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(CG) Round One


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(Preamble: This is the second chapter of "the Crying Game".)

“Pick a number between one and ten,” he said, fingers on the deck of cards before him at the ready to flip the top one.

The girl took several long seconds to think about it. Although the position she was holding wasn't overly taxing, pressed against the surface and stretched as she was made it difficult to take anything more than a shallow breath, while each exhale only caused the next inhale to feel more restricted. She swallowed deep, and a number escaped her lips before she could even reconsider, “Seven.”

The top card slid off the deck slowly as he raised it to his face, studying it with unreadable eyes before dropping it to the tabletop exposing it as the five of spades. “Five,” he spoke with a solemn tone, “you won this round. You'll receive seven lashings; now we need a high card to determine the tool. Which do you choose to begin?”

“Red king,” rushed out of her mouth without forethought.

He turned and walked over to a small stand obscured by shadows, various instruments of ***ful infliction placed carefully on top. Next to each, a set of high cards indicated the item to be used; he touched the item next to the set of red kings before flipping the King of Diamonds face down. He took the instrument in hand and returned to the head of the table overlooking the girl. He slapped the item against his left palm with a loud pop, startling her, then he began to speak, “Fortunate choice.

“This is the leather ruler, a very stout strap. It is made from a strip of fine leather, folded in half and glued to make a single, thicker strap. This one is about an inch wide and two feet long, with a half inch thickness; it has a slight flex, and is extremely slappy, so makes an obvious clap sound. The sensation is stingie, but also deep impact, and it is capable of causing very precise and vivid bruising in wide stripes.

“I say it is a fortunate choice, because of the instruments available, this I would classify as the least ***ful. Although capable of higher levels of *** certainly, in comparison to the others, the ruler averages maybe around five or six out of ten.” He slapped it against his palm again as if to punctuate the point before concluding, “It will serve well as an 'unintentional' warm-up, a definite win on your part.” She could not tell if he was truly being sarcastic, but there was no doubt the irony he found in the accidental kindness.

In the span of a blink, he was beside her on the left of her jutting bottom, ripe for the plucking. She was trembling slightly, but from this angle it was unmistakable. Another slap against his palm reclaimed her attention, and she focused on holding the position. “Seven,” he reminded, “count clear and loud. This will hurt; you may cry, you may scream, you may cuss and curse me, but do not move from your spot until after you've tolled the final strike. Do you have any questions?”

“No,” was all she could manage to *** out.

He rested his heavy hand on the base of her back, just over her ass. The next couple of words out of his mouth were spoke in the most stoic manner possible, “Good luck”, but as the ruler licked across her cheeks sharply the next moment, all she could think of was how much of an asshole he was right then. The sound wasn't loud enough to scare her, but she wasn't expecting the fire it left in its aftermath.

“One!” she shouted, but kept still. The *** was searing, not unbearable, though. Almost arousing, if she was being honest with herself. The next strike landed just below the previous, inching down her buttocks and spreading the wild fire. “Two!” The pop sounded louder that time, and it sent shivers through her lower region, a deeper impact than she expected on first glance. The next hit caused her to bite her lower lip and inhale in a sudden hiss, landing lower then the previous two directly across the space where her ass and upper thigh meet. “Three!” was her only response to the burning she felt.

“You're doing great,” he cooed at her. The dark sadist stood over the panting girl for a bit, admiring his handiwork; the bloom of overlapped bruising was already beginning to show on her right buttock. With a smile and a step, he took position on her right side, and swung once again.

“Four!” she cried out. Despite the direction change relieving some of the impact from her right cheek, it lit a fresh fire in the left. The *** was intense, as if the previous strikes were tender touches in compare. She wanted to shout, but bit her lips and steadied her body instead. As the ruler found its mark once again, just below the previous, her head began to swim and the only thought in mind erupted from her mouth like an obscenity, “Five!” Yet again, she was breathing hard; a wild beast panting, she could feel the frenzy of primal instincts trying to take control, but she would not let it. The loud smack filled the room, finding her sweet spot once more and threatening to cause her legs to buckle, but her resolve would not allow that. Instead, she screamed the only thing she was certain of in that moment, “Six!”

“Only one to go,” he said in an almost disappointed tone, he was enjoying himself. The new color applied to her cheeks balanced out the image, like deep purple bars across her ass. Crouching down on one knee between her legs, he surveyed the tender, afflicted flesh. Heat radiated from her bum, he could feel it on his face; he could not mistake the scent of wanton sex, nor overlook the glistening fluid that slicked her swollen labia. Salacious humor spilled from his lips with a chuckle, “You're very hot back here.” He stood and took his spot on her left, concentrating on the final blow as much as her.

That skillful attention paid off as he brought the ruler down across her rump, managing to simultaneously smack that crucial space between butt and thigh on both sides, and somehow, kissing her twat lightly with the smooth, black leather; the loud clap was overshadowed by her howl. She did not move from her position however, and although she bucked her hips against the tabletop, she remained otherwise controlled, hissing the word “Seven.”

The smile on his face reeked of satisfaction, “You may move now, before we continue on to the next round.”

“Thank you,” she squeaked as she leaped to her feet, shifting between them and rubbing her bottom furiously. He walked to the far shadows to deposit the ruler, returning to the head of the table with a white envelope, the number one written on it. They looked at each other; he smiled at her warmly, and although her eyes were glassy, she giggled as she danced for him.

Placing her prize on the table, he spoke flippantly, “Ready for round two?”

(To be continued...)


And breathe...riveting Cade...look forward to the next round!!
When is the next round ? Was literally squeezing my cheeks with each blow yikes x

omg my bum tingles at the thought of  being her.  master as me count out to when im spanked. im glad i can go straight to round to. sadly iv only just fount this superb writing. 1s again cade is awesome

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