her so she couldn't run even if she tried. An invisible weight seemed to settle upon the sinister side of her head, and a rich, dark voice carrying the sweet promise of depravity and perversion rolled into her left ear like a thick, viscous fluid, invading her brain with the words, “Do you want this?” The phrase sounded lascivious and lewd, causing her heart to race and touching her deep in her loins. That voice resonated with a knowing tone, simultaneously threatening to expose her darkest secrets and offering such splendid debauchery.

“Yes,” escaped her plump lips with a struggle, like she had been struck in the chest and the breath knocked from her lungs. Abruptly, the weight seem lifted from her shoulders, and the cold that had crept in melted away. The light flooded the room in a radiant flare, and several bulbs around the room buzzed with the pulse as if about to burst. As her eyes adjusted, time also slowly began to tick away once again, but how much time had past? Perhaps, it was mere moments, maybe hours; she was finding it difficult to even imagine. Life began to flow through her veins and action returned to her limbs. Every fiber of her being screamed at her to run, and just as soon as she could muster it, she surely would do just that.

Just as she regained the constitution to take flight, the awareness of someone standing behind her surprised her, catching her off guard and causing her to gasp. However, she did not turn around; she didn't need to in order to know it was him. She could sense him, his energy reverberated through her, and his scent violated her with the comfort of familiarity and security. A smile spread across her lips as he slipped a purposive hand into her long, thick hair, the heat of his palm never missing its mark at her nape as deft fingers compressed her throat firmly; she amazed how his thumb always found that perfect spot that caused her head to spin. Surely, she would be a just a limp pile of girl parts on the floor if it wasn't for his powerful grasp on her.

Her body wasn't hers to control any longer; undoubtedly, it was his. It took him no effort, as he moved his arm connected to her, so did she. As he turned and began to exit the room, she did as well, gracefully just before him on his right. They came to a door which he directed her through into a hallway with entrances lining both walls as far as she could see. They began to walk down the corridor with purpose; she turned her head slightly to peek at him, her gaze sneaking to his confident smile, serene and aware. Lowering her eyes as she bowed her head, she lustfully whispered a single syllable as if in response to some lingering query...


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